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National Wrestling Alliance
North American Heavyweight Title

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Amarillo ( 1957/01 - 1969 )
Ohio/Buffalo ( 1968< - 1970 )
Calgary ( 1968 - 1984 )
Hawaii ( 1968 - 1974? )
Mid-South ( 1969< - 1979/08 )
Maritimes ( 1969 - 1977 )
Florida/Georgia ( 1973/09 - 1975/11 )

Post-1993 NWA Version

(as of 2014/05/31)

Greg Valentine 1994/10
Kevin Von Erich 1995/01/07 Dallas, TX
John Hawk 1995/01/14 Dallas, TX
Greg Valentine [2] 1995/03/18 Dallas, TX
Vacant when Dallas group closes in 95/05.
Tommy Cairo 1995/06/24 Williamstown, NJ
Defeats Devon Storm in tournament final.
Reckless Youth 1996/09/07 Yardville, NJ
Defeats Derrick Domino when Cairo no-shows.
Lance Diamond 1997/04/12 Cherry Hill, NJ
Defeats Youth and Cheetah Master in a triangle match.
Ace Darling 1997/04/26 Wilmington, DE
Reckless Youth [2] 1997/06/14 Vineland, NJ
Vacates voluntarily on 97/12/29.
Jeff Jarrett 1997/12/30 New Haven, CT
Defeats Barry Windham; vacates on 98/03/02.
Colorado Kid 1998/08/01 Nashville, TN
Defeats Recon, who has won the MCW North American Heavyweight Title from Kid on 98/07/25 in Lebanon, TN; NWA Board of Directors announces MCW North American champion is named NWA North American champion effective 98/07/29 to prevent the confusion between the NWA and MCW titles; MCW announces the NWA title is awarded to the winner of the 98/08/01 title match.
Chris Michaels 1998/12/26 Nashville, TN
Colorado Kid [2] 1999/01/09 Nashville, TN
Big Bully Douglas 1999/09/12 Nashville, TN
Mike Rapada (Colorado Kid) [3] 1999/10/30 Lebanon, TN
Terry Taylor 1999/11/06 Nashville, TN
Defeats Rapada and Jerry Lawler in a triangle match.
Colorado Kid [4] 1999/12/25 Nashville, TN
Air Paris 2000/05/11 Fairview, TN
Chris Harris 2000/05/20 Nashville, TN
Mike Rapada [5] 2000/09/14 Lebanon, TN
Vacant on 00/09/20 after Rapada wins World Title on previous day.
Steve Corino 2001/04/13 N. Richland Hills, TX
Defeats Rodney Begnaud.
Robby Royce 2001/04/21 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Vacant on 01/07/15 when Royce leaves CWF.
Dark Rain 2001/07/29 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Defeats Gene Swan in 4-man tournament final.
Spyder 2001/08/26 St. Boniface, MB, CAN
Defeats Rain, Gene Swan, and Dr. Love in 4-way match.
Quinn Magnum 2001/10/13 St. Petersburg, FL
Paul Atlas 2002/09/28 McKeesport, PA
Jorge Estrada 2002/10/26 Corpus Christi, TX
Hotstuff Hernandez 2003/05/03 Cornelia, GA
J.T. Wolfen 2003/09/27 Honolulu, HI
Tommy Marr 2005/10/08 Nashville, TN
Dru Onyx 2006/04/22 Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeats Marr and Chasyn Rance in 3-way match.
Damien Wayne 2007/08/24 Las Vegas, NV
Mike Dibiase 2007/12/08 Elkin, NC
El Gran Apolo 2009/05/02 Tyler, TX
The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo) 2010/01/30 Ft. Pierce, FL
Vacant on 11/04/26 after the Sheik wins World Title on 11/04/23.
Shaun Tempers 2011/06/25 Cornelia, GA
Defeats Ace Rockwell in tournament final.
Carson (Ken Carson) 2012/10/12 Cypress, TX
Byron Wilcott 2013/01/12 Cypress, TX
Kahagas 2013/04/20 Houston, TX
Byron Wilcott [2] 2014/05/16 Sherman, TX

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