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Last updated on 2017/11/03

Southern Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1950 - 1987/03 )

Al Christensen 1916/03/24<
Has held the title for "a number of years", (Miami Herald, 17/02/05); still champion as of 17/02/27.

Bulldog Martin 1925/12/19<  
Jack Ross 1926/01/06 Wauchula, FL
Bulldog Martin [2] 1926/01  
Jack Ross [2] 1926/03/08 W. Palm Beach, FL
Also recognized in other southeastern states including Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina; still/again champion as of 32/01/17 and 32/03/24.

Dale Hanson 1932/12/20<
Claims the title in Orlando, FL.

Tiger Moore 1933/03/13<
Claims the title in W. Palm Beach, FL.
Bill Middlekauff 1934/01/27<  
Billed as champion in Miami, FL.
Jack Ross [3] 1935/08/20<
Claims the title in Miami, FL; still champion as of 36/01/19; also recognized in Georgia.
Clyde Hackney 1936/05/17<
Mickey McGuire 1936/07/07 Miami, FL
Chief Barfoot 1936/07/10 Miami, FL
Count Pietro Rossi 1936/07/31 Miami, FL
Still champion as of 36/10/20.
Bill Sledge 1936/11/25<  
Billed as champion in Miami, FL.
Pete Managoff 1940/02/05 Lake Worth, FL
Defeats Gordon McKensie in tournament final; still recognized in W. Palm Beach, FL as of 40/03/12.

Dorv Roche 1940/02/09<
Billed as having defeated Bill Batrush (Tampa Bay Times, 40/02/11).
Cy Williams 1940/04/12<
Also wins Florida Title on 40/05/06.
Henry Piers 1940/06/10 Tampa, FL
Claims both titles when Williams is injured during a match; Williams continue to claim both titles but loses to Tommy Nilan on 40/06/18 in St. Petersburg, FL.
Don Evans 1940/06/17 Tampa, FL
Also defeats Tommy Nilan on 04/06/24 in Tampa, FL to end the dispute for both titles.
Ted Christy 1940/07/22 Tampa, FL
Reported as winning the Southern Title but but is also billed as Florida champion in the following week.
Cowboy Luttrall 1942/01<
Dobie Osburn 1942/01/07 St. Petersburg, FL
Patrick Kelly 1942/01/30 Tampa, FL
Dobie Osburn [2] 1942/02/11 St. Petersburg, FL
John Romanoff Podubny 1942/02/25 St. Petersburg, FL
Still champion as of 42/03/10.
Dick Harbin 1943/03/24<
Billed as champion in St. Petersburg, FL; still champion as of 43/04/05.
Hank Kulkowich 1944/03/24<
Claims the title in W. Palm Beach, FL for having defeated Maurice Shapiro in 41/03 (The Palm Beach Post, W. Palm Beach, FL, 44/07/07-15); still champion as of 44/07/16.
The Cardiff Giant 1946/08/26 Tampa, FL
Defeats Rollend Kirchmeyer for the Florida Title and is awarded the Southern Title.
Antonio Cortez 1946/10/28 Tampa, FL
Still champion as of 47/04/21.
Rollend Kirchmeyer 1947/09/02<
Billed as champion in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; former champion as of 48/02/02.
Herb Larson 1948/09/08<  
Billed as champion in Miami, FL.
Black Menace 1949/09/26<  
Has lost the Georgia version on 49/09/23 but continues to be billed as champion in Florida.
Danny Dusek 1949/10/03Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine1950/07/17Tampa, FL
Danny Dusek [2]1950/08/07Tampa, FL
The Green Hornet1950/09/18Tampa, FL
Pat O'Hara1950/10/09Tampa, FL
Bobby Lane1951/07/09Tampa, FL
Pat O'Hara [2]1951/07/16Tampa, FL
Gene Stanlee1951/09/24Tampa, FL
Pat O'Hara [3] 1951/10/21<
Bobby Lane [2] 1951/12<  
Sometime after 51/10/26.
Ray Stern 1951/12/29? Daytona Beach, FL?
Wins by DQ when Lane attackes the referee.
Al Massey 1952/06/17<  
Has won Georgia version on 52/05/02; also recognized in Florida as of 52/06/17.
Danny Dusek [3] 1952/08/03< Atlanta, GA *
Wins the title "during a recent match in Atlanta" (The Tampa Times, 52/08/04) sometime after 52/07/23 when Dusek is listed as a former champion.
Don McIntyre 1953/06/15<  
Has won Georgia version in 53/03; also recognized in Florida.
Ray Villmer1953/10/16Atlanta, GA
Still champion as of 53/12/29.
Fred Blassie 1954/03< Birmingham, AL *
"Recently" (The Tampa Times, 54/04/03); still champion as of 55/08/17.
John Smith 1957/01<
Fred Atkins 1957/02/02 Daytona Beach, FL
Ray Villmer [2] 1957/03/06<
No longer champion as of 57/04/01.
Eduardo Perez 1957/10/27<
Billed as champion in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Ray Villmer [3] 1958/02/07<
Ray Gunkel, who has previously held Georgia version, is billed as champion in Tallahassee, Fl in 58/04 and in W. Palm Beach, FL in 59/01.
Red Raider (Pedro Godoy) 1959/12/21Tampa, FL
Mike DiBiase1960/01/19Tampa, FL
Don Curtis1960/03/22Tampa, FL
Buddy Austin1961/01/10Tampa, FL
Eddie Graham1961/03/07Tampa, FL
Stripped on 61/06/12 as a result of the "fight on the streets of downtoan Tampa two weeks ago" (The Tampa Times, 61/06/12).
Eddie Graham [2]1962/03/17Tampa, FL
Wins tournament; vacant on 62/05/24 when Graham injured by Boris Malenko in Jacksonville, FL.
Boris Malenko 1962/07/25  
Eddie Graham [3] 1962/11/22Jacksonville, FL
Hiro Matsuda1963/02/19Tampa, FL
Eddie Graham [4]1963/08/01Jacksonville, FL
Bob Orton1963/12/28Jacksonville, FL
Bob Ellis1964/03/03Tampa, FL
Bob Orton [2]1964/06/04Jacksonville, FL
Tony Marino 1964/08/29 Jacksonville, FL
Bob Orton [3] 1964/09/03 Jacksonville, FL
Tarzan Tyler1964/12/29Tampa, FL
Stripped in 65/04.
Bob Orton [4]1965/06/17Jacksonville, FL
Defeats the Scorpion in tournament final.
Tarzan Tyler [2]1966/02/24Jacksonville, FL
Missouri Mauler 1966/03/08 Tampa, FL
Loses to Klondike Bill on 66/09/26 in Charlotte, NC but continues to claim the title in Florida; Red Bastien is billed as champion in Ft. Myers, FL as of 68/08/14; Jack Brisco defeats Mauler on 69/02/11 in Tampa, FL but the title win is later voided for Mauler not being the official champion; Mauler defeats Johnny Weaver on 69/03/06 in Greensboro, NC to regain the title.
Jack Brisco1969/07/08Tampa, FL
Vacates in 69/11 when Brisco leaves the area to wrestle in Japan.
Danny Miller1970/01/03Tampa, FL
Defeats Hiro Matsuda? in tournament final.
Missouri Mauler [3]1970/01/13Tampa, FL
Bob Orton [5]1970/03/03Tampa, FL
Dale Lewis1970/04/11Jacksonville, FL
Hiro Matsuda [3]1970/06/16Tampa, FL
Great Mephisto1970/08/13Tampa, FL
Hiro Matsuda [4]1970/10/02Tallahassee, FL
Great Mephisto [2]1970/11/05Jacksonville, FL
Rene Goulet 1970/12/07 Orlando, FL
Hiro Matsuda [5] 1971/01/26 Tampa, FL
Rene Goulet [2]1971/02/09Tampa, FL
The Grappler (Johnny Walker) 1971/03/23Tampa, FL
Terry Funk1971/04/14Miami, FL
Dick Murdoch1971/04/21Miami, FL
Jack Brisco [2]1971/06/08Tampa, FL
Held up after controversial match against Dick Murdoch on 71/09/24 in Tallahassee, FL
Bobby Duncum1971/10/07Tampa, FL
Wins tournament.
George Gaiser1971/10/14Tampa, FL
Bobby Shane1971/11/23Tampa, FL
Title held up after a match against Tim Woods on 72/02/15 in Tampa, FL.
Tim Woods1972/02/28Tampa, FL
Defeats Shane in rematch.
The Zodiac (Bob Orton) 1972/06/24Jacksonville, FL
Hiro Matsuda [6]1972/07/03Orlando, FL
The Zodiac [2]1972/07/10Orlando, FL
Tim Woods [2]1972/08/12St. Petersburg, FL
Buddy Colt1972/09/05Tampa, FL
Tim Woods [3]1972/09/19Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [2]1972/10/31Tampa, FL
Tim Woods [4]1972/11/21Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [3] 1972/12/01? Tallahassee, FL?
Tim Woods [5] 1972/12/12 Tampa, FL
Colt continues to be recognized in Georgia and loses to Bob Armstrong on 72/12/15 in Atlanta, GA.
Buddy Colt [3]1972/12/18Orlando, FL
Also defeats Bob Armstrong on 72/12/29 in Atlanta, GA for the recognition in Georgia
Mark Lewin1973/01/09Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt [4]1973/02/06Tampa, FL
Mr. Kleen1973/02/28 Miami Beach, FL
Paul Jones1973/03/12Orlando, FL
Ron Fuller1973/04/10Tampa, FL
Johnny Valentine1973/06/26Tampa, FL
Bill Dromo 1973/08/14Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes1973/09/05Miami, FL
Thunderbolt Patterson 1973/10/02 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [2] 1973/10/09 Tampa, FL
Held up after a match against Paul Jones on 73/10/16 in Tampa, FL due to a reverse decision.
Dusty Rhodes [3] 1973/10/23 Tampa, FL
Defeats Jones in rematch.
Jos LeDuc 1974/02/05 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [4] 1974/03/12Tampa, FL
Held up after Pak Song defeats Rhodes on 74/07/18 in Jacksonville, FL.
Dusty Rhodes [5] 1974/07/20 St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Song in rematch.
Pak Song 1974/07/25Jacksonville, FL
Jerry Brisco 1974/08/13Tampa, FL
Pak Song [2] 1974/08/29Jacksonville, FL
Jos LeDuc [2] 1974/11/11? W. Palm Beach, FL?
The Stomper (Archie Gouldie) 1974/12/03Tampa, FL
Bob Armstrong [2] 1975/02/18? Tampa, FL?
The Stomper [2] 1975/03/04? Tampa, FL?
Pepper Gomez 1975/05/17St. Petersburg, FL
Killer Karl Krupp 1975/06/14St. Petersburg, FL
Cyclon Negro 1975/08< GA *
Harley Race 1975/08/25 W. Palm Beach, FL
Dusty Rhodes [3] 1975/09/15 W. Palm Beach, FL
Harley Race [2] 1975/09/23<
Jerry Brisco [2] 1975/11
Masked Destroyer (Killer Kowalski) 1975/11/16<
Billy Robinson 1975/12/16Tampa, FL
Assassin 1976/04/13Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes [4] 1976/05/04 Tampa, FL
Assassin [2] 1976/06/08 Tampa, FL
Steve Keirn 1976/10/30 St. Petersburg, FL
Ivan Koloff 1977/05/24Tampa, FL
Pedro Morales 1977/09/27Tampa, FL
Dick Slater 1978/03/07<
Sometime after 78/02/22.
Jack Brisco [3] 1978/04/27 Jacksonville, FL
Dick Slater [2] 1978/05/01<
Dusty Rhodes [5] 1978/07/16<  
Sometime after 78/06/13; neither on 78/06/17 in Sarasota, FL nor on 78/06/18 in Orlando, FL as Slater faces Tiger Conway Jr. on both cards to retain the title.
The Spoiler 1978/08/02 Miami Beach, FL
Florida champion, wins a double title match.
Wahoo McDaniel 1978/08/23Miami Beach, FL
Dick Slater [3]1978/11/12Orlando, FL
Terry Funk [2]1978/12/30St. Petersburg, FL
Thor the Viking (Scott Irwin) 1979/01/20St. Petersburg, FL
Jim Garvin1979/03/31St. Petersburg, FL
King Curtis1979/05/28W. Palm Beach, FL
Ernie Ladd1979/10 Lafayette, LA *
Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young) 1979/10/26St. Petersburg, FL
Bad Leroy Brown1979/11/24St. Petersburg, FL
Dusty Rhodes [6]1980/02/16Jacksonville, FL
Vacates in 80/07 in preparation for the world title shot.
Dick Slater [4] 1980/08/03 Tampa, FL
Mike Graham 1981/01/27 Tampa, FL
Dick Slater [5] 1981/02/03 Tampa, FL
Sweet Brown Sugar [2]1981/02/04Ft. Myers, FL
Jaques Goulet (Rene Goulet) [3] 1981/04/21Tampa, FL
Bobby Jaggers 1981/06
Sometime after 81/06/10.
Jack Brisco [4] 1981/11/22Orlando, FL
David Von Erich1981/12/26St. Petersburg, FL
Derek Draper1982/07/16Lakeland, FL
Sweet Brown Sugar [3]1982/07/25Orlando, FL
Jim Garvin [2] 1982/08/11  
Dusty Rhodes [7] 1982/10/31 Orlando, FL
Kevin Sullivan1982/11/22W. Palm Beach, FL
Defeats Barry Windham; vacant in 82 when Sullivan tries to give title to Jake Roberts in gratitude of his interference.
Barry Windham1982/12/18Sarasota, FL
Defeats Greg Valentine in tournament final.
Frank Dusek1983/03/17Tampa, FL
Ron Bass1983/04/30Ft. Myers, FL
Mike Rotundo1983/09/24St. Petersburg, FL
Ron Bass [2]1983/11/23Miami, FL
Mike Rotundo [2]1984/05/21W. Palm Beach, FL
Angelo Mosca1984/05/30Tampa, FL
Jim Neidhart1984/08/12Oklahoma City, OK *
Pez Whatley1984/08/25Sarasota, FL
Kevin Sullivan [2]1984/09/19Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Pez Whatley [2]1984/09/22Miami, FL
Rick Rude1985/01/16Tampa, FL
Brian Blair1985/04/10Tampa, FL
Hercules Hernandez1985/05/26Orlando, FL
Vacant in 85/07 when Hernandez is fired after dressing room fight with Wahoo McDaniel.
Rick Rude [2]1985/07/21Orlando, FL
Defeats Mike Graham in tournament final.
Wahoo McDaniel [2]1985/10/02Tampa, FL
Lex Luger1985/11/19Tampa, FL
Jesse Barr1986/01/15Tampa, FL
Lex Luger [2]1986/02/14Orlando, FL
Masked Superstar1986/07/22Tampa, FL
Lex Luger [3]1986/07/29Tampa, FL
Kevin Sullivan [3]1987/01/16Daytona, FL
Bad News Allen1987/01/31Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Kevin Sullivan [4]1987/02/18Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Title retired in 87/03 after Jim Crockett Jr. takes the territory over in 87/02.