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Last updated on 2011/01/18

NWA Central States Tag Team Title

[ Japanese ]

Medics61/01/19Kansas City, KS
Defeat Sonny Myers & John Paul Henning in 8-team tournament final to become first champions.
Bulldog Austin & Tarzan Kowalski 61  
Sometime after 61/03/24.
Bulldog Austin & Don McClarity 61/05  
Kowalski leaves the area and is replaced by McClarity sometime before 61/05/12.
Sonny Myers & Bobby Graham 61/06/23< Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 61.
Guy LaRose & Thor Hagen 61/11/24 St. Joseph, MO
Defeat Karl Jon Schoberg & Nikita Mulkovitch.
Vacant in 62.
Lee Henning & Stan Stasiak 62/04/20 St. Joseph, MO
Defeat Maurice LaPointe & Marcel DuPont.
Vacant in 62.
Tiny Mills & Jack Mills 63/01/18 St. Joseph, MO
Defeat Bob Geigel & Crybaby Cannon; still champions as of 63/04/05.

Title inactive; see World Tag Team Title.

Bryan St. John & Randy Alls (Randy Rose)79/02/26Wichita, KS
Win tournament.
Jerry Brown & Hartford Love79/03
Bryan St. John & Bill Irwin79/05/17Wichita, KS
Vacant in 79.
Jerry Brown & The Turk79/07/12Kansas City, KS
Defeat Bob Brown & Gama Singh in tournament final.
Bob Brown & Gama Singh79/08/11Des Moines, IA
Vacant in 79.
Bruiser Brody & Ernie Ladd 80/03/02Kansas City, KS
Defeat Ted Oates & Jerry Oates in a tournament final.
Bob Brown & Dick Murdoch80/03/20Kansas City, KS
Takachiho (Great Kabuki) & Pak Song 80/04/17Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown & Pat O'Connor80/06/18Des Moines, IA
Takachiho & Killer Karl Kox80/06/21Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown & Rufus R. Jones80/08/14Kansas City, KS
Mike George & Bob Sweetan80/10/30Kansas City, KS
Jerry Roberts & Bruce Reed (Butch Reed)80
Kelly Twins: Pat Kelly & Mike Kelly81/01
Bob Brown & Terry Taylor81/04/09Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 81 when Taylor leaves the area.
Bob Sweetan & Terry Gibbs81/06/18Kansas City, KS
Defeat Freebirds: Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes.
Buzz Tyler & James J. Dillon81/08/27Kansas City, KS
Rufus R. Jones & Dewey Robertson81/10<
Defeat Bob Sweetan & Jerry Brown in tournament final. *
Jerry Brown & Ron McFarlane81
Ricky Romero & Eddie Gilbert82/01/14Kansas City, KS
Roger Kirby & Jerry Valiant (Guy Mitchell)82/01/25Wichita, KS
Dewey Robertson & Steve Regal82/03
Roger Kirby & Jerry Valiant [2]82/03/25Kansas City, KS
Dewey Robertson & Steve Regal [2]82/03
Roger Kirby & Jerry Brown82/05<
Probably 82/04/08 or 82/04/15.
Mike George & Mark Romero82/06/03Kansas City, KS.
Dewey Robertson & Hercules Hernandez82/08<
Mike George & Mark Romero [2]82/08/19Kansas City, KS.
Dewey Robertson & Hercules Hernandez [2]82/09/30Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler82/11/21Kansas City, KS
Yasu Fuji & Kim Duk83/03/03Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 83/05 when Kim leaves the area.
Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler [2]83/05/26Kansas City, KS
Win tournament.
Sheiks: Roger Kirby & Abdullah the Great83/07/28
George Wells & Ron Ritchie83/08
Sheiks [2]83/08
Bob Brown & Buzz Tyler [3]83/09/22Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 83/12 when Brown injured by 666 (Jim Starr); Tyler & King Cobra wrestle Tully Blanchard & Ron Starr for the title on 84/01/05, but the match ends in a DDQ.
Grapplers (Len Denton & Tony Anthony) # 84/03/29 Kansas City, KS
Defeat Jerry Oates & Ted Oates in tournament final, but the title is held up because Grapplers used a loaded boot.
Jerry Oates & Ted Oates [2]84/04/05Kansas City, KS
Defeat Grapplers in rematch.
Grapplers84/04/12Kansas City, KS
Uptown Boys: Marty Janetty & Tommy Rogers84/06/21Kansas City, KS
Grapplers [2]84/07/26Kansas City, KS
Uptown Boys [2]84/08/23Kansas City, KS
Mr. Pogo & Gypsy Joe84/10/11Kansas City, KS
Bob Brown & Marty Janetty84/12/09Des Moines, IA
Vacant on 85/08/15 when Brown & Janetty split after Brown refuses to tag in during a match against Battens in Kansas City, KS.
Brad Batten & Bart Batten85/11/21Kansas City, KS
Defeat Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton; title held-up after a match against Akio Sato & Sheik Abdullah on 86/02/20 in Kansas City, KS (no information on rematch found).
Midnight Rockers: Marty Janetty & Shawn Michaels86/05/15Kansas City, KS
Defeat Brad Batten & Bart Batten.
Brad Batten & Bart Batten [2]86/05/22Kansas City, KS
Hacksaw Higgins & J.R. Hogg86/05/29Kansas City, KS
Rufus R. Jones & Mike George86/06/15Sedalia, MO
Bobby Jaggers & Moondog Moretti86/06/26Kansas City, KS
Joe Lightfoot & Billy Two Eagles86/07/31Kansas City, KS
Thunderfoots: Joel Deaton & Dave Deaton86/09/11Kansas City, KS
Todd Champion & Dave Peterson86/11/07Kansas City, KS
MOD Squad: Basher & Spike87/01/02Kansas City, KS
Rick McCord & Bart Batten87/02/27Kansas City, KS
Title held up after a match against Porkchop Cash & Ken Timbs on 87/04/03 after Cash uses a foreign object to win the match.
Porkchop Cash & Ken Timbs87/04/10Kansas City, KS
Defeat McCord & Batten in rematch; vacant in 87/05 when Timbs leaves the area.
The Warlord & Karl Kovac87/06/08Wichita, KS
Win tournament.
Brad Batten & Bobby Jaggers87/06
Awarded when Warlord goes to Japan and Kovac is fired.
Brad Batten & Bart Batten [3]87/08/06Kansas City, KS
Brad defeats Bobby Jaggers after team splits in 87/06.
Porkchop Cash & Rick McCord87/11/09Versailles, MO *
Montana Cowboys: Mike Stone & Rick Patterson87/11/26Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 88/01 when Stone leaves the promotion.
Bob Brown & Cuban Assassin88/02/06St. Joseph, MO
Defeat Rick Patterson & Stevie Ray in tournament final.
Rick Patterson & Stevie Ray88/03/17Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 88/04 when Patterson leaves the promotion; promotion withdraws from NWA and closes in 88.

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