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NWA North American Heavyweight Title

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Jim Hady68/06/12Honolulu, HI
Defeats Ray Stevens for U.S. Title; renamed North American Heavyweight Title in 68.
Toru Tanaka68/12/25 Honolulu, HI
Gene Kiniski69/02/19Honolulu, HI
Pedro Morales69/06/18Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea69/09/24Honolulu, HI
Pedro Morales [2] 69/11/04Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend70/02/07
Pedro Morales [3]70/08/05
The Destroyer70/09/31
Bill Robinson70/12/16
Curtis Iaukea [2]71/01/09
Sam Steamboat71/02/24
Gene Kiniski [2]71/05/12
Ed Morrow71/08/25
Gene Kiniski [3]71/09/09
Sam Steamboat [2]71/09/29
Sweet Daddy Siki71/10/27
Johnny Barend [2]72/03/22
Freddie Blassie72/07/26
Sam Steamboat [3]72/09/27
Dusty Rhodes72/11/25Honolulu, HI
Bill Robinson [2]73/06/06Honolulu, HI
Title inactive.
John Tolos77/07
Awarded when title is revived.
Sam Steamboat [4] 77/09/28Honolulu, HI
Tor Kamata77/12
Rick Martel78/03
John Studd78/06
Awarded title after Martel leaves; renamed Pacific International Title.

* See NWA Pacific International Heavyweight Title.

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