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Bobby Bruns 1940/01
Recognized as champion in Kansas City based on his win for the World Light Heavyweight Title in Bridgeport, CT, defeating Maurice Boyer in 39/11.
Orville Brown 1940/06/13 Kansas City, KS
Bruns continues to be recognized in Bridgeport, CT.
Lee Wykoff 1941/04/17 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [2] 1941/10/16 Kansas City, KS
Tom Zaharias 1942/03/05 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [3] 1942/06/25 Kansas City, KS
Loses disputed decision to Ed "Strangler" Lewis on 42/11/05.
Ed "Strangler" Lewis 1942/11/26 Kansas City, KS
Lewis defeats Brown in a rematch.
Lee Wykoff [2] 1943/01/14 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [4] 1943/02/18 Kansas City, KS
Lee Wykoff [3] 1943/05 Great Bend, KS
Orville Brown [5] 1943/06/17 Kansas City, KS
Swedish Angel 1943/12/03 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [6] 1943/12/09 Kansas City, KS
Dave Levin wins a 1-fall match against Brown on 44/04/27 in Kansas City, KS and claims title; Brown claims the belt can only change hands in a best-of-three fall match.
Dave Levin 1944/05/04 Kansas City, KS
Lee Wykoff [4] 1944/06/29 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [7] 1944/08/16 Kansas City, KS
Recognized as Mid-Western Title in St. Joseph, MO and surrounding cities.
Bobby Bruns [2] 1946/06/20 Kansas City, KS
Orville Brown [8] 1946/08/08 Kansas City, KS
Vic Christy 1947/03/14 St. Joseph, MO
Roy Graham 1947/03/29 St. Joseph, MO
Orville Brown [9] 1947/04/10 Kansas City, KS
Tug Carlson 1947/12/19 St. Joseph, MO
Orville Brown [10] 1947/12/26 St. Joseph, MO
Bobby Bruns [3] 1948/04/29 Kansas City, KS
Wins by DQ.
Orville Brown [11] 1948/05/04 Kansas City, KS
MWA joins newly formed National Wrestling Alliance with Brown as the first NWA World Heavyweight champion in 48/07.

* See NWA World Heavyweight Title.

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