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All Asia Heavyweight Title

JWA ( 1955/11 - 1973/04/14 )
All Japan ( 1976/03 - 1981/04 )
S. Korea ( 1980s )

[ 日本語 ]

Rikidozan 1955/11/22 Tokyo
Defeats Hong Kong representative King Kong in tournament final; vacant when Rikidozan dies on 63/12/15 from stab wounds suffered on 12/08 in Tokyo.
Kintaro Ohki (KIM Il) 1968/11/09 Seoul, KOR
Defeats Buddy Austin.
Bill Dromo 1971/01/15 Tokuyama
Kintaro Ohki [2] 1971/02/02 Hiroshima
Inactive when JWA closes in 73; reactiviated in 76 after New Japan announces the creation of its own version of the title; held up after a match against Waldo Von Erich on 76/09/24 in Ohmiya, Saitama
Kintaro Ohki [3] 1976/10/21 Fukushima
Defeats Waldo Von Erich in rematch.
Giant Baba 1977/10/29 Kuroiso
Vacates on 81/04/13; may have never defended the title; New Japan version is retired on 81/05/21.
Kintaro Ohki [4] 1981 KOR
Ohki has not wrestled since mid-80s and officially retires on 04/02/95; title is retired.

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