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Last updated on 2017/07/28

NWA National Television Title

Austin Idol 1979/12/07 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Ray Candy for the Georgia Title; renamed the National Title in 79/12.
Steve Travis 1980/01/05  
Austin Idol [2] 1980/01/12 Atlanta, GA
Kevin Sullivan 1980/01/27 Atlanta, GA
Austin Idol [3] 1980/02/21<
Tommy Rich 1980/02/23 Atlanta, GA
Vacates sometime after 80/05/04 for the world title shot.
Terry Taylor1980/08/22Atlanta, GA
Wins tournament.
Terry Funk 1980/10/12 Columbus, OH
Steve Keirn 1980/11  
Kevin Sullivan [2]1980/11/29Atlanta, GA
Steve O (Steve Olsonoski)1981/01/16Atlanta, GA
Bobby Eaton1981/01/22Atlanta, GA
Steve O [2] 1981/02/08Atlanta, GA
Kevin Sullivan [3]1981/02/21Atlanta, GA
Steve Keirn [2]1981/03/01Atlanta, GA
Vacant and inactive in 81.

Bob Roop 1985/03  
Defeats Ron Garvin for World Title in 85/01; recognition as World title withdrawn and reduced back to National title in 85/03 when Mid-Atlatic merges Georgia and recognizes NWA (Mid-Atlantic) Title as World title.
Ron Garvin1985/04/14Atlanta, GA
Title retired in 85/04.