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NWA Southern Heavyweight Title

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Georgia ( 1949/11 - 1961 )
Florida ( 1950 - 1987/03 )
Carolinas & Virginia ( 1954 - 1970 )
Gulf Coast ( 1960 - 1967 )
Tennessee & Alabama ( 1974/08 - 1978 )
Knoxville ( 1981 - 1982 )

Post-1993 Version
(as of 2014/08/15)

Chris Stephenson 1996/09<
SCW Heavyweight champion, briefly recognized as NWA Southern champion.

Steve Corino2002/10/15Boyertown, PA
Defeats Jack Victory in a tournament final.
Mike Sullivan2004/03/20St. Petersburg, FL
Vacates in 04/08 due to injury.
Scoot Andrews2004/09/04Clearwater, FL
Defeats Lex Lovett.
Lex Lovett2004/10/09Brandon, FL
Vacates when Lovett announces his retirement after losing to the world champion A.J. Styles on 05/06/10 in Brandon, FL.
Bully Douglas2005/07/26Lebanon, TN
Eliminates Chase Stevens in 16-man over-the-top-rope battle royal.
Chase Stevens2005/10/06Lebanon, TN
Stripped on 05/11/12 after Stevens is injured.
Kory Williams 2005/11/12 Lebanon, TN
Defeats Big Bully Douglas; vacant in 06/02 when Williams is awarded Tennessee Title.
Ace Rockwell 2011/03/26 Nashville, TN
Defeats Jeff Daniels.
Drew Haskins 2011/12/22 Nashville, TN
Se7en 2012/05/22 Soddy Daisy, TN
Psycho Medic 2012/07/12 Nashville, TN
Pro Wrestling Chattanooga and Main Event Wrestling leave the NWA in 12/07 and 12/09 respectively.
Wolfie D. 2012/12  
Reigning SAW Southern champion, recognized as NWA Southern champion after SAW becomes an NWA licensee in 12/12; stripped on 13/02/22 for missing a scheduled title defense in Millersville, TN due to back injury.
Shane Williams 2013/02/22 Millersville, TN
Defeats Gary Valiant.
Gary Valiant 2013/03/08 Millersville, TN
Jocephus Brody 2013/03/15 Millersville, TN
Gary Valiant [2] 2013/04/12 Millersville, TN
Hot Rod Biggs 2013/06/28 Millersville, TN
Defeats Valiant, Hammerjack, and Jocephus Brody in 4-way match.
Crimson 2013/09/06 Millersville, TN
Vacates on 13/10/11 due to injury.
Cliff Compton 2013/11/01 Millersville, TN
Defeats Jocephus Brody in tournament final.
Jocephus Brody [2] 2014/01/03 Millersville, TN
Chase Owens 2014/01/24 Millersville, TN
Jason Kincaid 2014/02/14 Millersville, TN
Defeats Owens and Shawn Shultz in a 3-way match.
Lance Erikson 2014/04/18 Millersville, TN
Arrick Andrews 2014/04/25 Millersville, TN

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