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ATTENTION: You may copy information from this site as long as you will give credits to this site and these people.
  • Only a summarized table. No way meant to be complete.
  • Heavyweight and Tag Team titles only. Not including any other weight divisions, television (with few exceptions), brass knuckles, or women's titles.

territory heavyweight tag team
primary secondary tertiary primary secondary tertiary
Amarillo (50s) North American Southwest   Southwest    
Amarillo (60s) North American     World North American  
Amarillo (70s) International Western States   Western States    
Arizona (60s) Western States     World Western States  
Capitol US     US    
Central States (50s) Central States     World    
Central States (60s) Central States     North American    
Central States (70s) Central States     World    
Central States (80s) Central States     Central States    
Florida (50s - 60s) Southern Florida   World Southern  
Florida (70s - 80s) Southern Florida   US Florida  
Georgia (50s) Southern     World Southern  
Georgia (60s) Georgia     World Southern  
Georgia (70s) Georgia     Georgia    
Georgia (80s) National     National    
Gulf Coast Southern Gulf Coast state titles Southern Gulf Coast state titles
Hawaii (60s) US Hawaii   Hawaii    
Hawaii (70s) North American Hawaii   Hawaii    
Hawaii (80s) Polynesian Pacific     Polynesian Pacific    
Idaho / Utah Western     World Intermountain  
Illinois / Wisconsin / Indiana US Midwest   World Midwest  
Iowa (50s) Iowa     World    
Iowa (60s) US     Iowa    
Los Angeles (50s) International TV     International TV    
Los Angeles (70s) Americas     Americas    
Mid-America Mid-American Southern   World Mid-American Southern
Mid-Atlantic (50s - 60s) Southern     Southern    
Mid-Atlantic (70s - 80s) US Mid-Atlantic   World Mid-Atlantic  
Michigan US     World    
Minnesota US     World    
New Mexico Rocky Mountain     Rocky Mountain    
Ohio Eastern States Ohio   American    
Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest     Pacific Northwest    
San Francisco (50s) Pacific Coast     World Pacific Coast  
San Francisco (70s) US     World    
Southeast (70s) Southeastern Alabama   Southeastern    
Southeast (80s) Continental Southeastern Alabama Continental    
St. Louis (70s) Missouri          
Texas (50s - 60s) Texas     World Texas  
Texas (60s - 80s) American Texas   American Texas  
Tri-State North American state titles   US state titles  
WWF WWF Intercontinental   WWF    
Puerto Rico WWC Universal WWC North American Caribbean WWC World WWC North American Caribbean
British Columbia Pacific Coast     Canadian Pacific Coast  
Maritimes North American     International    
Ontario (50s) British Empire     Canadian Open    
Ontario (60s) British Empire US   International    
Ontario (70s) US     International    
Ontario (80s) Canadian          
Stampede (50s - 60s) Canadian     International Canadian  
Stampede (70s) North American     International    
Mexico National     National    
Japan (60s) International All Asia   International All Asia  
Japan (70s - AJPW) PWF United National   International All Asia  
Japan (70s - NJPW) NWF     North American    
Japan (80s - AJPW) International PWF United National International PWF World All Asia
Australia Austra-Asian     Austra-Asian    
New Zealand British Empire New Zealand   Australasian