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Last updated on 2011/11/11
NWA United States Heavyweight Title ( 1966 - 1968/05 )
American Heavyweight Title ( 1968/05 - 1986/02 )

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Fritz Von Erich 66/12/15<
Recognized as the United States champion.
Brute Bernard67/03<
Sometime after 67/03/22?
Fritz Von Erich67/03/27Ft. Worth, TX
Spoiler #168/04/05Houston, TX
Rematch ordered because of the interference of manager Gary Hart; renamed American Title in 68/05.
Fritz Von Erich [2]68/06/03Ft. Worth, TX
Von Erich wins the rematch; held up after a match against Spoiler #1 on 68/07/12 in Houston, TX.
Fritz Von Erich [3]68/07/26Houston, TX
Wins rematch.
Baron von Raschke 69/04/10<
Fritz Von Erich [4] 69/04/29<
Johnny Valentine69/05/02Houston, TX
Fritz Von Erich [5] 69/06
Johnny Valentine [2] 69/06/09 Ft. Worth, TX
Fritz Von Erich [6]69/08/04Ft. Worth, TX
Title held up on 69/08/05 after match against Johnny Valentine in Dallas, TX because of the interference of Wahoo McDaniel.
Fritz Von Erich [7]69/10/21Dallas, TX
Defeats Johnny Valentine in rematch
Johnny Valentine [3] 70/01/23 Houston, TX
Fritz Von Erich [8] 70/02/13 Houston, TX
Boris Malenko 70/05/18 Ft. Worth, TX
NWA declares the title vacant after the match.
Fritz Von Erich [9]70/06/02Dallas, TX
Defeats Great Malenko.
Toru Tanaka70/12/18Houston, TX
Fritz Von Erich [10]71/02/22Ft. Worth, TX
Toru Tanaka [2]71/02/23Dallas, TX
Wahoo McDaniel71/03/05Houston, TX
The Spoiler [2] 71/12/15San Antonio, TX
Billy Red Lyons72/06/24Irving, TX
Johnny Valentine [4]72/07/08Corpus Christi, TX
Missouri Mauler73/03
Awarded when Valentine goes to Japan.
Fritz Von Erich [11]73/08/07Dallas, TX
Masked Texan (Blackjack Mulligan) 74/03/26 Dallas, TX
Fritz Von Erich [12] 74/04/16Dallas, TX
Declared vacant after a match against Blackjack Lanza on 74/11/30 in Dallas, TX.
Fritz Von Erich [13] 74/12/28Dallas, TX
Defeats Blackjack Lanza.
Bruiser Brody77/01/03Atlanta, GA
Fritz Von Erich [14]77/04/12Dallas, TX
Bruiser Brody [2]77/04/13Dallas, TX
Captain USA (Big John Studd)77/07/25Ft. Worth, TX
Ox Baker77/09/30Houston, TX
Fritz Von Erich [15]77/12/12Ft. Worth, TX
Bruiser Brody [3]78/09/11Ft. Worth, TX
Kevin Von Erich78/12/25Ft. Worth, TX
The Spoiler [3]79/04/01Puerto Rico *
Wahoo McDaniel [2]79/05/13Houston, TX
The Spoiler [4]79/06/02Houston, TX
Awarded when McDaniel is injured.
El Halcon79/08/05Dallas, TX
The Spoiler [5]79/10/07Dallas, TX
Bruiser Brody [4]79/11/30Houston, TX
Ox Baker [2]80/01/02San Francisco, CA *
Kevin Von Erich [2]80/01/12Dallas, TX
Toru Tanaka [3]80/04/20Dallas, TX
Kevin Von Erich [3]80/04/28Ft. Worth, TX
Gino Hernandez80/05/19Ft. Worth, TX
El Halcon80/08/01Houston, TX
Gino Hernandez [2] 80/08/15 Houston, TX
Title held up on 80/12/20 after match against Kevin Von Erich.
Kerry Von Erich80/12/28Dallas, TX
Subs for injured Kevin Von Erich in rematch for the held-up title.
Ken Patera *81
Masked Superstar *81
Kerry Von Erich *81
Ernie Ladd81/05/11Ft. Worth, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2]81/06/04New Orleans, LA
Great Kabuki81/09/25Lawton, OK
Bugsy McGraw81/12/26Columbus, OH *
Kerry Von Erich [3]82/03/08Ft. Worth, TX
King Kong Bundy82/05/05Lawton, OK
Fritz Von Erich [16]82/06/14Irving, TX
Fritz's retirement match; vacates the belt on same day upon retirement.
King Kong Bundy [2]82/06/15
Kevin Von Erich [4]82/09/05Ft. Worth, TX
Terry Gordy83/01/21Dallas, TX
Kevin Von Erich [5]83/03/04Dallas, TX
Belt held up after a match against Jimmy Garvin on 83/07/11.
Jimmy Garvin83/07/25Ft. Worth, TX
Defeats Kevin Von Erich.
Chris Adams83/11/24Dallas, TX
Jimmy Garvin [2]83/12/25Dallas, TX
Chris Adams [2]84/01/30Ft. Worth, TX
Jimmy Garvin [3]84/04/02Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Adams [3] *84/04/04
Jimmy Garvin [4] *84/04
Gino Hernandez [2]84/05/18San Juan, PR *
Mike Von Erich84/08/04Dallas, TX
Gino Hernandez [3]84/09/03Ft. Worth, TX
Kerry Von Erich [5]84/10/29Ft. Worth, TX
Chris Adams [4]85/02/08Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons85/07/05Dallas, TX
Rick Rude 85/11/04Ft. Worth, TX
Named the first WCWA World heavyweight champion on 86/02/20 after World Class separates from NWA.

* See WCWA World Heavyweight title.

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