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Last updated on 2012/09/16

Southern Championship Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Boris Dragoff95/01/07Creedmoor, NC
Defeats Ricky Lee in tournament final to become the first champion.
Chris Stephenson95/11/03Durham, NC
Gorgeous George III96/11/23Butner, NC
Vacant in 97/03.
Chris Stephenson [2]97/03/22Creedmoor, NC
Defeats Boris Dragoff.
Jimmy Cicero98/01/17Butner, NC
Stripped on 98/06/27 after failing to appear for a scheduled defence.
Boris Dragoff [2]98/06/27Butner, NC
Defeats Chris Stephenson and Otto Schwanz in a 3-way match.
James "Poison" Ivey98/09/19Henderson, NC
Vacates on 98/11/21 due to back injury.
Cueball Carmichael98/11/21Louisburg, NC
Defeats Big Slam; stripped on 99/02/25 after failing to appear for a scheduled defence.
Otto Schwanz99/02/25Raleigh, NC
Defeats Venom.
Shane Helms99/04/29Raleigh, NC
Stripped on 99/06/12.
Otto Schwanz [2]99/06/24Raleigh, NC
Defeats Juice.
Toad99/06/24Raleigh, NC
Otto Schwanz [3]99/08/26Raleigh, NC
Vacant in 99 when Schwanz leaves the promotion.
Toad [2]99/10/28Raleigh, NC
Wins tournament.
Chilly Willy00/01/15Butner, NC
Scab00/02/24Raleigh, NC
Defeats Willy and Toad in a 3-way match.
Cham Pain00/05/19Raleigh, NC
Scab [2]00/06/24Morehead City, NC
Cham Pain [2]00/09/15Sanford, NC
Held up on 00/10/30 in Raleigh, NC after a match against William Wealth ends with a double pinfall.
William Wealth00/11/30Raleigh, NC
Scab [3]00/11/30Raleigh, NC
Cham Pain [3]01/01/20Butner, NC
Defeats Scab and Frank Parker in a 3-way match.
Frank Parker01/03/29Raleigh, NC
Kross01/08/30Raleigh, NC
Major DeBeers01/11/18Carrboro, NC
Vacates on the same day upon retirement.
Otto Schwanz [4]02/01/31Raleigh, NC
Defeats Kross tournament final; vacates in 02/06.
Jimmy Cicero [2]02/06/27Raleigh, NC
Defeats Cham Pain in tournament final.
Dewey Cheatum02/11/23Louisburg, NC
Wins in an elimination tag team match by pinning Brian Perry, subbing for Cicero; stripped in 03 after failing to appear for a scheduled defence.
C.W. Anderson03/07/12Burlington, NC
Defeats Otto Schwanz.
Otto Schwanz [5]04/11/20Durham, NC
Promotion closes on 04/11/20.

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