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Southern Allstar Wrestling
Southern Heavyweight Title

Rick Santel2010/01/01Millersville, TN
Defeats Arrick Andrews and Gary Valiant in 3-way match to become the first champion.
Arrick Andrews2010/02/19Millersville, TN
Chris Michaels [2]2010/05/07Millersville, TN
Derek Neal2010/05/14Millersville, TN
Chris Michaels [3]2010/05/21Millersville, TN
Hammerjack2010/10/08Millersville, TN
Lonestar2010/12/17Millersville, TN
Hammerjack [2]2011/01/29Nashville, TN
Derek Neal [2]2011/07/22Millersville, TN
Hammerjack [3] 2011/09
Sometime before 11/09/21.
Derek Neal [3] 2012/08/08<
Allen Shepard2012/08/17Millersville, TN
Dyron Flynn2012/09/28Millersville, TN
Wins 4-way match against Shepard, Arrick Andrews, and Dryon Flynn.
Wolfie D.2012/11/23Millersville, TN
Recognized as NWA Southern champion after SAW becomes an NWA licensee in 12/12.

* See NWA Southern Heavyweight Title.