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Last updated on 2014/08/25

NWA United States Heavyweight Title


* Also known as United States Television Title.

Verne Gagne1953/09/03Chicago, IL
Wilbur Snyder1956/04/07Chicago, IL
Hans Schmidt 1956/09/15Chicago, IL
Wilbur Snyder [2] 1957/02/19Chicago, IL
Dick the Bruiser defeats Snyder on 57/06/01 Chicago, IL, but Snyder continues to be recognized as champion (non-title?).
Dick the Bruiser 1957/12/13Chicago, IL
Verne Gagne [2] 1958/04/11Chicago, IL
Wilbur Snyder [3]1958/11/15 Omaha, NE
Also for the recognition of the Omaha version of the world title; Gagne continues to be recognized in Minneapolis.
Angelo Poffo1958/12/27Cincinnati, OH
Wilbur Snyder [4] 1959/05/02 Detroit, MI
Dick the Bruiser [2] 1959/05/23 Detroit, MI
Recognition withdrawn when Chicago promoter Fred Kohler and Detroit promoter Jim Barnett split in 60/01; Bruiser continues to be recognized as champion by American Wrestling Alliance in Detroit.
Buddy Rogers 1960/04/20<
May have defeated Johnny Valentine in tournament final in Chicago, IL; vacant when Rogers wins World Title on 61/06/30.
Pat O'Connor1961/08/24
Awarded at the annual NWA meeting in Toronto, ON.
Hans Schmidt [2]1962/07/05Greensboro, NC
Pat O'Connor [2] 1962/08/16 Greensboro, NC
Still recognized in Central States as of 63.

* See also IWA United States Heavyweight Title.