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Last updated on 2013/09/23

Ozarks Mountain Wrestling ( 1994/11 - 1995 )
North American All-Star Wrestling ( 1995 - 1997/10 )
Music City Wrestling ( 1997/10 - 2000 )
North American Heavyweight Title

Kit Carson    
Colorado Kid (Mike Rapada)1994/11/12Jonesboro, AR
Cactus Jack1995/04/10Jonesboro, AR
Colorado Kid [2]1995/04/24Jonesboro, AR
Becomes an NAASW title in 95.
Justin St. John 1996/06/06 Dexter, MO
Colorado Kid [3] 1996/06/29
Vacant in 97.
Colorado Kid [4] 1997/06/28 Springfield, TN
Defeats Trailer Park Trash.
Justin St. John [2]1997/07/05Poplar Bluff, MO
Colorado Kid [5]1997/07/20Corning, AR
Becomes an MCW title in 97.
Terry Golden1997/11/27Nashville, TN
Wolfie D.1998/01/10Nashville, TN
Mabel1998/02/21Nashville, TN
Vacant on 98/03/21.
Colorado Kid [6]1998/04/04Nashville, TN
Wins a 19-man battle royal, last eliminating Flash Flanagan.
Recon1998/07/25Lebanon, TN
Colorado Kid [7]1998/08/02Nashville, TN
Awarded/renamed NWA North American Title on the same day.

* See NWA North American Heavyweight Title.

Big Bully Douglas 2000/10  
Awarded the MCW Title.
James Storm2000/10/14Nashville, TN

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