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Last updated on 2012/08/16

NWA Southern Heavyweight Title

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Fred Blassie 1954/02/08 Birmingham, AL *
Billed as having won the title on this date in Birmingham by defeating Mr. Moto in Georgia and Don McIntyre in Florida; starts defending title in Mid-Atlantic around 54/05; still/again champion in Mid-Atlantic as of 56/06/23.
Eddie Graham 1964/11/09<
Bob Orton1965/06/17Jacksonville, FL
Defeats the Scorpion in tournament final; defends title in Mid-Atlantic in 65/09.
Tarzan Tyler1966/02/24Jacksonville, FL
Missouri Mauler 1966/03/08 Tampa, FL
Klondike Bill 1966/09/26Charlotte, NC
Missouri Mauler [2] 1967/02/06Greenville, SC
Johnny Weaver1967/10/25Charlotte, NC
Hiro Matsuda 1968/08/05 Charlotte, NC
Johnny Weaver [2] 1968
Missouri Mauler [3] 1969/03/06 Greensboro, NC
Johnny Weaver [3] 1969/04/04<
Missouri Mauler [4] 1970/10/31<

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