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Last updated on 2017/09/30

Southern Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1949/11 - 1957 )
  ( 1962 - 1983 )

Al Christensen 1909/01/06<  
Billed as champion in Atlanta, GA.

Jack Ross 1932/06/27<  
Also holds the Light Heavyweight Title; also recognized as the heavyweight champion in other southeastern states including West Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
Jim Hesslyn 1933/02/22 Columbia, SC
Also defeats Ross for the Light Heavyweight Title on 33/02/28 in Augusta, GA.
Jack Ross [2] 1933/05/02 Augusta, GA
Held up when Jim Hesslyn defeats Ross by DQ on 33/10/02 in Augusta, GA.
Jack Ross [3] 1933/10/09 Augusta, GA
Defeats Hesslyn in rematch; also recognized in Florida as of 36/01/21.
Pat Newman [2] 1935/03/11 Augusta, GA
Dobie Osborne 1935/04/01 Augusta, GA
Pat Newman [3] 1935/04/22 Augusta, GA
Don McIntyre 1935/06/10 Augusta, GA
Roy Lumpkin 1935/08/06 Augusta, GA
Honey Boy Hackney 1935/09/02 Augusta, GA
Jack Ross [4] 1935/12/25 Augusta, GA
Still champion as of 36/03/26; again billed as Light Heavyweight Champion from 36/05.

Jack Ross [5] 1945/04/10<  
Claims the title in Augusta, GA; Tarzan White also claims the title at the same time.
Jack Purdin 1945/12/29<  
Claims the title in Augusta, GA.

Chris Belkas 1948/10/31<  
Vacant when Belkas leaves the territory in 48/11.
Tom Mahoney1949/07/15Atlanta, GA
Defeat Al Massey in tournament final.
Don McIntyre [2]1949/08/05Atlanta, GA
Black Menace1949/09/16Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [3]1949/09/23Atlanta, GA
Danno O'Connor1949/11/25Atlanta, GA
George Flynn1949/12/16Atlanta, GA
Ray Villmer1949/12/23Atlanta, GA
Rebel Russell1950/03<
Nick Carter1950/03/31Atlanta, GA
Red Terror1950/05/12Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [4]1950/05/19Atlanta, GA
Art Nielson1950/07/07Atlanta, GA
Jack Kennedy1950/11/03Atlanta, GA
Lord Finis Hall1950/11/24Atlanta, GA
Art Nielson [2]1950/12/08Atlanta, GA
Golden Terror (Danny Plechas)1951/01/26Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [5]1951/03/30Atlanta, GA
Art Nielson [3]1951/07/28Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [6]1951/08/03Atlanta, GA
Art Nielson [4]1951/08/10Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [7]1951/09/10Augusta, GA
Lou Newman1952/03/28Atlanta, GA
Jack McDonald1952/04/25Atlanta, GA
Al Massey1952/05/02Atlanta, GA
Angelo Martinelli1952/06/20Atlanta, GA
Art Nielson [5]1952/07/11Atlanta, GA
Tarzan White1952/09/05Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [8]1952/09
Aldo Bogni1953/01/26Augusta, GA
Don McIntyre [9]1953/02/20Atlanta, GA
Gorgeous George1953/03/07Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [10]1953/03/16<
Also recognized in Florida.
Ray Villmer [2]1953/10/16Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [11]1954/01/11Augusta, GA
Fred Blassie1954/02/08 Birmingham, AL
In Atlanta, GA, Blassie may be billed as having defeated Mr. Moto for the title; held up after a match against Mr. Moto on 54/05/08 in Spartanburg, SC; belt returned to Blassie.
Don McIntyre [12]1955/08/26Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [2]1955/09/16Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [13]1955/10/28Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [3]1955/11/25Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [14]1956/09/07Atlanta, GA
Art Neilson [5]1956/09/21Atlanta, GA
Bull Curry1956/09/28Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [4]1956/10/19Atlanta, GA
Bobby Wepner1956/11/23Atlanta, GA
Jerry Graham1956/12/14Atlanta, GA
Chief Big Heart1957/01/04Atlanta, GA
Jerry Graham [2]1957/01/11Atlanta, GA
Red McIntyre1957/02/22<
Recognized as champion in Marietta
Kurt Von Brauner 1957/04/10<  
Sometime after 57/03/23.
Red McIntyre [2] 1957/04/19<  
Recognized in Atlanta; may have defeated Von Brauner on 57/04/10 in Atlanta, GA.
Kurt Von Brauner [2] 1957/05<  
Recognized in Atlanta.
Don McIntyre [15] 1957/05/03 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Von Brauner.
Kurt Von Brauner [3] 1957/05/18<  
Again/still recognized in Marietta and Augusta.
Don McIntyre [16]1957/06/14Atlanta, GA
Also defends against Von Brauner in Augusta, GA on 57/06/24.
Kurt Von Brauner [5] 1957/06/28<  
Recognized in Atlanta; defeats McIntyre on this day.
Ray Gunkel1957/10/18Atlanta, GA
Mighty Yankee1958/01/10Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [17]1958/04/25Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [5]1958/06/13Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [18]1958/07/25Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [6]1958/08/08Atlanta, GA
Ray Gunkel [2]1958/08/22Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [7]1958/09/05Atlanta, GA
Ray Gunkel [3]1958/11/07Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [8]1959/01/02Atlanta, GA
Dick Gunkel (Dick Steinborn)1959/04/17Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [9]1959/06/19Atlanta, GA
Dick Gunkel [2]1959/07/31Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [10]1959/08/07Atlanta, GA
Ray Gunkel [4]1959/10/02Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [11] 1959/11/20<  
Ray Gunkel [5] 1959/12<  
Fred Blassie [12]1959/12/11Atlanta, GA
Defeats Dick Gunkel, subbing for the injured Ray.
Ray Gunkel [5]1959/12/25Atlanta, GA
Wins by DQ; may not be a title change, but Gunkel is champion in 60/01.
Fred Blassie [13]1960/04/15Atlanta, GA
Defeats Dick Gunkel; held up after a match against Eric Pederson on 60/05/13 in Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [14]1960/05/20Atlanta, GA
Wins rematch.
Ray Gunkel [6]1960/06/10Atlanta, GA
Held up after a match against Mighty Yankee in 60/06/17 in Atlanta, GA
Dick Steinborn [3]1960/07/22Atlanta, GA
Defeats Mighty Yankee.
Mighty Yankee [2]1960/06/29Atlanta, GA
Held up after a match against Don McIntyre on 60/08/05 in Atlanta, GA
Don McIntyre [19]1960/08/12Atlanta, GA
Wins rematch.
Fred Blassie [14]1960/10/21Atlanta, GA
Held up after a match against Tiny Evanson 60/11/04 in Atlanta, GA.
Fred Blassie [15]1960/11/11Atlanta, GA
Wins rematch.
Tiny Evans1960/11/18Atlanta, GA
Fred Blassie [16]1960/12/20Atlanta, GA
Chief Little Eagle *1961/01?
Defeats Blassie on 61/01/03 in Macon, GA and again on next day in Columbus, GA although neither match may be for the title.
Skull Murphy 1961/02/14 Macon, GA
Or 61/03/10<; vacant in 61/03.
Skull Murphy [2]1961/03/15Columbus, GA
Defeats Bill Dromo in an 8-man one-night tournament.
Guy Mitchell1961/03/29Columbus, GA
Murphy continues to be recogized in Macon; Chief Little Eagle defeats Murphy on 61/04/04 for the recognition in Macon.
Skull Murphy [3]1961/04/05Columbus, GA
Defeats Mitchell; defeats Chief Little Eagle by DQ on 61/04/11 in Macon, GA for the statewide recognition.
Ray Gunkel [7]1961/06/13<
Recognized in Macon.

Eddie Graham1962/03/17Tampa, FL
Wins tournament for Florida version; recognized in Georgia as of 62/04/24; vacant on 62/05/24 when Graham is injured by Boris Malenko in Jacksonville, FL.

Bob Orton1965/06/17Jacksonville, FL
Wins touranment for Florida version; also recognized in Mid-Atlantic and Georgia; still champion in Georgia as of 65/10/08.

Buddy Fuller 1966/03/25<  
Louie Tillet 1966/05/27 Atlanta, GA
Buddy Fuller [2] 1966/06/17 Atlanta, GA
Butcher Vachon 1966/10/07<  
Buddy Colt 1972/11/28<  
Bob Armstrong1972/12/15Atlanta, GA
Buddy Colt [2]1972/12/29Atlanta, GA

Stagger Lee 1983/07<
Bill Dundee 1983/07/23 Chattanooga, TN

* See also NWA Southern Heavyweight Title (Florida version).