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Supreme Championship Wrestling ( 2003/06 - 2005/06 )
AWA Supreme ( 2013/02 - 2014 )
NWA Supreme ( 2016/02 - 2017/09 )
United States Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/09/27)

Brandon Hunter 2003/06/27 Madison, IN
Defeats Eric Draven for the SCW Television Title; renamed United States Heavyweight Title in 03.
John York 2004/03/06 Vernon, IN
Stripped in 04/04 when York is fired.
Live Wire 2004/04/17 Madison, IN
Defeats Madd-Dawg Murphy.
Roger Blade 2004/05/15 Vernon, IN
Chris Blayze 2004/08/13 Madison, IN
Vacant in 04/09 when Blazye is injured.
Eric Draven 2004/09/18 Madison, IN
Defeats Blackheart #1 in tournament final.
Joey Moore 2005/02/05 Madison, IN
Vacant in 05/03.
Nic Noble 2005/03/05 Madison, IN
Defeats Eric Draven and Roger Blade in a 3-way match.
Apollo 2005/04/30 Madison, IN
Nic Noble [2] 2005/07/16 Madison, IN
Defeats Apollo and Chuck McRoberts in 3-way match; unified with SCW Heavyweight Title when Billy Maverick defeats Noble on 05/06/11 in Madison, IN.

Eric Draven [2] 2013/02/16Madison, IN
Defeats Billy Mattern for the Southern Heavyweight Title; renamed United States Title.
Ricky Ruckus2013/03/09Madison, IN
Billy Mattern2013/04/26Madison, IN
Defeats Rucks and Eric Draven in 3-way match.
Eric Draven [3]2013/06/22Madison, IN
Spazz2013/07/13Madison, IN
Billy Mattern [2]2013/07/20Madison, IN
Spazz [2]2013/09/07Madison, IN
Thomas Mitchell2013/11/09Madison, IN
Bobo Brazil Jr.2013/11/23Madison, IN
Dave Hovak2014/01/31Seymour, IN
Spazz [3]2014/03/14Madison, IN
Eric Draven [4]2014/04/05Madison, IN
Spazz [4]2014/04/12Madison, IN

Josh Lewis 2016/02/27 Madison, IN
Defeats Eric Draven after two become the finalists of a battle royal.
Van Martigan 2016/05/06 Madison, IN
Josh Lewis [2] 2016/05/28 Madison, IN
Rob Conway 2017/05/12 Hanover, IN
Josh Lewis [3] 2017/05/27 Madison, IN
Abyss 2017/09/27 Indianapolis, IN