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Last updated on 2017/02/03

Florida Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1966/08 - 1988/12 )

John Grandovitch 1934/09/19<
Bruce Noland 1935/08/21 Miami, FL
Bill Sledge 1935/10/16 Miami, FL
Still champion as of 35/11/12; vacant "for several months" as of 36/03/18.
Pat Newman 1936/03/19 Jacksonville, FL
Defeats title claimant Doug Wyckoff.
Dobie Osbourne 1936/06/29 Tampa, FL
In St. Petersburg, FL, Hans Schumann defeats John Plummer for the title on 37/01/07.
Red Devil (Elmer Guthrie) 1937/01/19Jacksonville, FL
Bill Sledge [2] 1937/05/16<
Or 37/06/16<.
Pat Newman [2] 1937/05/25<
Alan Eustace 1937/06/01 St. Petersburg, FL
Jack Evans 1937/08<
Sometime after 37/07/27.
Alan Eustace [2]1937/08/13Jacksonville, FL
Gene Bowman 1938/01/21 Jacksonville, FL
Pat McCleary 1938/03 Tampa, FL
Sometime between 38/03/12 and 38/03/17.
Gene Bowman [2] 1938/04/22 Jacksonville, FL
Vacates in 38/05 due to injury.
Ernie Powers 1938/05 Tampa, FL
Bill Sledge [3] 1938/05/13< Tampa, FL
"Last week in Tampa."
Jack Vincent 1938/07/11 Tampa, FL
Ray Villmer 1939/05/26<
Still champion as of 39/07/19.
John Grandovitch [2] 1939/08/08< Tampa, FL
Defeats Tommy O'Toole.
Floyd Marshall 1939/10/17 St. Petersburg, FL
John Grandovitch [3] 1939/11<
Red Ryan 1939/11/07 St. Petersburg, FL
Tom Mahoney 1939/12/05 St. Petersburg, FL
Clarence Luttrall 1940/01/23 St. Petersburg, FL
The feud between Luttrall and Mahoney continue, and both continue claiming the title; a tournament to settle the dispute is ordered.
Jim Wright 1940/03/11 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Tom Mahoney in tournament final.
Dick Shikat 1940/03/26 St. Petersburg, FL
Cy Williams 1940/05/11<
Claims Southern and Florida titles; Henry Piers start claiming both titles when Williams is injured during a match in Tampa, FL on 40/06/10; Don Evans defeats Piers on 40/06/17 in Tampa, FL to claim both titles.
Tommy Nilan 1940/06/18 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Williams and claims both Southern and Florida titles; defeats Don Evans on 40/07/23 in St. Petersburg, FL.
Cy Williams [2] 1940/08/21<
Herb Teitenberg @ 1944/02<
Listed as former champion on a St. Petersburg paper on 44/02/26.
Rollend Kirchmeyer1944/02/11Tampa, FL
Ed "Strangler" Lewis #1944/02/26Tampa, FL
Lewis declared the new champion when Kirchmeyer's head hits the floor knocking him unconscious.
Rollend Kirchmeyer #1944/02/26Tampa, FL
Title returned to Kirchmeyer when Lewis refuses it.
The Cardiff Giant1946/08/26Tampa, FL
Antonio Cortez1946/10/28Tampa, FL
Rollend Kirchmeyer [3]1949/03<
Billy McDaniels 1953/01<  
Defeats Pat Malone.

Lester Welch1966/08/11Tampa, FL
Defeats Sputnik Monroe in tournament final.
Louie Tillet1967/03/20W. Palm Beach, FL
Wahoo McDaniel1967/05/01Orlando, FL
Boris Malenko1967/05/16Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine1967/08/26Tampa, FL
Joe Scarpa1967/12/05Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine [2]1967/12/27Tampa, FL
Wahoo McDaniel * 1968/02
Johnny Valentine * 1968/02/13 Tampa, FL
Red Bastien1968/04/30Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine [3]1968/06/27Jacksonville, FL
Nick Kozak1968/09/23Orlando, FL
Great Malenko, subbing for Johnny Valentine, defeats Kozak on 68/10/22 in Tampa, FL and claims the title; Kozak defeats Malenko on 68/10/29 Tampa, FL to end the dispute.
The Gladiator (Rick Hunter) 1968/11/23Tampa, FL
Hans Mortier 1969/01/28Tampa, FL
Ciclon Negro1969/04/15Tampa, FL
Dale Lewis1969/08/26Tampa, FL
Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1969/12/22Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco1970/02/10Tampa, FL
Mr. Saito [2] 1970/04/07 Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [2] 1970/04/14 Tampa, FL
Missouri Mauler 1970/05/12Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [3] 1970/05/19? Tampa, FL?
Tarzan Tyler1970/12/15Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [4]1971/01/19Tampa, FL
Best-of-3 falls match, for Tyler's Florida title, with Brisco's TV title on the line for the first fall only; Brisco comes back to win the second and third falls to take the Florida title.
Paul Jones1972/05/16Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [5] 1972/11/28 Tampa, FL
Held up after a match against Bobby Shane on 73/01/23 in Tampa, FL.
Jack Brisco [6] 1973/01/30Tampa, FL
Wins rematch.
Buddy Colt1973/02/20Tampa, FL
Paul Jones [2]1973/06/12Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [2] 1973/07
Sometime between 73/07/16 and 73/07/20.
Tim Woods 1973/07/31 Tampa, FL
Great Mephisto 1973/09/04 Tampa, FL
Paul Jones [3] 1973/09/18 Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [3] 1973/11/17 St. Petersburg, FL
Eddie Graham 1973/11/27 Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [4]1973/12/17W. Palm Beach, FL
Ron Fuller1974/03/20Miami, FL
Bill Watts1974/07/02Tampa, FL
Defeats Robert Fuller, subbing for Ron.
Dusty Rhodes 1974/10/22 Tampa, FL
Bill Watts [2] 1974/11/12 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [2]1974/11/28Jacksonville, FL
Bill Watts [3]1974/12/05Jacksonville, FL
Bob Roop 1975/02/25 Tampa, FL
Terry Funk 1975/05
Bob Roop [2] 1975/06
Rocky Johnson 1975/07
Bob Roop [3] 1975/07
Dusty Rhodes [2] 1975/09/16 Tampa, FL
Vacant on 75/10/28 after a match against King Curtis.
King Curtis Iaukea 1975/11/27 Jacksonville, FL
Wins a 9-man tournament.
Rocky Johnson [2]1975/12/23Tampa, FL
Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) 1975/12/31Tampa, FL
Thunderbolt Patterson1976/02/04Miami, FL
Pak Song 1976/03/17Miami, FL
Jack Brisco [7]1976/04/17St. Petersburg, FL
One report says Brisco wins on 76/03/19, but Song wrestles a title match against Jerry Brisco on 76/04/07 in Miami Beach.
Bob Orton Jr. 1976/05/25Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [3]1976/07/27Tampa, FL
Billy Graham1976/11/22W. Palm Beach, FL
Dusty Rhodes [4]1977/02/15Tampa, FL
Vacant in 77.
Buddy Wolf 1977/03/08 Tampa, FL
Wins a one-night round-robin tournament.
Dusty Rhodes [5]1977/06/09<
Sometime between 77/05/12 and 77/06/08.
Ernie Ladd1977/07/15 Tallahassee, FL
Dusty Rhodes [6]1977/08
Returned to Rhodes due to the way Ladd wins.
Lars Anderson 1977/09/20Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [7]1977/11/26St. Petersburg, FL
Lars Anderson [2]1977/12/15Jacksonville, FL
Stripped on 78/01/17<.
Killer Karl Kox1978/02/07Tampa, FL
Defeats Dusty Rhodes?; Kox may have won the title when he defeats Anderson on 78/01/18 in Miami, FL
Rocky Johnson [3]1978/03/08Miami, FL
Bob Roop [4]1978/03/13W. Palm Beach, FL
Jack Brisco [8]1978/03/26Orlando, FL
The Spoiler1978/05/23Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [8]1978/06/19W. Palm Beach, FL
The Spoiler [2]1978/08/01<
Steve Keirn1978/10/10Tampa, FL
Pak Song [2] 1978/10/24 Tampa, FL
Defeats Mike Graham, subbing for Keirn; vacant in 78.
Dusty Rhodes [9]1978/11/25St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Bob Roop in tournament final.
Mr. Uganda (Ciclon Negro) 1978/12/12Tampa, FL
Jos LeDuc1978/12/19Tampa, FL
Dick Slater1979/01/02Tampa, FL
Jim Garvin1979/01/09Tampa, FL
King Curtis Iaukea [2] 1979/05/16Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [10]1979/07/04Miami Beach, FL
Vacates on 79/08/21 when Rhodes wins NWA World title.
Terry Funk [2] 1979/09/02Orlando, FL
Defeats Steve Keirn in tournament final.
Manny Fernandez1979/10/21Orlando, FL
Don Muraco1980/03/26Miami, FL
Bugsy McGraw 1980/08/08Melbourne, FL
Bobby Jaggers1980/10/11Jacksonville, FL
Dusty Rhodes [11]1980/10/26 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Dory Funk Jr.1980/11/04Tampa, FL
Barry Windham1981/01/12W. Palm Beach, FL
Dory Funk Jr. [2]1981/04/08Tampa, FL
Wins by forfeit when Windham injured in auto accident.
Charlie Cook 1981/08/11Tampa, FL
Dory Funk Jr. [3] 1981/09/01Tampa, FL
Charlie Cook [2] 1981/09/21 Tampa, FL
The Spoiler [3]1981/11/03Tampa, FL
Mr. Wrestling II1981/12Jacksonville, FL
James J. Dillon1982/03Orlando, FL
Mr. Wrestling II [2]1982/04St. Petersburg, FL
Jim Garvin [2]1982/05/03W. Palm Beach, FL
Brian Blair1982/07/11Orlando, FL
Declared vacant on 82/08/23 after a match where Bruiser Brody was declared the winner in W. Palm Beach, FL.
Kevin Sullivan1982/10/06Tampa, FL
Defeats Barry Windham in tournament final.
Mike Graham 1983/01/05 Miami Beach, FL
Vacant in 83 because of injury.
Scott McGhee1983/03/23
Defeats Johnny Heffernan.
Jos LeDuc [2] 1983/07/23Lakeland, FL
Barry Windham [2]1983/09/17Sarasota, FL
Jos LeDuc [3]1983/09/18Orlando, FL
Barry Windham [3]1983/09/19W. Palm Beach, FL
Vacant in 83/11 when Windham tours Japan.
Mike Rotundo1983/12/16St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Greg Valentine in 5-man tournament final.
Kendo Nagasaki1984/01/22Orlando, FL
Billy Jack (Haynes) 1984/03/29Lakeland, FL
Billy Graham [2]1984/06/10Orlando, FL
Scott McGhee [2]1984/07/29Orlando, FL
Jesse Barr1984/10/14Orlando, FL
Title held up after a match against Brian Blair.
Brian Blair [2]1985/01/06Orlando, FL
Defeats Barr in rematch.
Jesse Barr [2]1985/02/12Tampa, FL
Hector Guerrero1985/04/28Orlando, FL
Hercules Hernandez1985/06/30Orlando, FL
Vacant in 85/07 when Hernandez fired after dressing room fight with Wahoo McDaniel.
Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz) 1985/07/23Tampa, FL
Defeats Mike Graham in tournament final.
Kendhall Windham1985/09/02Tampa, FL
Cuban Assassin1986/02/22Tampa, FL
Kendhall Windham [2]1986/03/05Tampa, FL
Vacates title in 86/05 after match with Bob Roop in which Barry Windham interfered to help Kendall win.
Kendhall Windham [3]1986/05/18Orlando, FL
Wins tournament final by forfeit after Lex Luger DCOR Kendo Nagasaki in other semifinal.
White Ninja (Keiji Mutoh) # 1986/05/21 Tampa, FL
Kendhall Windham # 1986/06
Belt returned to Windham after films show Ninja illegally used karate to win the belt.
Ron Bass1986/07/15Tampa, FL
Barry Windham [4]1986/09/01Daytona, FL
Ron Bass [2]1986/09/16Tampa, FL
Barry Windham [5]1986/09/24 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Title held up after a match against Ron Bass where Bass uses chloroform.
Barry Windham [6]1986/10/08Tampa, FL
Defeats Ron Bass in rematch.
Kareem Muhammad 1986/11/25? Tampa, FL?
Ron Simmons1986/12/02Tampa, FL
Bad News Allen1987/01/20Tampa, FL
Sir Oliver Humperdink1987/02/24Tampa, FL
Ed Gantner1987/02
Given title by Humperdink.
Mike Rotunda [2]1987/03/15Daytona, FL
Title held up after a match against Dory Funk Jr. in Orlando, FL on 87/05/31.
Mike Rotunda [3]1987/06/07Orlando, FL
Defeats Dory Funk Jr. in rematch; wins NWA World Television Title on 88/01/26 and never/rarely defends the Florida Title thereafter; stripped when Rotunda gives belt to Rick Steiner in 88/12.

Post-NWA Versions

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NWA Florida ( 1994 - 2005/06 )
Southern Championship Wrestling ( 1998/11 -   )
AWA Florida ( 2005 - 2009 )
Florida Championship Wrestling ( 2008/02 - 2012/07 )
Pro Wrestling Fusion ( 2008/05 - 2011/07 )
NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 2012/04< - 2012/09 )
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