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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2011/11/17

NWA Georgia Television Title

(as of 2017/02/12)

Joe Scarpa1969/11/22Atlanta, GA
Defeats Assassin #2 in 8-man tournament final to become the first champion.
Nick Bockwinkel1970/01/03Atlanta, GA
El Mongol1970/03/07Atlanta, GA
May be held up after the tape shows Mongol using an illegal karate blow.
Nick Bockwinkel1970/03/20Atlanta, GA
Defeats Mongol in rematch.
Assassin #2 [2]1970/04/11Atlanta, GA
Stripped on 70/05/23 when the Assassins are suspended; Nick Bockwinkel and Joe Scarpa wrestles for the vacant title on 70/05/29 in Atlanta, GA, but the match ends as no contest.
Nick Bockwinkel1970/06/05Atlanta, GA
Defeats Joe Scarpa.
Bobby Shane1970/08/15Atlanta, GA
Luke Graham1970/12/19Atlanta, GA
Klondike Bill1971/03/20Atlanta, GA
Big Bad John1971/10/09Atlanta, GA
Ray Gunkel1971/10/15Atlanta, GA
Vacant when Gunkel dies on 72/08/01.
Tony Atlas1977/02<
Abdullah the Butcher1977/02/11Atlanta, GA
Thunderbolt Patterson1977/04/01<
Still champion as of 77/05/05.
French Angel1977/05
Sometime after 77/05/07.
Thunderbolt Patterson [2]1977/05/27Atlanta, GA
Still champion as of 77/07/05.
Bob Armstrong1977/12/09Atlanta, GA
Defeats Jacques Goulet; still champion as of 78/02/07.
Ole Anderson1978/02/10?Atlanta, GA?
Thunderbolt Patterson [3]1978/05/02Macon, GA
Repeated on 78/05/08 in Augusta, GA and 78/05/12 in Atlanta, GA.
Ole Anderson [2]1979/02/13<
Sometime after 79/01/13.
Bob Armstrong1979/04/25Columbus, GA
Blackjack Lanza1979/05/14Augusta, GA
Ray Candy1979/08/03Atlanta, GA
Repeated on 79/08/06 in Augusta, GA; still champion as of 79/09/21.
Ernie Ladd1979/10/30<
Stan Hansen1979/11/02Atlanta, GA
Killer Karl Kox1979/11/03Atlanta, GA
Ray Candy [2]1979/11/30Atlanta, GA
Austin Idol1979/12/14<
Sometime after 79/12/07.
Steve Travis1980/01/05
Austin Idol [2] 1980/01/12 Atlanta, GA
Kevin Sullivan 1980/01/27Atlanta, GA
Austin Idol [3] 1980/02/21<
Tommy Rich1980/02/23Atlanta, GA
Vacates sometime after 80/05/04 for the world title shot; may have been renamed National Title during Rich's reign.

* Replaced with NWA National Television Title.

Luscious Laron 2016/12  
Has won a tournament for AIWF World Title on 16/02/06 in Albany, GA; Syndicate Promotions Wrestling splits with AIWF on the following day and recognizes Laron as SPW Televisoin Champion; renamed NWA Georgia Title in 16/12.
Rex Andrews 2017/04/22 Lyons, GA
JRod 2017/07/15 Columbus, GA