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Last updated on 2017/11/25

NWA Heart of America Heavyweight Title ( 1950/05 - 1953/10 )
Central States Heavyweight Title ( 1953/10 - 1988 )
WWA Central States Heavyweight Title ( 1988 - 1989 )
NWA Central States Heavyweight Title ( 2002/03 - 2017/10 )

Bill Longson1950/05/18Kansas City, KS
Defeats Sonny Myers in 8-man tournament final to become first champion.
Tarzan Kowalski 1951/01/25Kansas City, KS
Dennis Clary1951/04/26Kansas City, KS
Sonny Myers1951/05/03Kansas City, KS
Dennis Clary [2]1951/05/10Kansas City, KS
Jimmy Coffield1951/11/06Topeka, KS
Alo Leilani1951/11/29Kansas City, KS
Bob Orton1951/12/20Kansas City, KS
Enrique Torres1952/02/28Kansas City, KS
Sonny Myers [2]1952/03/06Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 52.
Sonny Myers [3] 1952/04/11 St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Maurice Roberre in 13-man tournament final to be recognized as Mid-Western Heavyweight Champion and presented the old MWA World Title belt by Orville Brown; recognized as Heart of America Title outside St. Joseph; in Wichita, KS, Myers wins another 13-man tournament, defeating Bob Orton in the final, in 52/04, but Orville Brown refuses to present him with the title because the final is only one fall; Myers later defeats Orton in a 3-fall match.
Red Berry 1952/10/09Kansas City, KS
Bobby Lane 1952/10/30 Kansas City, KS
Dave Sims1953/01/15Kansas City, KS
Lenny Montana 1953/10/08Wichita, KS
Starts being referred to as Central States Title during Montana's reign.
Johnny Valentine 1953/12/10 Kansas City, KS
Sonny Myers defeats Montana for the title next day in St. Joseph, MO, which may be a mistake by a local newspaper since Myers is not billed as champion afterwards.
Dave Sims [2] 1953/12/17 Kansas City, KS
Bob Orton [2]1954/01/28Kansas City, KS
Sonny Myers [4] 1954/03/19 St. Joseph, MO
Joe Dusek1954/09/13Wichita, KS
Ray Villmer1954/12/16Kansas City, KS
Ike Eakins 1955/10/27 Kansas City, KS
Richard Brown 1955/11/10 Kansas City, KS
Mike DiBiase 1956/02/23 Kansas City, KS
Richard Brown [2]1956/04/10Topeka, KS
Bobby Bruns 1956/09/22 Kansas City, KS
Lee Grable 1956/11/10 Kansas City, KS
Richard Brown [3] 1956/11/17? Kansas City, KS?
Lee Grable [2] 1956/12/08<
Sometime after 56/11/24.
Richard Brown [4] 1956/12/13 Kansas City, KS
Red Berry [2]1957/09/15Wichita, KS
Richard Brown [5]1957/10/07Wichita, KS
Vacant in 58 (sometime after 58/04/23).
Bob Geigel 1958/10/31 St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Bob Ellis in tournament final.
Bob Ellis1958/11/28St. Joseph, MO
Lee Henning1960/01/22St. Joseph, MO
Thor Hagen1960/05/27St. Joseph, MO
Also wins a 8-man tournament for the title on 60/05/31 in Sedalia, MO with Henning as one of the participants.
Mike Paidousis 1960/09/22Kansas City, KS
Lee Henning [2]1960/11/18St. Joseph, MO
Bob Ellis [3] 1960/12/23 St. Joseph, MO
Vacant in 61 when Ellis leaves the area; one source has Ron Etchison defeating Lee Henning for the title on 61/03/31 in St. Joseph, MO.
Buddy Austin 1961/06/02 St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Thor Hagen; Sonny Myers defeats Austin on 61/06/30, but the title is returned to Austni due to a fast count by referee Thor Hagen.
Sonny Myers [5]1961/11/03St. Joseph, MO
Tarzan Tyler1961/11/10St. Joseph, MO
Buddy Austin [2]1961/11/17St. Joseph, MO
Ray Gordon1962/02/09St. Joseph, MO
Lee Henning [4] 1962/05/04 St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [6] 1962/10/05 St. Joseph, MO
Tiny Mills 1963/11/25 St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [7]1963/02/01St. Joseph, MO
Rock Hunter1963/05/17St. Joseph, MO
Larry Hamilton 1963/09/27 St. Joseph, MO
Vacates after winning the United States Title on 64/01/31 in St. Joseph, MO (St. Joseph Gazette, 64/06/19).
Bob Geigel [2] 1964/06/19 St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Pat O'Connor in 8-man tournament final.
Sonny Myers [8] 1964/10/16 St. Joseph, MO
Mike DiBiase [2] 1964/11/06 St. Joseph, MO
Ron Reed (Buddy Colt) 1965/01/22St. Joseph, MO
The Stomper (Archie Gouldie) 1965/04/16 St. Joseph, MO
Ron Reed [2] 1965/04/23 St. Joseph, MO
The Stomper [2] 1965/06/04St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [9] 1965/06/28 St. Joseph, MO
Bob Geigel [3] 1966/01/14St. Joseph, MO
Ron Reed [3]1966/02/18St. Joseph, MO
The Viking (Bob Morse) 1966/06/17St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [10]1966/06/24St. Joseph, MO
Bob Geigel [4]1967/02/24St. Joseph, MO
The Viking [2]1967/04/07St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [11]1967/06/09St. Joseph, MO
The Hangman1967/10/27St. Joseph, MO
Bob Geigel [5]1967/11/17St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [12]1967/12/12St. Joseph, MO
Harley Race1968/04/05St. Joseph, MO
Ron Etchison [2]1968/05/03St. Joseph, MO
Roger Kirby 1968/05/10 St. Joseph, MO
Held up after a match against Thor Hagen on 68/05/24 in St. Joseph, MO.
Roger Kirby [2]1968/05/31St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Hagen in rematch.
Sonny Myers [13] 1968/06/07 St. Joseph, MO
Myers has announced his retirement before the match; title vacant.
Bob Brown1968/06/04St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Thor Hagen in tournament final.
Tommy Martin 1968/10/04St. Joseph, MO
Dusty Rhodes 1968/12/13 St. Joseph, MO
Don Kent 1969/01/10 St. Joseph, MO
Dusty Rhodes [2]1969/01/17St. Joseph, MO
Don Kent [2]1969/01/24St. Joseph, MO
Dick Murdoch1969/02/28St. Joseph, MO
Pat O'Connor [3]1969/05/09St. Joseph, MO
Vacant in 69/10.
Danny Little Bear 1969/11/28St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Killer Kox in tournament final.
Roger Kirby [3] 1970/03/27 St. Joseph, MO
Danny Little Bear [2] 1970/04/03 St. Joseph, MO
Harley Race # 1970/06/19 St. Joseph, MO
Held up due to a controversial end to the match.
Danny Little Bear [3] 1970/06/26? St. Joseph, MO?
Wins rematch?
Roger Kirby [4] 1970/07/23 Kansas City, KS
The Stomper defeats Kirby on 70/12/04 in St. Joseph, MO, but the title change is voided due to a controversial end to the match.
Bob Geigel [6]1971/01/01St. Joseph, MO
Harley Race [2] 1971/01/21 Kansas City, KS
Mongolian Stomper defeats Race for the title on 71/04/17 in Des Moines, IA but title is later returned to Race due to an unauthorized referee counting the fall; Pat O'Connor defeats Race for the title on 72/01/28 in St. Louis, MO, but Race continues to be recognized by other promoters, and Sam Muchnick withdraws recognition of the title and later creates the Missouri Heavyweight title.
Danny Little Bear [4]1972/02/11St. Joseph, MO
Black Angus Campbell 1972/04/27 Kansas City, KS
The Stomper [3]1972/06/08Kansas City, KS
Harley Race [3]1972/07/07Kansas City, KS
Omar Atlas1972/11/24St. Joseph, MO
Roger Kirby [5] 1973/01/11Kansas City, KS
Held up after a match against Danny Little Bear on 73/04/20 in St. Joseph, MO.
Danny Little Bear [5] 1973/04/27St. Joseph, MO
Bob Brown [2] 1973/05/31? Kansas City, KS?
Harley Race [4]1973/09/22Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [3] 1973/10/11 Kansas City, KS
Held up after a match against Mike George on 73/12/14 in St. Joseph, MO.
Bob Brown [4]1974/01/04St. Joseph, MO
Defeats George in rematch.
Mike George1974/03/21Kansas City, KS
Don Fargo 1974/05/30 Kansas City, KS
Harley Race [5]1974/06/27Kansas City, KS
Don Fargo [2]1974/07<
Bob Brown [5]1974/07/04Kansas City, KS
Harley Race [6]1974/07/11Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [6]1974/08/01Kansas City, KS
Terry Martin 1974/12/26 Kansas City, KS
Jerry Oates1975/02/07St. Joseph, MO
Ed Wiskoski1975/05/31Kansas City, KS
Mike George [2] 1976/02/12 Kansas City, KS
Held up after a match against Ed Wiskoski on 76/03/12 in St. Joseph, MO.
Mike George [3]1976/03/19St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Wiskoski in rematch.
Bob Brown [7]1976/04/10Wichita, KS
Mike George [4]1976/04/17Wichita, KS
Bob Brown [8]1976/05/18Topeka, KS
Harley Race [7]1976/07/08Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [9]1976/09/05Wichita, KS
Rick Gibson1976/10/01St. Joseph, MO
Bob Slaughter (Sgt. Slaughter) 1976/11  
Probably by defeating Pat O'Connor, subbing for the injured Gibson, via DQ on 76/11/12 in St. Joseph, MO; Slaughter is billed as champion as of 76/11/19.
Mike George [5] 1976/12/10? St. Joseph, MO?
Bob Slaughter [2] 1977/01/13 Kansas City, KS
Ted Oates1977/02/04St. Joseph, MO
Bob Slaughter [3]1977/02/11St. Joseph, MO
Ted DiBiase may defeat Slaughter on 77/04/15 in St. Joseph, MO, but Slaughter is billed as the champion in the following week.
Ted DiBiase1977/05/19Kansas City, KS
Bob Sweetan 1977/06
Bob Brown [10] 1977/10/30 Topeka, KS
Still champion as of 77/12/02.
Ken Lucas 1978/03/24<
Bob Sweetan 1978/06/07<
Ted DiBiase [2]1978/01/07Kansas City, KS
Alexis Smirnoff *1978/01/07Kansas City, KS
Ken Lucas1978/02/16Kansas City, KS
Bob Sweetan [2]1978/04/27Kansas City, KS
Doug Gilbert1978/08/31Kansas City, KS
Buck Robley1978/10/07Des Moines, IA
Dick Murdoch *1978/12/30Kansas City, KS
Randy Alls (Randy Rose) 1979/01/02St. Joseph, MO
Bob Sweetan [3]1979/02/22Kansas City, KS
Ron Starr1979/09/17Wichita, KS
The Turk1979/10/04Kansas City, KS
The Avenger1979/11/22Kansas City, KS
The Assassin (Jody Hamilton) 1980/01/24Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [11]1980/02/04Kansas City, KS
Bruiser Brody1980/04/10Kansas City, KS
Dick Murdoch1980/05/22Kansas City, KS
Killer Karl Kox1980/07/24Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [12]1980/08/16Topeka, KS
Mike George [6]1980/09/11Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [13]1980/10/23Kansas City, KS
Buzz Tyler1981/04/01Des Moines, IA
Bob Sweetan [4]1981/07/23Kansas City, KS
Tommy Martin1981/11/19Kansas City, KS
Bob Sweetan [5]1981/12/10Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [14]1981/12/14Wichita, KS
Held up.
Bob Brown [15] 1982/01/07 Kansas City, KS
Wins rematch.
Roger Kirby [6]1982/04/27St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Harley Race.
Manny Fernandez1982/09/16Kansas City, KS
Dewey Robertson1983/02/10Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [16]1983/05/12Kansas City, KS
Dewey Robertson [2]1983/05/19Kansas City, KS
Harley Race [8]1983/06/02Kansas City, KS
Vacant on 83/06/10 when Race wins World Heavyweight title.
Super Destroyer1983/06/30Kansas City, KS
Defeats Buck Robley in tournament final.
Buzz Tyler [2]1983/10/20Kansas City, KS
Tully Blanchard1984/01/26Kansas City, KS
Buzz Tyler [3]1984/02/09Kansas City, KS
Luke Graham1984/04/19Kansas City, KS
Ted Oates [2]1984/06/21Kansas City, KS
Buzz Tyler [4]1984/08/11Kansas City, KS
Hacksaw Higgins1984/10/06Kansas City, KS
Harley Race [9]1984/10/25Kansas City, KS
Mr. Pogo1985/01/10Kansas City, KS
Marty Janetty1985/09/22Des Moines, IA
Brett Sawyer1985/12/05Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown [17]1985/12/17Ames, IA *
Vacates on 86/05/30 due to an ankle injury.
The Shadow (Jaymie Knight) * 1986/05/30Des Moines, IA
Wins 13-man battle royal.
Marty Janetty [2] *1986/06/01Marshalltown, IA
Bob Brown [18] *1986/06
Vacant on 86/09/26 when Jim Crockett Jr. starts using his own wrestlers.
Sam Houston1986/11/16St. Louis, MO
Defeats Bill Dundee in a tournament final.
Bill Dundee1987/01/03Topeka, KS
Bob Brown [19]1987/02/27Kansas City, KS
Earthquake Ferris 1987/04/20<
Bob Brown [20] 1987/05<
Rufus R. Jones [2] 1987/05/14Kansas City, KS
Porkchop Cash1987/07/10St. Joseph, MO
Rufus R. Jones [3]1987/07/17Kansas City, KS
Earthquake Farris [2] 1987/09/28Des Moines, IA
Bob Brown [21]1987/10/30St. Joseph, MO
Dave Peterson1987/12/25St. Joseph, MO
Title held up.
Dave Peterson [2]1988/02/18Kansas City, KS
Defeats Cuban Assassin for the held-up title; promotion withdraws from NWA and closes in 88.
Akio Sato1989/03/23Kansas City, KS
Defeats T.C. Carter; promotion closes in 89.

Shane Somers2002/03/30Rolla, MO
Defeats Butch McClain; vacant on 02/10/22 due to injury.
Derek Stone2002/11/16Coffeyville, KS
Defeats Michael Barry, Griz and Gary Jackson.
Raven2005/06/25Lawrence, KS
Stripped on 06/06/02 for lack of title defenses.
Michael Strider 2006/10/14 Muscatine, IA
Defeats Woody Maguire, Mississippi Madman, Derek Stone, Marek Brave, and Mark Sterling.
Mark Sterling 2009/07/25 House Springs, MO
Jeremy Wyatt 2011/05/07 Lawrence, KS
Defeasts Sterling, Tyler Cook, and Jaysin Strife in a 4-way elimination match; also wins Metro Pro Title, defeating Bull Schmitt on 12/03/03 in Kansas City, KS; vacant on 12/04/27 due to injury.
A.C.H. 2012/06/02 Kansas City, KS
Defeats Dan Walsh and Neil Diamond Cutter in an 8-man tournament 3-way final; stripped on 12/11/01 after Metro Pro leaves the NWA.
Evan Morris 2013/03/30 Swansea, IL
Defeats Deven Spade in tournament final to be recognized by NWA Central-States.
Shane Somers [2] 2013/10/27 Cahokia, IL
G.Q. Smooth (Scott Somers) 2014/05/10 Vienna, MO
Shane Somers [3] 2014/05/17 St. Robert, MO
The Mad Hatter 2014/06/28 Waynesville, MO
Deven Spade 2015/06/13 Newburg, MO
Mitch Johnson 2017/03/31 Lebanon, MO
NWA Central-States closes in 17/10.