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NWA North American Tag Team Title

Amarillo ( 1963/11 - 1967 )
Central States ( 1963/12 - 1973 )
Utah ( 1965 )
Los Angeles / Japan ( 1973/08 - 1981/03 )
Florida ( 1981 - 1982 )

Post-1993 Versions

Ringlords: Speedy Gonzales & Rick Slagle 1998/03
Reigning ASW North American champions in North Carolina, recognized as NWA champions in 98/03; vacant in 98/07.
MCW Blacksheep: Wolfie D & Flash Flanagan 1998/08/02
Defeat Tennessee Volunteerz: Steven Dunn & Reno Riggins for MCW North American Title in Nashville, TN; renamed NWA North American Title.
Tennessee Volunteerz: Steven Dunn & Reno Riggins 1998/08/29
Held up after a match against Australians: Bill Dundee & Ashley Hudson on 99/02/05 in Nashville, TN.
Tennessee Volunteers [2]1999/02/06Nashville, TN
Defeat Australians in rematch.
Brian Christopher & Spellbinder1999/02/20Nashville, TN
Tennessee Volunteers [3]1999/03/25Nashville, TN
Vacate in 99/05 in order to concentrate on World Tag Team Title.
Frenchy Riviera & Shane Eden1999/06/05Nashville, TN
Defeat Christian York & Joey Matthews.
Chris Michaels & Bart Sawyer1999/07/03Nashville, TN
Vacant in 99/08.
Air Paris & Cassidy O'Reilly1999/08/14Nashville, TN
Defeat Ashley Hudson & Corey Williams.
New South: Ashley Hudson & Cory Williams 1999/11/27Nashville, TN
Air Paris & Big Bully Douglas2000/04/14Hopkinsville, KY
Vacant in 00/09 when the team splits up.
James Storm & Shane Eden2001/02/10Nashville, TN
Win tournament; vacant on 01/02/15; title inactive.
New Orleans Fight Club: Kevin Northcutt & John Saxon 2004/08/14Jackson, MS
Defeat Skeeter Frost & Sal Rinauro in a 4-team tournament final.
Tribal Force: Tim Warcloud & Tejas 2005/04/16Ponca City, OK
Chris Escobar & Shane Falco2005/10/08Nashville, TN
Defeat Warlcoud & Daron Smythe, subbing for Tejas.
U.N. of Devastation: Bad News Johnson & Drake Tungsten 2005/10/22Roanoke, VA
Defeat Escobar & Frank Parker, subbing for Falco.
Scotty Blaze & Scotty Rocker2006/11/18Danville, VA
Old School Empire: Preston Quinn & Mike Booth 2007/08/12Charlotte, NC
Wrong Crowd: Brian Anthony & Paul Atlas 2008/01/19Ahoskie, NC
James Keenan & Brandon K 2008/09/06 McKeesport, PA
Brandon K & Crusher Hansen 2009/02/28 McKeesport, PA
Hansen defeats K for the right to replace Keenan.
Excellence Personified: Brandon K & Scottie Gash 2009/04/11 McKeesport, PA
Defeat Hansen & James Ross after K and Hansen split.
Team Mega: James Ross & Ashton Amherst 2010/05/22 McKeesport, PA
Vacate on 11/11/30.
Rochester Wrecking Crew: Hellcat & Rob Sweet 2011/12/03 Rochester, NY
Defeat Colin Delaney & Jimmy Olson; recognition withdrawn by NWA in 13/02.
Hart & Soul: Teddy Hart & Big Daddy Yum Yum (Byron Wilcott) 2014/12/07 Patterson, LA
Defeat Steve Anthony & Luke Hawx; renamed MEPW Title when the promotion leaves NWA in 15/05.