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Last updated on 2014/06/09

United States Heavyweight Title
[St. Joseph]

Verne Gagne 1958/02/14<
Billed as champion in St. Joseph, MO; still champion as of 58/03/14.

Pat O'Connor 1961/08/24
Awarded at the annual NWA meeting in Toronto, ON.
Lee Henning 1962/11/02 St. Joseph, MO
O'Connor may continue to be billed as champion outside St. Joseph.
Pat O'Connor [2] 1962/11/16 St. Joseph, MO
Luther Lindsay 1963/03/14 Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel 1963/03/21 Kansas City, KS
Rock Hunter 1963/06/28 St. Joseph, MO
Enrique Torres 1963/12/13 St. Joseph, MO
The Stomper 1963/12/20 St. Joseph, MO
Larry Hamilton 1964/01/31 St. Joseph, MO
The Stomper [2] 1964/05/22 St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers 1964/06/12 St. Joseph, MO
No longer billed as the champion when the fall season starts.

Lou Thesz 1967/05/10<

* See NWA United States Heavyweight Title (Iowa version).