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Last updated on 2015/08/08

United States Heavyweight Title

[San Francisco]

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1968 - 1981 )

Ray Stevens1960/11<
Billed as having defeated Bobo Brazil for the title.
Bob Ellis 1961/11/11 San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens [2] 1961/12/09 San Francisco, CA
Vacant in 62/07 when Stevens breaks his ankle in cart racing.
Pepper Gomez1962/07Windsor, ON *
Defeats Fred Blassie; sometime before 62/07/12.
Ray Stevens [3] 1963/01/26San Francisco, CA
Wilbur Snyder1963/04/20San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens [4]1963/06/29San Francisco, CA
Dominic Denucci1964/01/25San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens [5]1964/02/29San Francisco, CA
Kinji Shibuya1964/10/25 Honolulu, HI
Bobo Brazil1965/10/16San Francisco, CA
Kinji Shibuya [2]1965/11/13San Francisco, CA
Bill Watts1966/02/19San Francisco, CA
Gorilla Monsoon 1966/06/04 San Francisco, CA
Bill Watts [2] 1966/06/25 San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens [6]1967/03/11San Francisco, CA
Bearcat Wright1967/12/02San Francisco, CA
Kinji Shibuya [3]1968/02/17San Francisco, CA
Bearcat Wright [2]1968/04/13San Francisco, CA
King Curtis Iaukea 1968/07/04  
Or sometime between 68/06/30 and 68/07/10.
Ray Stevens [7]1968/09/14San Francisco, CA
Recognized by NWA after 68.
King Curtis Iaukea [2]1969/05/10San Francisco, CA
Ray Stevens [8]1969/06/07San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson1969/08/09San Francisco, CA
Awarded when Stevens cannot defend the title due to leg injury from racing; defends against Pedro Morales on this day (Stevens is advertised until the day of the card).
Ray Stevens [9]1970/07/11San Francisco, CA
Paul DeMarco 1971/06/08 Las Vegas, NV
Peter Maivia1971/07/31San Francisco, CA
Paul DeMarco [2]1971/09/18San Francisco, CA
Rocky Johnson 1971/11/06San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson [2]1972/02/12San Francisco, CA
Title held up after a match against Great Mephisto on 72/12/07 in Sacramento, CA when Mephisto uses a loaded boot to beat Patterson.
Great Mephisto1973/02/17San Francisco, CA
Defeats Patterson by countout after several rematches.
Pat Patterson [3]1973/04/28San Francisco, CA
Moondog Lonnie Mayne1973/12/29San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson [4] 1974/03/30 San Francisco, CA
May be held up after this match.
Moondog Lonnie Mayne [2] 1974/04/20 San Francisco, CA
Peter Maivia [2]1974/10/12San Francisco, CA
The Brute (Bugsy McGraw) 1975/01/25San Francisco, CA
Pat Patterson [5]1975/04/05San Francisco, CA
Angelo Mosca * 1975/07/07San Jose, CA
May be held up in 75/08, probably after a match against Pat Patterson.
Pat Patterson * 1975/09/03Sacramento, CA
Defeats Mosca in rematch(?).
Mr. Fuji1976/02/07San Francisco, CA
Vacant on 77/02/12 when Fuji leaves the area, and Toru Tanaka substitutes in a Gladiator Death Match against Patterson and is unmasked; Fuji is stripped and suspended for life.
Pat Patterson [6]1977/03/12San Francisco, CA
Defeats Alexis Smirnoff in 10-man tournament final.
Alexis Smirnoff1977/04/16San Francisco, CA
Dean Ho1977/07/16San Francisco, CA
Bob Roop 1977/09/17 San Francisco, CA
Kevin Sullivan 1977/11/12 San Francisco, CA
Bob Roop [2] 1977/12/03San Francisco, CA
Vacant in 78/01 when Roop is fired.
Dean Ho [2]1978/01/14 *
Wins a tournament.
Don Muraco1978/04/01San Francisco, CA
Moondog Lonnie Mayne [3]1978/05/13San Francisco, CA
Vacant on 78/08/13 when Mayne dies in an auto accident; Dean Ho faces Buddy Rose for the vacant title on 78/08/19 in San Francisco, CA, but the match ends as a draw.
Buddy Rose1978/09/16San Francisco, CA
Defeats Dean Ho in tournament final; vacant in 79 when Rose suspended.
Ron Starr1979/03/03San Francisco, CA
Defeats Roddy Piper in tournament final.
Buddy Rose [2]1979/05/11San Francisco, CA
Ron Starr [2]1979/06/08San Francisco, CA
Defeats John Mantell when Rose refuses to wrestle.
Bob Sweetan 1979/10/13San Francisco, CA
George Wells1979/12/29San Francisco, CA
Ed Wiskoski1980/06/07San Francisco, CA
Ron Starr [3]1980/08/09San Francisco, CA
Bob Sweetan [2]1980/10/13San Francisco, CA
Vacant in 80/10 when Sweetan leaves the promotion.
Dusty Rhodes1980/11/08San Francisco, CA
Defeats Dick Slater; San Francisco promotion closes in 81/01.