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Hans Schmidt 1956/11<
Recognized as champion in Florida.

Jake Roberts 1984/03
Wins Georgia-based NWA National Television Title from Ron Garvin on 83/11/06 in Atlanta, GA; recognized as NWA World Television champion after 84/03.
Ron Garvin 1984/04/07 Baltimore, MD
Jake Roberts [2] 1984/06/17 Atlanta, GA
Title immediately held up because Roberts used a foreign object.
Ron Garvin [2] 1984/07/01 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Roberts in rematch by countout; Garvin again defeats Roberts on 84/08/18 in Baltimore, MD.
Bob Roop 1984/09/02<  
Ron Garvin [3] 1984/12/27 Cleveland, OH
Repeated next day in Saginaw, MI.
Bob Roop [2] 1985/01  
Recognition as World title withdrawn and reduced back to National title in 85/03.
Dusty Rhodes 1985/03/16 Greensboro, NC
Defeats Tully Blanchard to win NWA (Mid-Atlantic) Television Title; recognized as World Television champion.
Tully Blanchard 1985/04/28 Charlotte, NC
Dusty Rhodes [2] 1985/07/06 Charlotte, NC
Rhodes stripped on 85/10/19 for not defending the belt after having his leg broken by Ric Flair and Ole & Arn Anderson on 85/09/29 in Atlanta, GA.
Arn Anderson 1986/01/04 Greensboro, NC
Defeats Wahoo McDaniel in tournament final.
Dusty Rhodes [3] 1986/09/09 Columbia, SC
Tully Blanchard [2] 1986/11/27 Greensboro, NC
Nikita Koloff 1987/08/17 Fayetteville, NC
Defeats Terry Taylor on 87/11/26 in Chicago, IL to unify the UWF Television title.
Mike Rotunda 1988/01/26 Raleigh, NC
Rick Steiner 1988/12/26 Norfolk, VA
Mike Rotunda [2] 1989/02/20 Chicago, IL
Sting 1989/03/31 Atlanta, GA
Title held-up 89/07/23 following match against Great Muta in Baltimore, MD.
Great Muta 1989/09/03 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Sting in rematch.
Arn Anderson [2] 1990/01/02 Gainesville, GA
Z-Man (Tom Zenk) 1990/12/04 Gainesville, GA
Arn Anderson [3] 1991/01/14 Marietta, GA
With NWA no longer operating as an organization, the title exclusively referred to as WCW World Television title from 91/01.
Bobby Eaton 1991/05/19 St. Petersburg, FL
Steve Austin 1991/06/03 Birmingham, AL
Barry Windham 1992/04/27 Atlanta, GA
Steve Austin [2] 1992/05/23 Chattanooga, TN
Ricky Steamboat 1992/09/02 Atlanta, GA
Scott Steiner 1992/09/29 Columbus, GA
Vacated in 92/11 when Steiners jump to the WWF.
Paul Orndorff 1993/03/02 Macon, GA
Defeats Erik Watts in tournament final.
Ricky Steamboat [2] 1993/08/18 Daytona, FL
WCW withdraws from NWA in 93/09; cotinues to be recognized as WCW World Television Title.

* See also NWA Wildside Television Title, which is
billed as World Television Title after late 2003.

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