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NWA Tennessee Heavyweight Title

Billy Wicks1959/06/29Memphis, TN
Defeats Sputnik Monroe in tournament final.
Sputnik Monroe1959/08/03Memphis, TN
Declared vacant after a match against Billy Wicks ends as a no contenst on 59/08/17 in Memphis, TN.
Sputnik Monroe [2]1959/09/21Memphis, TN
Defeats Billy Wicks in tournament final.
Mighty Yankee1959/09/28Memphis, TN
Billy Wicks1959/10/05Memphis, TN
Sputnik Monroe [3]1960/03/28Memphis, TN
Vacant in 60/10<; the tournament final between Joe Scarpa and Great Bolo schedued on 60/12/05 in Memphis, TN when Buddy Fuller's license is revoked by Tennessee Athletic Commission.

Russian Stomper 1977/04/04<

Rick Santel2005/11/12Lebannon, TN
Defeats Jason James and Jason Brisbane in 3-way match to be recognized by NWA Top Rope; stripped in 02/06 due to injuries.
Kory Williams2006/02
Casey Cage2006/09/30Lebanon, TN
Vacates on 07/01/27.
Vic The Bruiser2007/02/24Lebanon, TN
Wins a battle royal.
Kory Williams [2]2007/05/19Lebanon, TN
Vic The Bruiser [2]2007/06/30Lebanon, TN
Gary Valiant2007/09/28Lebanon, TN
Vic the Bruiser [3] 2008/08
Still champion as of 08/11/20.
Vordell Walker 2009/06/02<
Vacant as of 09/11/07.
Gary Valiant [2] 2010/03/01<
Orion Bishop 2010/04/08 Nashville, TN
Jeff Daniels 2010/06/28<
Arrick Andrews 2010/11/13 Mt. Juliet, TN
Held up on 11/04/02.
Arrick Andrews [2] 2011/05/28 Lebanon, TN
Wins tournament.
Kevin Jones 2011/09/03 Lebanon, TN
Arrick Andrews [3] 2011/09/24 Lebanon, TN
Derek Neal 2011/12/25 Lebanon, TN
Hammerjack 2012/01/21 Lebanon, TN
Still champion as of 12/02/26.
Arrick Andrews [4] 2012/06/22<
Chris Michaels 2012/07/21 Lebanon, TN
Vacant in 12/07.
Arrick Andrews [5] 2012/07/28 Lebanon, TN
Defeats Tyler Gage in 4-man tournament final; NWA Top Rope closes in 13/08.