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Last updated on 2017/11/24

NWA North American Tag Team Title
[Central States]

Pat O'Connor & Sonny Myers1963/12/19Kansas City, KS
Defeat Mongolian Stomper & Mike Sharpe in tournament final; win another tournament, defeating Rocky Hamilton & Bob Geigel in the final on 64/01/04 in Waterloo, IA.
Bob Geigel & Bill Miller1964/02/20Kansas City, KS
Pat O'Connor & Sonny Myers [2]1964/05/22Kansas City, KS
Moose Evans & Don Slatton 1964/06/19<
Vacant as of 65/02.
Ron Reed & Doug Gilbert 1965/02/19 St. Joseph, MO
Defeat Dutch Savage & Tom Clark; also recognized as the United States Title.
Dutch Savage & Rocky Hamilton 1965/03
Sometime between 65/03/05 and 65/03/24.
Ron Reed & Doug Gilbert [2]1965/03/25Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & Dutch Savage 1965/05/27? Kansas City, KS?
Vacant sometime after 65/07/12; also billed as Central States Title.
Bob Geigel & Bob Brown1965/08Amarillo, TX *
Win tournament; may be held up after a match against Lou Thesz & Bob Ellis in 65/12.
Bob Ellis & The Stomper1966/05/19Kansas City, KS
The Viking & Jack Donovan1966/07/14Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & Bob Brown [2]1966/09/22Kansas City, KS
Ron Etchison & Sonny Myers1967/06/16St. Joseph, MO
The Viking & Bob Ellis1967/10/05Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & Bob Brown [3]1967/10/19Kansas City, KS
Ron Etchison & Klondike Bill1968/01/11Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & Bob Brown [4]1968/02/01Kansas City, KS
Ron Etchison & Sonny Myers [2]1968/05/09Kansas City, KS
The Viking & Roger Kirby 1968/07/25Kansas City, KS
Ron Etchison & Sonny Myers [3] 1968/08/29? Kansas City, KS?
Bob Geigel & Bob Brown [5]1968/09/05Kansas City, KS
Tommy Martin & Terry Martin1968/10/31Kansas City, KS
The Outlaws:Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes 1968/11/07Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & The Viking1968/12/27Kansas City, KS
Dick Murdoch & K.O. Kox (Bob Sweetan) 1969/05/08Kansas City, KS
Luke Brown & Tor Kamata1969/06/12Kansas City, KS
Dick Murdoch & K.O. Kox [2]1969/06/19Kansas City, KS
Luke Brown & Danny Little Bear 1969/06/30Kansas City, KS
Or 69/07/31 in Kansas City, KS; vacant on 69/09/04 when Brown walks out on Little Bear.
Danny Little Bear & Stan Pulaski 1969/09/18Kansas City, KS
Defeat Tarzan Tyler & Great Kojika in tournament final.
Luke Brown & The Ox1969/10/02Kansas City, KS
Danny Little Bear & The Viking 1969/11/07St. Joseph, MO
K.O. Kox & Killer Kox1969/11/20Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & The Stomper 1970/02/16<
Sometime after 69/12/26.
K.O. Kox & Killer Kox [2] 1970/03/04<
Bob Geigel & The Stomper [2]1970/04/13St. Joseph, MO
K.O. Kox & Killer Kox [3]1970/04/20St. Joseph, MO
Harley Race & Baron Von Raschke 1970/05/15<
Rufus R. Jones & Danny Little Bear 1970/09
Sometime between 70/09/05 and 70/09/24.
Rufus R. Jones & The Stomper 1970/11/27<
Roger Kirby & Rock Hunter 1970/12/18<
Still champions as of 71/02/21.
John Tolos & Baron Von Heisinger 1971/03/19<
Defeat Pat O’Conner & Danny Little Bear; lose to O’Conner & Little Bear on 71/04/06 in Sedalia, MO probably for the local recognition.
Bob Geigel & The Stomper [3] 1971/04/09<
Bob Orton & Buddy Austin 1971/06
Sometime between 71/06/05 and 71/06/11.
Rufus R. Jones & Steve Bolus 1971/08/12 Kansas City, KS
Yasu Fuji & Chati Yokouchi 1971/10/10<
The Stomper & The Viking 1971/11/19 St. Joseph, MO
Yasu Fuji & Chati Yokouchi [2] 1971/12/08<
Sometime after 71/11/25.
Danny Little Bear & Omar Atlas 1972/01/27Kansas City, KS
Yasu Fuji & Chati Yokouchi [3] 1972/02/10Kansas City, KS
Daniel Little Bear & Omar Atlas [2]1972/03/09Kansas City, KS
Yasu Fuji & Chati Yokouchi [4] 1972/03/11Wichita, KS
Danny Little Bear & The Stomper 1972/04/21 St. Joseph, MO
Roger Kirby & Black Angus Campbell1972/06/29Kansas City, KS
The Stomper & Rufus R. Jones1972/10/18Kansas City, KS
Roger Kirby & Harley Race1972/11/02Kansas City, KS
Bob Geigel & Rufus R. Jones1973/02/01Kansas City, KS
Great Togo (Haruka Eigen) & Tokyo Joe 1973/03/08Kansas City, KS
According to Percival Friend, the manager of Togo & Joe, title is replaced with NWA World Title during their title reign (sometime between 73/04/19 and 73/05/15).

* See NWA World Tag Team Title.