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World Wide Wrestling Federation ( 1963 - 1970s )
World Wrestling Entertainment ( 2003/07 - )

United States Heavyweight Title

(as of 2018/01/28)

Buddy Rogers 1960/04/20<
Later recognized by the NWA; vacant when Rogers wins the NWA World Title, defeating Pat O'Connor on 61/06/30 in Chicago, IL.

Bobo Brazil 1963/04/06<
Johnny Barend 1963/06/05< Cleveland, OH *
Bobo Brazil [2] 1963/07/09 Philadelphia, PA
Johnny Barend [2] 1963/09/11<
Sometime after 63/08/29.
Bobo Brazil [3] 1964/08/04<
Still/again champion as of 68/11/24.
The Sheik 1969/01/20<
Bobo Brazil [4] 1969/02/10<
Still/again champion as of 70/11/23.
Pedro Morales 1970/12/16< CA *
Defeats Fred Blassie in tournament final; vacant on 71/02/08 when Morales wins WWWF World Title.
Bobo Brazil [5] 1971/02
Still/again champion as of 76/09/13.
The Sheik [2] 1977/08/07<
Reigns by Brazil and Sheik after 66 may be for the Detroit version.

Eddie Guerrero2003/07/27Denver, CO
Defeats Chris Benoit in a tournament final; WWF claims the lineage is linked to WCW United States Title.
Big Show (Paul Wight)2003/10/19Baltimore, MD
John Cena2004/03/14New York, NY
Stripped on 04/07/06 in Winnipeg, MB for attacking Smackdown! general manager Kurt Angle.
Booker T.2004/07/27Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Rob Van Dam in 8-man elimination match.
John Cena [2]2004/10/03E. Rutherford, NJ
Wins a best-of-five series.
Carlito Caribbean Cool (Carly Colon) 2004/10/05Boston, MA
John Cena [3]2004/11/16Dayton, OH
Orlando Jordan2005/03/01Albany, NY
Chris Benoit2005/08/21Washington, DC
Booker T. [2]2005/10/18Reno, NV
Title held up on 05/11/21 in Sheffield, GBR after a match against Chris Benoit ends as a draw when two referees are involved and count a pinfall as both men have their shoulders on the mat.
Booker T. [3]2006/01/10Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Chris Benoit in a Best-of-Seven Series with Randy Orton substituting for the injured Booker to gain the fourth win.
Chris Benoit [2]2006/02/19Baltimore, MD
John Bradshaw Layfield2006/04/02Chicago, IL
Bobby Lashley2006/05/26Bakersfield, CA
Dave Finlay2006/07/11Minneapolis, MN
Ken Kennedy2006/08/29Reading, PA
Wins a 3-way match against Finlay and Bobby Lashley by pinning Lashley.
Chris Benoit [3]2006/10/10Jacksonville, FL
MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) 2007/05/20St. Louis, MO
Matt Hardy2008/04/27Baltimore, MD
Shelton Benjamin 2008/07/20 Uniondale, NY
MVP [2] 2009/03/20 Corpus Christi, TX
Kofi Kingston 2009/06/01 Birmingham, AL
The Miz (Mike Mizanin) 2009/10/06 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Bret Hart 2010/05/17 Toronto, ON, CAN
Vacates on 10/05/24 when Hart becomes the General Manager of RAW.
R-Truth (Ron Killings) 2010/05/24 Toledo, OH
Defeats The Miz.
The Miz [2] 2010/06/14 Charlotte, NC
Wins a 4-way match against R-Truth, John Morrison, and Zack Ryder.
Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) 2010/09/19 Rosemont, IL
Sheamus 2011/03/14 St. Louis, MO
Kofi Kingston [2] 2011/05/01 Tampa, FL
Dolph Ziggler 2011/06/19 Washington, DC
Zack Ryder 2011/12/18 Baltimore, MD
Jack Swagger 2012/01/17 Anaheim, CA
Santino Marella 2012/03/05 Boston, MA
Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) 2012/08/19 Los Angeles, CA
Kofi Kingston [3] 2013/04/15 Greenville, SC
Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) 2013/05/19 St. Louis, MO
Sheamus [2] 2014/05/05 Albany, NY
Wins a 12-man battle royal, last eliminating Ambrose.
Rusev (Miroslav Makaraov) 2014/11/03 Buffalo, NY
John Cena [4] 2015/03/29 Santa Clara, CA
Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) 2015/08/23 Brooklyn, NY
Reinging World Heavyweight Champion, defeats Cena in a double title match.
John Cena [5] 2015/09/20 Houston, TX
World Title not on the line.
Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.) 2015/10/25 Los Angeles, CA
Kalisto (Samuray del Sol) 2016/01/11 New Orleans, LA
Alberto Del Rio [2] 2016/01/12 Lafayette, LA
Kalisto [2] 2016/01/24 Orlando, FL
Rusev [2] 2016/05/22 Newark, NJ
Roman Reigns 2016/09/25 Indianapolis, IN
Chris Jericho 2017/01/09 New Orleans, LA
Teams with Kevin Owens to defeat Reigns in a handicap match.
Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen) 2017/04/02 Orlando, FL
Chris Jericho [2] 2017/04/30 San Jose, CA
Kevin Owens [2] 2017/05/02 Fresno, CA
A.J. Styles 2017/07/07 New York, NY
Kevin Owens [3] 2017/07/23 Philadelphia, PA
A.J. Styles [2] 2017/07/25 Richmond, VA
Defeats Owens and Chris Jericho in 3-way match.
Baron Corbin 2017/10/08 Detroit, MI
Defeats Styles and Ty Dillinger in 3-way match.
Dolph Ziggler [2] 2017/12/17 Boston, MA
Defeats Corbin and Bobby Roode in 3-way match; declared vacant on 17/12/26 after Ziggler leaves the belt on the ring.
Bobby Roode 2018/01/16 Laredo, TX
Defeats Jinder Mahal in 8-man tournament final.