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Last updated on 2015/11/10
Midwest Heavyweight Title ( 1952/08 - 1954 )
Eastern Heavyweight Title ( 1954 - 1962 )

Don Arnold1952/08/15Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Bill Miller.
Buddy Rogers1953/06/11Cincinnati, OH
Bill Miller1953/10/22Columbus, OH
Renamed Eastern States Title in 54.
Buddy Rogers [2]1954/09/11Akron, OH
Bill Miller [2]1954/09/18Akron, OH
Buddy Rogers [3]1954/10/02Akron, OH
Wilbur Snyder1955/02/15Cleveland, OH
Buddy Rogers [4]1955/04/21Columbus, OH
Bill Miller [3]1955/07/26Dayton, OH
Buddy Rogers [5]1955/10/13Columbus, OH
Karl Von Albers 1955/11/08 Baltimore, MD
Rogers continues to be billed as champion in Ohio.
Buddy Rogers [6] 1956/01/24Baltimore, MD
In Maryland, the titel is disputed by Rogers, Karl Von Albers, and Rocky Hi Lee as of 56/03; Rogers defeats Von Albers on 56/03/13 in Baltimore, MD after coin flippings to determine two wrestles to end the dispute; vacant in 56.
Bobo Brazil 1956/05/04 Cincinnati, OH
Buddy Rogers [7] 1956/05/18 Cincinnati, OH
Vacant in 56.
Buddy Rogers [8]1956/09/11Baltimore, MD
Defeats Jack Allen in 7-man tournament final.
Johnny Barend 1957/01<
Sometime after 56/10/12.
Buddy Rogers [9]1957/01/11Akron, OH
Bearcat Wright 1957/09/19 Toledo, OH
Fritz von Goering 1957/10/17? Toledo, OH?
Buddy Rogers [10] 1958/01/24<
Sweet Daddy Siki 1959/02/14?Canton, OH
Buddy Rogers [11] 1959/04/11?Canton, OH
Fritz Von Goering [2]1959/06/20Reynoldsburg, OH
Buddy Rogers [12]1959/08/08Reynoldsburg, OH
Johnny Barend [2]1959/09/26Cincinnati, OH
Buddy Rogers [13]1959
Johnny Barend [3]1959/10/10Cincinnati, OH
Buddy Rogers [14] 1960/01/21<
Sometime after 59/11/25; still champion as of 60/03.
Karl Krauser (Karl Gotch) 1961
Don Curtis1961/12/29Columbus, OH