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Last updated on 2016/09/16

NWA North American Tag Team Title
[W. Texas]

Tokyo Tom & Sputnik Monroe # 1963/09/09<
Southwestern States champions, billed as North American champions in Greeley, CO; vacant in 63/10 when the team splits.
Dory Funk & Dory Funk Jr. 1963/11/07 Amarillo, TX
Defeat Karate Shibuya & Tokyo Tom in a 8-team tournament final; stripped in late 64/01 for failure to defend in 30 days.
Fritz Von Erich & Larry Hennig 1964/02/05Lubbock, TX
Defeat Wahoo McDaniel & Dan Miller in 7-team tournament final.
Larry Hennig & The Viking 1964/03/18 Lubbock, TX
Defeat Von Erich & Ken Lucas after Hennig and Von Erich split and select a new partner for each; stripped in 64/07 for failure to defend in 30 days.
Bill Miller & Dan Miller 1964/07/22Lubbock, TX
Defeat Dory Funk Sr. & Dory Funk Jr.
Dory Funk Jr. & Ricky Romero 1964/08/26Lubbock, TX
Red Raider & Art Nelson 1964/12/09<
Ken Lucas & Sputnik Monroe 1965/01/21 Amarillo, TX
Vacant sometime after 65/03/03.
John Tolos & Sato 1965/04/15Amarillo, TX
Defeat Don Curtis & Joe Scarpa; still champions as of 65/05/12.
Dory Funk Jr. & Ricky Romero [2] 1965/07/20 El Paso, TX
Win a 4-team tournament.
Terry Funk & Wahoo McDaniel 1966/01/13 Amarillo, TX
Held up after a match against Dutch Savege & Don Jardine on 66/03/03 in Amarillo, TX.
Dutch Savage & Don Jardine 1966/03/10 Amarillo, TX
Win rematch.
Ricky Romero & Dan Miller 1966/05/11 Lubbock, TX
Vacant in 66/07 when Miller leaves for a tour of Australia.
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk 1966/08/11 Amarillo, TX
Defeat Bob Brown & Mike DiBiase.
Prof. Tanaka & Killer Karl Kox 1966/11/16 Lubbock, TX
Defeat Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk in 4-team tournament final.
Terry Funk & Dan Miller 1966/12/07Lubbock, TX
Medics 1967/02/22 Lubbock, TX
Jerry Kozak & Dan Miller 1967/06/08 Amarillo, TX
Vacant in 67; in Brownwood, TX, Dory Funk Jr. & The Lawman are billed as champions and lose to Thunderbolt Patterson & The Medic on 67/06/30.
Medic #1 & Jack Cain 1967/07/17 El Paso, TX
Win one-night tournament; Dory Funk Jr. & The Lawman may have regained the recognition in Brownwood, TX from Thunderbolt Patterson & The Medic on 67/07/18.
Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk [2] 1967/08/21 El Paso, TX
Ricky Romero & Dan Miller [2] 1967/09<
Vacant when Miller is injured.
Dr. Blood & The Medic 1967/09/05 Odessa, TX
Win a 4-team tournament, also involving Kinji Shibuya & Tokyo Joe, Terry Funk & Jerry Kozak, and Ricky Romero & Luis Hernandez; may trade the title with Thunderbolt Patterson & Dory Funk Sr. (or win another tournament defeating them in the final).
Gory Guerrero & Luis Hernandez 1967/11/06 El Paso, TX
Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner 1967/11/15 Lubbock, TX
Also billed as World Title.

* Replaced with World Tag Team Title.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling (facebook page).