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Metro Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Trevor Murdock2010/10/02Kansas City, KS
Defeats Michael Strider in tournament final to become the first Metro Pro Television champion.
Derek Stone2011/01/08Kansas City, KS
Michael Strider2011/06/17Kansas City, KS
Derek Stone [2]2011/08/13Kansas City, KS
Renamed Metro Pro Heavyweight Title.
Bull Schmitt2011/11/05Kansas City, KS
Jeremy Wyatt 2012/03/03 Kansas City, KS
Reigning holder of NWA Central States Title, defeats Schmitt in a double title match; vacant on 12/04/27 due to injury.
Dingo 2012/05/05 Kansas City, KS
Wins a battle royal.
Mark Sterling 2012/05/05Kansas City, KS
Jeremy Wyatt [2] 2012/12/08 Kansas City, KS
Adam Pearce 2013/07/13 Kansas City, KS
Jeremy Wyatt [3] 2013/08/10 Kansas City, KS
Derek Stone [3] 2014/12/06 Kansas City, KS
Jeremy Wyatt [4] 2015/08/08 Kansas City, KS
Rhino 2016/04/09 Kansas City, KS
Vacant when Rhino sells the belt to MPW president for $10,000 after the match.
Jake Dirden 2016/12/03 Kansas City, KS
Defeats Mark Sterling in tournament final at the final card of the promotion.