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Real Name : LaVerne Clarence Gagne
Birth: 1926/02/26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Debut: 1949
Death: 2015/04/27
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Comments by Steve Black (written for RSPW Hall of Fame)

Verne Gagne was a Minneapolis legend who made professional wrestling in the Midwest. His career spanned from World War II until his retirement in 1980, and he became one of the few men to retire from professional wrestling as a world heavyweight champion, as recognized by his own promotion, the American Wrestling Association. Gagne made the first real challenge to the national dominance of the National Wrestling Alliance, forming the AWA in the 50's in protest over the NWA's decision to deny one of his allies, Edouard Carpentier, the world championship. Over the years, he symbolized the AWA, holding the belt nine times, more than any world champion in any other organization before Ric Flair broke the record in the early 1990s.