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Last updated on 2013/02/23

United States Tag Team Title


Mark Lewin & Don Curtis 1958/07Kansas City, MO *
Defeat Hans Schmidt & Dick the Bruiser in tournament final.
Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham 1958/09/04Washington, DC
Mark Lewin & Don Curtis [2]1958/12/11Washington, DC
Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham [2]1959/05/27Bridgeport, CT
Vacant in 59/08 when Jerry is injured.
Jerry Graham & Johnny Valentine 1959/11/14W. Hempstead, NY
Defeat Mark Lewin & Don Curtis.
Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham [3] 1960/03
Eddie Graham returns to wrestling and takes Valentine's place.
Red Bastien & Lou Bastien (Lou Klein) 1960/04/02New Haven, CT
Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham [4]1960/04/16New Haven, CT
Red Bastien & Lou Bastien [2]1960/04/23Chicago, IL
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 1960/07/21Washington, DC
Red Bastien & Lou Bastien [3]1960/08/08Washington, DC
Fabulous Kangaroos [2]1960/08/24Bridgeport, CT
Johnny Valentine & Buddy Rogers1960/11/19Teaneck, NJ
Fabulous Kangaroos [3] 1960/11/28Washington, DC
Defeat Valentine & Chief Big Heart after Rogers walks away from the title.
Johnny Valentine & Bob Ellis1962/01/11Washington, DC
Buddy Rogers & Johnny Barend1962/07/05Washington, DC
Buddy Austin & Great Scott1963/03/07Washington, DC
Promotion withdraws from NWA and becomes WWWF in 63/04.
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard1963/05/16Washington, DC
Killer Kowalski & Gorilla Monsoon1963/11/14Washington, DC
Chris Tolos & John Tolos1963/12/28Teaneck, NJ
Don McClarity & Vittorio Apollo1964/02 New Haven, CT
Sometime before 64/02/18.
Dr. Jerry Graham & Luke Graham 1964/03/20New Haven, CT
Gene Kiniski & Waldo Von Erich1965/02/04Washington, DC
Gorilla Monsoon & Bill Watts1965/04/08Washington, DC
Dan Miller & Dr. Bill Miller 1965/08/05Washington, DC
Antonio Pugliese (Tony Parisi) & Johnny Valentine 1966/02/21New York, NY
Baron Mikel Scicluna & Smasher Sloan1966/09/22Washington, DC
Given the belts by heel-turned Valentine when Pugliese is injured in the second fall after winning the first fall.
Spiros Arion & Antonio Pugliese1966/12/08Washington, DC
Spiros Arion & Arnold Skaaland 1967/06
Pugliese leaves WWWF.
Sicilians: Lou Albano & Tony Altimore 1967/07/10Atlantic City, NJ
Defeat Skaaland & Chuck Richards.
Bruno Sammartino & Spiros Arion1967/07/24Atlantic City, NJ
Title retired in 67.