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Last updated on 2012/09/09

NWA United States Heavyweight Title


Johnny Valentine 1962/08
Billed as champion on arrival.
Prof. Hiro * 1962/08/27 Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine * 1962/09/03 Toronto, ON
Bruno Sammartino1962/11/22Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine [2]1962/12/14Toronto, ON
John Paul Henning1963/06 WA, USA*
Johnny Valentine [3]1963/07/11Toronto, ON
The Beast1963/10/17Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine [4]1964/03/05Toronto, ON
Prof. Hiro1964/06/04Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine [5] # 1964/10/15 Toronto, ON
Wins by referee's decision.
Prof. Hiro [2] # 1964/10/22 Toronto, ON
Wins by DQ.
Johnny Valentine [6]1964/10/30Toronto, ON
The Sheik1964/12/27Toronto, ON
Johnny Valentine [7]1965/01/03Toronto, ON
Tiger Jeet Singh1967/06/11Toronto, ON
Still champion as of 68/05/12; inactive from 68 to 71; Singh is again recognized in 71; vacant in 73/01.
The Sheik [2]1974/07<
Reigning holder of the Detroit version, recognized in Toronto as champion.
Thunderbolt Patterson1976/11/19Toronto, ON
The Sheik [3]1976/12/26Toronto, ON
Bobo Brazil1977/02/06Toronto, ON
The Sheik [3]1977/02/27Toronto, ON
Vacant in 77/08 when The Sheik stops being booked in Toronto.
Ric Flair1978/05
Defeats Mr. Wrestling to win Mid-Atlantic version on 78/04/09 in Charlotte, NC; recognized in Toronto after 78/05.
Ricky Steamboat1978/12/18Toronto, ON
Ric Flair [2]1979/04/01
Vacates title in 79/08 after winning NWA World Tag Team Title.
Jimmy Snuka1979/09/01Charlotte, NC
Defeats Rick Steamboat in 12-man tournament final.
Ric Flair [3]1980/04/19Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine1980/07/26Charlotte, NC
Ric Flair [4]1980/11/24Greenville, NC
Roddy Piper1981/01/27Raleigh, NC
Wahoo McDaniel1981/08/08Greensboro, NC
Vacant in 81/09 when injured by Abdullah the Butcher.
Sgt. Slaughter1981/10/04Charlotte, NC
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final.
Wahoo McDaniel [2]1982/05/21Richmond, VA
Sgt. Slaughter [2]1982/06/07Greenville, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [3]1982/08/22Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine [2]1982/11/04Norfolk, VA
Roddy Piper [2]1983/04/16Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine [3]1983/05/01Greensboro, NC
Dick Slater1983/12/14Shelby, NC
Ricky Steamboat [2]1984/04/21Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [4]1984/06/24Greensboro, NC
Toronto promotion leaves NWA and joins WWF in 84/07; title continues to be defended in Mid-Atlantic area.