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National Wrestling Alliance [Mid-Atlantic/JCP] ( 1975 - 1991/01 )
World Championship Wrestling ( 1991/01 - 2001/11 )
United States Heavyweight Title

Harley Race 1975 Tallahassee, FL *
Announced as defeating Johnny Weaver in a national tournament final.
Johnny Valentine 1975/07/03 Greensboro, NC
Vacant when Valentine ends his career in a plane crash on 75/10/04.
Terry Funk 1975/11/09 Greensboro, NC
Wins a 16-man tournament, defeating Paul Jones in final.
Paul Jones 1975/11/27 Greensboro, NC
Blackjack Mulligan 1976/03/13 Greensboro, NC
Paul Jones [2] 1976/10/16 Greensboro, NC
Blackjack Mulligan [2] 1976/11/28 Charlotte, NC
Paul Jones [3] 1976/12/09 Winston-Salem, NC
Blackjack Mulligan [3] 1976/12/15 Raleigh, NC
Reinstated after appealing to the NWA.
Bobo Brazil 1977/07/07 Norfolk, VA
Ric Flair 1977/07/29 Richmond, VA
Ricky Steamboat 1977/10/21 Charleston, SC
Blackjack Mulligan [4] 1978/01/01 Greensboro, NC
Tim Woods/Mr. Wrestling 1978/03/19 Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair [2] 1978/04/09 Charlotte, NC
Ricky Steamboat [2] 1978/12/18 Toronto, ON, CAN
Ric Flair [3] 1979/04/01 Greensboro, NC
Vacates the title after winning the NWA world tag title on 79/08/12.
Jimmy Snuka 1979/09/01 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in 12-man tournament final.
Ric Flair [4] 1980/04/19 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine 1980/07/26 Charlotte, NC
Ric Flair [5] 1980/11/24 Greenville, SC
Roddy Piper 1981/01/27 Raleigh, NC
Wahoo McDaniel 1981/08/08 Greensboro, NC
Vacated in 81/09 when injured by Abdullah the Butcher.
Sgt. Slaughter 1981/10/04 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final.
Wahoo McDaniel [2] 1982/05/21 Richmond, VA
Sgt. Slaughter [2] 1982/06/07 Greenville, SC
Awarded when McDaniel is injured.
Wahoo McDaniel [3] 1982/08/22 Charlotte, NC
Greg Valentine [2] 1982/11/04 Norfolk, VA
Roddy Piper [2] 1983/04/16 Greensboro, NC
Greg Valentine [3] 1983/04/30 Greensboro, NC
Dick Slater 1983/12/14 Shelby, NC
Ricky Steamboat [3] 1984/04/21 Greensboro, NC
Wahoo McDaniel [4] 1984/06/24 Greensboro, NC
Vacated in 84/07 because of Tully Blanchard's interference in the title change to McDaniel.
Wahoo McDaniel [5] 1984/10/07 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Manny Fernandez in tournament final.
Magnum T.A. 1985/03/23 Charlotte, NC
Tully Blanchard 1985/07/21 Charlotte, NC
Magnum T.A. [2] 1985/11/28 Greensboro, NC
Stripped on 86/05/29 for attacking the NWA president Bob Geigel.
Nikita Koloff 1986/08/17 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Magnum T.A. in best-of-7 series; defeats Wahoo McDaniel on 86/09/28 to unify NWA National heavyweight title.
Lex Luger 1987/07/11 Greensboro, NC
Dusty Rhodes 1987/11/26 Chicago, IL
Vacated on 88/04/15 when Rhodes suspended for attacking Jim Crockett.
Barry Windham 1988/05/13 Houston, TX
Defeats Nikita Koloff in 7-man tournament final.
Lex Luger [2] 1989/02/20 Chicago, IL
Michael Hayes 1989/05/07 Nashville, TN
Lex Luger [3] 1989/05/22 Bluefield, WV
Stan Hansen 1990/10/27 Chicago, IL
Lex Luger [4] 1990/12/16 St. Louis, MO
With NWA no longer operating as an organization, the title exclusively referred to as WCW United States Heavyweight title from 91/01; vacates on 91/07/14 after winning WCW World Title.
Sting 1991/08/25 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Steve Austin in tournament final.
Rick Rude 1991/11/19 Savannah, GA
Vacates on 92/12 because of injury.
Dustin Rhodes 1993/01/11 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Ricky Steamboat in tournament final; title held up after a match against Rick Rude which airs in 93/05; Rhodes and Rude have several rematches.
Dustin Rhodes [2] 1993/08/30 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Rude in rematch; WCW withdraws from NWA in 93/09.
Steve Austin 1993/12/27 Charlotte, NC
Ricky Steamboat [4] 1994/08/24 Cedar Rapids, IA
Steve Austin [2] 1994/09/18 Roanoke, VA
Awarded when injured Steamboat is unable to defend in a scheduled match against Austin.
Jim Duggan 1994/09/18 Roanoake, VA
Vader 1994/12/27 Nashville, TN
Stripped on 95/04/23 by WCW commissioner Nick Bockwinkel.
Sting [2] 1995/06/18 Dayton, OH
Defeats Meng in tournament final.
Kensuke Sasaki 1995/11/13 Tokyo, JPN
One Man Gang 1995/12/27 Nashville, TN
Awarded when Sasaki vacates the title after defending against Gang.
Konnan 1996/01/29 Canton, OH
Ric Flair [6] 1996/07/07 Daytona Beach, FL
Vacant in 96/11 because of an injury.
Eddy Guerrero 1996/12/29 Nashville, TN
Defeats Diamond Dallas Page in a tournament final.
Dean Malenko 1997/03/16 Charleston, SC
Jeff Jarrett 1997/06/09 Boston, MA
Steve McMichael 1997/08/21 Nashville, TN
Curt Hennig 1997/09/15 Charlotte, NC
Diamond Dallas Page 1997/12/28 Washington, DC
Raven 1998/04/19 Denver, CO
Bill Goldberg 1998/04/20 Colorado Springs, CO
Vacates the title after winning WCW World Heavyweight Title on 98/07/06 in Atlanta, GA.
Bret Hart 1998/07/20 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeats Diamond Dallas Page.
Lex Luger [5] 1998/08/10 Rapid City, SD
Bret Hart [2] 1998/08/13 Fargo, ND
Diamond Dallas Page [2] 1998/10/26 Phoenix, AZ
Bret Hart [3] 1998/11/30 Chattanooga, TN
Roddy Piper [3] 1999/02/08 Buffalo, NY
Scott Hall 1999/02/21 Oakland, CA
Stripped by WCW President Ric Flair on 99/03/18 due to injury.
Scott Steiner 1999/04/11 Tacoma, WA
Defeats Booker T. in tournament final; stripped on 99/07/05.
David Flair 1999/07/05 Atlanta, GA
Chris Benoit 1999/08/09 Nampa, ID
Sid Vicious 1999/09/12 Winston-Salem, NC
Bill Goldberg [2] 1999/10/24 Las Vegas, NV
Bret Hart [4] 1999/10/25 Phoenix, AZ
Vacates on 99/11/01.
Scott Hall [2] 1999/11/08 Indianapolis, IN
Defeats Hart, Goldberg, and Sid Vicious in a Texas Tornado Ladder match; stripped on 99/12/19 because of injury.
Chris Benoit [2] 1999/12/19 Washington, DC
Defeats Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match.
Jeff Jarrett [2] 1999/12/20 Baltimore, MD
Stripped on 2000/01/16 due to concussion.
Jeff Jarrett [3] 2000/01/17 Columbus, OH
Given the title back by WCW Commissioner Kevin Nash next day; declared vacant by WCW executives Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo on 00/04/10 in Denver, CO.
Scott Steiner [2] 2000/04/16 Chicago, IL
Defeats Sting in tournament final; stripped on 00/07/09 in Daytona Beach, FL.
Lance Storm 2000/07/18 Auburn Hills, MI
Defeats Mike Awesome in 8-man tournament final; declares himself as Canadian Heavyweight champion.
Terry Funk [2] 2000/09/22 Amarillo, TX
Lance Storm [2] 2000/09/23 Lubbock, TX
General Rection (Hugh Morrus) 2000/10/29 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Storm and Jim Duggan in a handicap match.
Lance Storm [3] 2000/11/10 London, GBR
General Rection [2] 2000/11/26 Milwaukee, WI
Shane Douglas 2001/01/14 Indianapolis, IN
Wins First Blood rules, with a chain hung above the ring match.
Rick Steiner 2001/02/05 Tupelo, MS
Booker T. 2001/03/18 Jacksonville, FL
Also wins World Heavyweight Title on 01/03/26 in Panama Beach, FL; WCW brand is acquired by WWF in this month; Booker T continues to be recognized as champion.
Kanyon 2001/07/24 Pitsburgh, PA
Awarded by Booker T. and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.
Tajiri 2001/09/10 San Antonio, TX
Rhyno 2001/09/23 Pittsburgh, PA
Kurt Angle 2001/10/22 Kansas City, MO
Edge 2001/11/12 Boston, MA
Unified with WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Title when Edge defeats Test on 01/11/18 in Greensboro, NC.

* United States Heavyweight Title is revived by WWE in 2003.