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NWA United States Heavyweight Title

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The board-recognized version

Buddy Rogers 1960/04/20<
Recognized as champion after Angelo Poffo, the holder of the Chicago version, leaves the area for American Wrestling Alliance in Detroit; may have defeated Johnny Valentine in tournament final in Chicago, IL; vacant when Rogers wins the World Title, defeating Pat O'Connor on 61/06/30 in Chicago, IL.
Pat O'Connor 1961/08/24
Awarded at the annual NWA meeting in Toronto, ON.
Hans Schmidt 1962/07/05 Greensboro, NC
Pat O'Connor [2] 1962/08/16 Greensboro, NC
Still recognized as champion in Central States as of 63.

* See Central States version.

Different versions between 1950s and 1990s

Chicago ( 1953/09 - 1962 )
Rocky Mountains ( 1956/12 - 1963 )
Central States ( 1960s )
St. Joseph ( 1962 - 1964 )
Hawaii ( 1962 - 1968 )
Toronto ( 1962 - 1977/07 )
Detroit ( 1964 - 1980/10 )
Texas ( 1966 - 1968/05 )
San Francisco ( 1968 - 1981/01 )
Mid-Atlantic/WCW ( 1975/11 - 1993/09 )

The post-1981 versions
(Mid-Atlantic/WCW version until 1993)

Sgt. Slaughter 1981/10/04 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Ricky Steambot in tournament final.
Wahoo McDaniel [2] 1982/05/21 Richmond, VA
Sgt. Slaughter [2] 1982/06/07 Greenville, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [3] 1982/08/22 Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine [2] 1982/11/04 Norfolk, VA
Roddy Piper 1983/04/16 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine [3] 1983/05/01 Greensboro, NC
Dick Slater 1983/12/14 Shelby, NC
Ricky Steamboat [3] 1984/04/21 Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [4] 1984/06/24 Greensboro, NC
Vacated in 84/07 because of Tully Blanchard's interference in the title change to McDaniel.
Wahoo McDaniel [5] 1984/10/07 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Manny Fernandez in tournament final.
Magnum T.A. 1985/03/23 Charlotte, NC
Tully Blanchard 1985/07/21 Charlotte, NC
Magnum T.A. [2] 1985/11/28 Greensboro, NC
Stripped on 86/05/29 for attacking the NWA president Bob Geigel.
Nikita Koloff 1986/08/17 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Magnum T.A. in best-of-7 tournament; defeats Wahoo McDaniel on 86/09/28 to unify NWA National heavyweight title.
Lex Luger 1987/07/11 Greensboro, NC
Dusty Rhodes 1987/11/26 Chicago, IL
Vacated on 88/04/15 when Rhodes suspended for attacking Jim Crockett.
Barry Windham 1988/05/13 Houston, TX
Defeats Nikita Koloff in tournament final.
Lex Luger [2] 1989/02/20 Chicago, IL
Michael Hayes 1989/05/07 Nashville, TN
Lex Luger [3] 1989/05/22 Bluefield, WV
Stan Hansen 1990/10/27 Chicago, IL
Lex Luger [4] 1990/12/16 St. Louis, MO
With NWA no longer operating as an organization, the title exclusively referred to as WCW United States Heavyweight title from 91/01; vacates on 91/07/14 after winning WCW World Title.
Sting 1991/08/25 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Steve Austin in tournament final.
Rick Rude 1991/11/19 Savannah, GA
Vacates on 92/12 because of injury.
Dustin Rhodes 1993/01/11 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final; title held up after a match against Rick Rude which airs in 93/05; Rhodes and Rude have several rematches.
Dustin Rhodes [2] 1993/08/30 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Rude in rematch; WCW withdraws from NWA in 93/09; Rhodes continues to be recognized by WCW; see WCW United States Heavyweight Title.
Tully Blanchard [2] 1997/02/08 Norfolk, VA
Defeat Lady Killer in a 4-man tournament final; vacant in 97.
Sebastian Ice 1998
Awarded by NWA West Virginia/Ohio; never defends the title; vacant when Ice leaves the promotion.
Romeo Bliss 1999/12/12
Reinging NCW U.S. champion, named NWA Wildside U.S. champion.
Terry Knight 2000/01/11 Cornelia, GA
Jesse Taylor 2000/09/03 Toccoa, GA
Terry Knight [2] 2000/11/18 Cornelia, GA
Merged with National Heavyweight Title.

* See National Heavyweight Title.

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