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NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title

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Eduardo Perez1957/05/22Mobile, AL
Defeats Lee Fields in 14-man tournament final.
Mario Galento1957/08/07Mobile, AL
Yvon Robere1958/01/08Mobile, AL
Mario Galento [2]1958/02/18Mobile, AL
Buddy Fuller1958/07/03Hattiesburg, MS
Billy Wicks1958/09/17Lafayette, LA
Gorgeous George1958/11/12Mobile, AL
Billy Wicks [2]1958/11/19Mobile, AL
Lee Fields1958/12/24Mobile, AL
Billy Wicks [3]1959/01/01Mobile, AL
Papa Pasquale1959/03/18Mobile, AL
Mighty Yankee (Ray Villmer)1959/07/15Mobile, AL
Lee Fields [2]1959/10/07Mobile, AL
Vacates title in 59 to buy the promotion.
Billy Wicks [4]1959/12/08Pensacola, FL
Defeats Pancho Villa in tournament final.
Yvon Robere [2]1960/01/14Mobile, AL
Mario Galento [3]1960/02/03Mobile, AL
Joe McCarthy1960/03/16Mobile, AL
Joe Scarpa1960/05/03Pensacola, FL
Eric Penderson1960/08/24Mobile, AL
Vacant on 60/09/07 when Penderson leaves the territory.
Jose Loterio1960/11/15Pensacola, FL
Defeats Pancho Villa in tournament final.
Pancho Villa1960/11/30Mobile, AL
Lee Fields [3]1960/12/13Pensacola, FL
Pancho Villa [2]1960/12/28Mobile, AL
Mario Galento [4]1961/02/01Mobile, AL
Vacant on 61/07/01 when Galento leaves the territory.
Jerry Graham1961/07/19Mobile, AL
Defeats Chief Little Eagle in tournament final.
Dick Dunn1961/08/23Mobile, AL
Chief Little Eagle [2]1961/09/20Mobile, AL
Vacant on 61/11/01 when Eagle leaves the territory; title inactive; in Laurel, MS, Jack Donovan is billed as champion 62/04 and Lee Fields in 62/04.
Jan Madrid1962/10/02Pensacola, FL
Defeats Don Fields in tournament final; vacates on 63/02/01.
Rocket Monroe (Bill Fletcher)1963/05/15Mobile, AL
Defeats Pancho Villa and Joe Scarpa in 3-man match.
Mario Galento [5]1963/07/24Mobile, AL
Wins by forfeit when Monroe gets flu.
Rocket Monroe [2]1963/08/14Mobile, AL
Silento Rodriguez1963/08/21Mobile, AL
Mickey Sharpe1963/10/23Mobile, AL
Wins by forfeit when Rodriguez injured.
Billy Hines1963/11/22Dothan, AL
Vacant on 63/12/31 when Hines leaves the territory.
Dick Dunn [2]1964/03/18
Don Duffy1964/04/03Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas1964/05/27Mobile, AL
Mickey Sharpe [2]1964/09/11Dothan, AL
Silento Rodriguez [2]1964/09/16Mobile, AL
Chin Lee1964/10/07Mobile, AL
Silento Rodriguez [3]1964/10/21Mobile, AL
Vacant on 64/11/01 when Rodriguez leaves the territory.
The Mighty Yankee [2]1964/12/09
Dick Dunn [2]1965/01/13Mobile, AL
Chin Lee [2]1965/02/12Mobile, AL
Vacant on 64/05/01 when Lee leaves the territory.
Ken Lucas [2]1965/06/23
Don Carson1965/08/31Pensacola, FL
Dick Dunn [4]1965/09/16Dothan, AL
Danny McShain1965/10/27Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [3]1965/12/01Mobile, AL
Eduardo Perez [2]1966/02/16Mobile, AL
Chief Little Eagle [3]1966/04/06Mobile, AL
Ramon Torres1966/07/19Pensacola, FL
Dick Dunn [5]1966/07/27Mobile, AL
Ramon Torres [2]1966/08/03Mobile, AL
Don Carson [2]1966/09/19Panama City, FL
Bobby Fields1966/10/14Dothan, AL
Maxie York1966/10/28Dothan, AL
Bobby Fields [2]1966/11/05Dothan, AL
The Ox1967/08/09Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields [3]1967/08/21Panama City, FL
Don Carson [3]1967/11/10Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn [6]1967/12/14Panama City, FL
Vacant on 68/01/01 when Dunn leaves the territory.
Eduardo Perez [3]1968/02/16
Mario Galento [6]1968/04/03Mobile, AL
Rocket Monroe (Maury High)1968/05/08Mobile, AL
Greg Peterson1968/06/28Dothan, AL
Flash Monroe1968/09/18Mobile, AL
Dick Dunn [7]1968/10/28Panama City, FL
Flash Monroe [2]1968/11/27Mobile, AL
Jose Villa1968/12/04Mobile, AL
Don Carson [4]1968/12/11Mobile, AL
Bobby Fields [4]1969/02/14Dothan, AL
Title inactive after 69/02/19.
The Mysterious Medic1970/07/01Mobile, AL
Defeats Bob Kelly in a special duration match.
Bob Kelly1970/07/08Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro1970/11/04Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [2]1970/12/16Mobile, AL
Wins as the masked Intruder.
Mike Boyette1970/12/23Mobile, AL
Defeats Kelly in battle royal.
Bob Kelly [3]1971/01/13Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [2]1971/02/28Pensacola, FL
Bob Kelly [4]1971/03/28Pensacola, FL
Rip Tyler1971/05/26Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [5]1971/06/16Mobile, AL
Donnie Fargo1971/07/28Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [4]1971/10/06Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [3]1971/10/26Mobile, AL
Donnie Fargo [2]1971/12/01Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [6]1972/01/19Mobile, AL
Donnie Fargo [3]1972/03/08Mobile, AL
Kelly is suspended.
Bob Kelly [7]1972/04/12Mobile, AL
Awarded when Fargo no-shows.
Gorgeous George Jr.1972/06/07Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [8]1972/07/12Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [4]1972/09/27Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [9]1972/10/10Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [5]1972/10/18Mobile, AL
Bob Kelly [10]1972/11/22Mobile, AL
The Mighty Mongol1973/04/22Pensacola, FL
The Lumberjack1973/06/19Mobile, AL
Ronnie Bass1973/07/28Pensacola, FL
Bob Griffin1973/08/14Mobile, AL
Defeats Donnie Bass, subbing for injured Ronnie.
Mike Boyette [2]1973/08/25Pensacola, FL
Sweet Daddy Watts1973/09/11Mobile, AL
Mike Boyette [3]1973/10/02Mobile, AL
The Mysterious Medic [2]1973/11/06Mobile, AL
Mike Boyette [4]1973/11/20Mobile, AL
Duke Miller1973/12/11Mobile, AL
The Mysterious Medic [3]1974/02/05Mobile, AL
Duke Miller [2]1974/02/12Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [5]1974/07/09Mobile, AL
Duke Miller [3]1974/10/01Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [6]1974/10/08Mobile, AL
Jack Donovan1974/11/19Mobile, AL
Terry Latham1974/12/14Pensacola, FL
Duke Myers1975/02/11Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [7]1975/03/04Mobile, AL
Dr. X1975/05/13Mobile, AL
Vacant on 75/08/05 when X leaves the territory.
Nick Kozak1975/09/23
Duke Miller [4]1975/09/30Mobile, AL
Rip Tyler [2]1975/11/23Pensacola, FL
Bob Sweetan1975/12/28Pensacola, FL
Eddie Sullivan1976/02/03Mobile, AL
Duke Miller [5]1976/03/02Mobile, AL
Rick Gibson1976/03/09Mobile, AL
Vacates on 76/04/06 due to injury.
Eddie Sullivan [2]1976/04/27Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [8]1976/05/18Mobile, AL
Eddie Sullivan [3]1976/07/13Mobile, AL
Sweet Daddy Banks1976/09/14Mobile, AL
Don Carson [5]1976/11/09Mobile, AL
Ken Lucas [9]1976/11/23Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [6]1976/12/03Ozark, AL
Ken Mantell1977/03/22Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [7]1977/04/22Dothan, AL
Jim Garvin is billed as champion on 77/05/01 in Memphis, TN for Jerry Jarrett's promotion.
Kurt Von Hess1977/05/10Mobile, AL
Wrestling Pro [8]1977/05/24Mobile, AL
Kurt Von Hess [2]1977/06/23Panama City, FL
Ken Lucas [10]1977/07/26Mobile, AL
Billy Spears1977/09/16Dothan, AL
Wrestling Pro [9]1977/09/23Dothan, AL
The Superstar1977/09/30Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas [11]1977/11/01Mobile, AL
Promotion is sold to SECW in 78/01; the Southern division of Southeastern Heavyweight Title is often billed as Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title after 78/01.

* See Southeastern Heavyweight Title (Southern division).

* See also NWA (CWFL) Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title.

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.

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