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Last updated on 2013/01/31

Mid-Western Heavyweight Title
[Central States / Nebraska]

Orville Brown 1945/10/12<
MWA World Title billed as Mid-Western Title in St. Joseph, MO and surrounding cities through 48.
Vic Christy 1947/03/14 St. Joseph, MO
Roy Graham 1947/03/29 St. Joseph, MO
Orville Brown [2] 1947/04/10 Kansas City, KS
Tug Carlson 1947/12/19 St. Joseph, MO
Orville Brown [3] 1947/12/26 St. Joseph, MO
Continues to be billed as Mid-Western champion in St. Joseph, MO after Brown is awarded as NWA World Title as the first champion in 48/07; Mid-Western Title is officially declared vacant in 50/03 after Brown is injured in an automobile accident in 49/11.
Sonny Myers 1952/04/11 St. Joseph, MO
Defeats Maurice Roberre in 13-man tournament final and presented the old MWA Title belt by Orville Brown; recognized as the Heart of America Title outside St. Joseph; still recgonized as Mid-Western Title as of 52/06/13; recognized as Heart of America Title in St. Joseph as of 52/10/03.
Sonny Myers [2] 1956/10/12<
Billed as Mid-Western Title, separate from the Heart of America Title.
Joe Dusek 1956/11/13 Hutchinson, KS
Sonny Myers [3] 1956/11/20 Hutchinson, KS
Mighty Atlas 1956/11/30 St. Joseph, MO
Sonny Myers [4] 1957/02/07 Kansas City, KS
Possibly a non-title match, but it is reported as a title change in Beatrice, NE, where Myers is billed as Midwest champion.
Mighty Atlas [2] 1957/04/15 Beatrice, NE
Repeated on 57/04/19 in St. Joseph, MO.
Bobby Bruns 1957/06/21 St. Joseph, MO
Mighty Atlas [3] 1957/07/05 St. Joseph, MO
Still champion as of 57/08/02.
Jack Pesek 1958/09/18<
Recognized in Nebraska and Iowa; may not be recognized in St. Joseph.