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AWA Supreme
Southern Heavyweight Title

Billy Mattern2012/03/03Madison, IN
Defeats Draven and Nic Noble in a 3-way match to become the first Southern champion.
Eric Draven2012/03/23Madison, IN
Billy Mattern [2]2012/03/24Madison, IN
Nic Noble2012/03/24Madison, IN
Eric Draven [2]2012/03/24Madison, IN
Billy Mattern [3]2013/02/02Madison, IN
Eric Draven [3]2013/02/09Madison, IN
Wins by default due to injury.
Ricky Ruckus2013/02/09Madison, IN
Billy Mattern [4]2013/02/16Madison, IN
Title returned to Mattern by Commissioner due to controversy.
Eric Draven [4] 2013/02/16Madison, IN
Renamed United States Title.

* See AWA Supreme United States Heavyweight Title.