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Last updated on 2014/01/30

NWA United States Heavyweight Title

[Central States]

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* See also the St. Joseph branch.

Pat O'Connor1961/08/24
Awarded at the annual NWA meeting in Toronto, ON.
Hans Schmidt1962/07/05Greensboro, NC
Pat O'Connor [2]1962/08/16Greensboro, NC
Lee Henning 1962/11/02 St. Joseph, MO
O'Connor may continue to be billed as champion outside St. Joseph.
Pat O'Connor [3] 1962/11/16 St. Joseph, MO
Bob Orton 1963/03/10 Cedar Rapids, IA
Sonny Myers is billed as champion in Atchison, KS on 63/07/26.
Pat O'Connor [4] 1963/08
Sometime between 63/08/10 and 63/08/21.
Rocky Hamilton (Larry Hamilton) 1963/10/19 Waterloo, IA
Or sometime between 63/10/19 and 63/11/16; held up probably after a match against Sonny Myers on 64/01/18 in Waterloo, IA.
Rocky Hamilton [2] 1964/02/01 Waterloo, IA
Defeats Myers in rematch.
Sonny Myers 1964/05/09 Waterloo, IA
Also defeats the Stomper on 64/06/12 in St. Joseph, MO for the local recognition.
Bob Geigel [2] 1964/06/20 Waterloo, IA
Bob Orton [2] 1964/10/17 Waterloo, IA
The Lawman (Don Slatton) 1964/10/31 Waterloo, IA
Rocky Hamilton [3] 1964/11/21 Waterloo, IA
Tom Clark 1964/11/28
Awarded after Clark breaks Hamilton's arm "previous night at Wichita".
Sonny Myers [2]1965/01/02Waterloo, IA
Tom Clark [2] 1965/01
Sometime between 65/01/12 and 65/01/28.
Sonny Myers [3] 1965/01/31 Cedar Rapids, IA
Rocky Hamilton [4] 1965/02/14 Waterloo, IA
Vacant in 65/03.
Bobby Shane 1965/03/21 Waterloo, IA
Defeats Rocky Hamilton.
Rocky Hamilton [5] 1965/04/18 Waterloo, IA
Vacant sometime between 65/06/12 and 65/07/06.
Rocky Hamilton [6] 1965/07/10 Waterloo, IA
Defeats Ron Etchison in a one-night 10-man tournament final.
Ron Etchison 1965/07/17 Waterloo, IA
The Stomper 1965/08/14 Waterloo, IA
Or sometime between 65/07/25 and 65/09/08.
Bobby Shane [2]1965/12/04Waterloo, IA
Bob Brown 1966/02/05 Cedar Rapids, IA
Bobby Shane [3] 1966/03/19 Waterloo, IA
The Viking 1966/03/27 Cedar Rapids, IA
Pat O'Connor [5] 1966/10/02Cedar Rapids, IA
Jack Donovan 1967/05/27Waterloo, IA
Ron Etchison [2]1967/09/09Waterloo, IA
Jack Donovan [2] 1967/10/14Waterloo, IA
Ron Etchison [3] 1967/11/12 Cedar Rapids, IA
Destroyer (Stan Pulaski) 1968/03/17 Waterloo, IA
Ron Etchison [4] 1968/03/30 Waterloo, IA
Destroyer [2] 1968/04/13 Waterloo, IA
Ron Etchison [5] 1968/05/26 Cedar Rapids, IA
Roger Kirby 1968/07/27 Waterloo, IA
Eddie Sharkey 1968/08/31 Waterloo, IA
Ron Etchison [6] 1968/10/05 Waterloo, IA
Dick Murdoch 1968/11/09 Waterloo, IA
Held up after a match against Earl Maynard on 69/02/08 in Waterloo, IA.
Dick Murdoch [2] 1969/02/15 Waterloo, IA
Wins rematch.
Ron Etchison [6] 1969/06/14 Waterloo, IA
Dick Murdoch [3] 1969/06/28 Waterloo, IA
Luke Brown 1969/08/16Waterloo, IA
K.O. Cox 1969/10
Sometime between 69/10/03 and 69/10/23; probably in Waterloo, IA on 69/10/04 or 69/10/12.
Ron Etchison [7] 1969/12/28 Waterloo, IA
Roger Kirby [2] 1970/02/14 Waterloo, IA
The Viking [2] 1970/06/06 Waterloo, IA
Or sometime between 70/05/16 and 70/06/17; title may be retired in 70/07 as Central States Title is defended in Iowa thereafter.

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