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Last updated on 2014/03/01

Florida Championship Wrestling ( 1988/07 - 1989/02 )
Professional Wrestling Federeation ( 1989/02 - 1991 )
Florida Heavyweight Title

Danny Spivey 1988/07/30 Tampa, FL
Defeats Dick Slater in tournament final to become the first champion.
Dick Slater [2] 1988/09/13 Tampa, FL
U.S. Steel/Big Steel Man (Fred Ottman) 1988/11/09 Tampa, FL
The Terminator (Marc Laurinaitis) 1988/12  
Sometime before 88/12/06.
Mike Graham [2]1988/12/25Tampa, FL
Al Perez1989/03/11Tampa, FL
Dustin Rhodes1989/05/23Tampa, FL
Kendhall Windham1989/06/27Tampa, FL
Steve Keirn [2]1989/07/09Tampa, FL
Tyree Pride 1991/06/29 Tampa, FL
PWF closes in 91.

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