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National Championship Wrestling ( 1995/06 - 1999/12 )
NWA Wildside ( 1999/12 - 2000/11; 2004/02 - 2005/04 )
United States Heavyweight Title

Curtis Thompson95/06/09Sylva, NC
Defeats Sam McGraw.
Shane Austin98/12<
Eddie Golden98/12/19Cornelia, GA
Wins 3-way match against Austin and Devid Jericho.
Jesse Taylor99/03
Romeo Bliss99/06/19<
Jesse Taylor [2]99/07/03Cornelia, GA
Romeo Bliss [2]99/10/30Cornelia, GA
Renamed NWA Wildside US Heavyweight title on 99/12/12.
Terry Knight00/01/11Cornelia, GA
Jesse Taylor [3]00/09/03Toccoa, GA
Terry Knight [2]00/11/18Cornelia, GA
Merged with National Heavyweight Title.

Rick Michales04/02/13Cornelia, GA
Defeats Todd Sexton.
Jason Blackmon04/03/05Cornelia, GA
Rick Micheals [2]04/03/26Cornelia, GA
Adam Roberts04/07/09Cornelia, GA
Skeeter Frost04/09/10Cornelia, GA
NWA Wildside stops promoting in 05/04.

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