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Last updated on 2017/11/10

North American Heavyweight Title
original: 1969-19841973-19741974-19751984-1986

National Wrestling Alliance [Tulsa office] ( 1969 - 1979/08 )
Mid-South Wrestling Association ( 1979/08 - 1986/05 )

Chuck Karbo 1969/06/23<Los Angeles, CA *
Wins a fictitious tournament to become the first champion; or wins "in Phoenix, Arizona over 100 other wrestlers" (Longview News-Journal, Longview, TX, 69/07/24).
Danny Hodge 1969/08/15 Oklahoma City, OK
Chuck Karbo [2] 1969/10/06<
Danny Hodge [2] 1969/10/20 Shreveport, LA
Repeated in Little Rock, AR on next day.
Chuck Karbo [3] 1969/10  
Tarzan Baxter 1969/10/31? Oklahoma City, OK?
The Spoiler 1970/02/17 Little Rock, AR
Danny Hodge [3] 1970/03<
The Spoiler [2] 1970/03/20 Oklahoma City, OK
Bill Watts1970/04/12Tulsa, OK
Dusty Rhodes1971/05/21Shreveport, LA
Bill Watts [2] 1971/10  
Sometime before 71/10/19.
The Stomper (John Quinn) 1972/03  
Bill Watts [3] 1972/04/19<  
Dale Lewis 1972/05/15 Shreveport, LA
Bill Watts [4] 1972/05/22 Shreveport, LA
Declared vacant in the Tri-State area in 73/08 when Watts leaves the area; Watts continues to defend in Florida and Georgia.
Tank Morgan 1973/11/12 Shreveport, LA
Defeats Dewey Robertson in tournament final
Rip Tyler 1974/02/11 Shreveport, LA
Bull Ramos 1974/04
Arman Hussian 1974/07/29 Shreveport, LA
Skandor Akbar 1974/12 Shreveport, LA
Danny Miller 1975/05/14 Jackson, MS
Dick Murdoch 1975/06/05 New Orleans, LA
Killer Karl Kox 1975/10/28 Shreveport, LA
Bill Watts [5] 1975/11/26 Jackson, MS
Has been recognized as champion in Florida and Georiga; defeats Kox to end the dispute.
The Spoiler [3]1976/11/09Shreveport, LA
The Brute1976/11/23
Awarded after filling in for Spoiler; defeats Spoiler in 76/12.
Ted DiBiase1976/12
The Great Zimm (Waldo Von Erich)1977Shreveport, LA
Dick Murdoch1977/03/01Shreveport, LA
Stan Hansen1977/05/02Tulsa, OK
Bill Watts [6]1977/06/20Tulsa, OK
Dick Murdoch [2]1977/08/04
Jerry Oates1977/08Albuquerque, NM *
Dick Murdoch [3]1977/11/06Shreveport, LA
Ernie Ladd1978/02/14Shreveport, LA
Paul Orndorff 1978/05/29 Tulsa, OK
Ernie Ladd [2] 1978/06
Paul Orndorff [2] 1978/06
Stan Hansen [2] 1978/07<
Paul Orndorff [3] 1978/07/29 Baton Rouge, LA
Ernie Ladd [3] 1978/08/15
Ray Candy1978/11/17Shreveport, LA
Ernie Ladd [4]1978/12/25New Orleans, LA
Wins by default.
Mr. Wrestling II1979/02/16Atlanta, GA
Became an MSWA title in 79/08.
Mike George1979/09/05Shreveport, LA
Wrestling II is still/again billed as champion in Georgia as of 79/10/19.
Bill Watts # 1979/12/04 Baton Rouge, LA
Mike George # 1979/12/06
Belt returned to George.
Bill Watts [7] 1980/01/05 Alexandria, LA
Mike George [2] 1980/01/19 Alexandria, LA
Ted DiBiase [2]1980/02/01Shreveport, LA
The Grappler1980/09/19Shreveport, LA
Jake Roberts1981/05/31Shreveport, LA
Paul Orndorff [4]1981/07/04New Orleans, LA
Ted DiBiase [3] 1981/11/01 Lake Charles, LA
Bob Roop1982/03/17Shreveport, LA
Junkyard Dog1982/06/21New Orleans, LA
Ted DiBiase [4]1982/06/23Shreveport, LA
Stagger Lee (Junkyard Dog) [2]1982/11/25New Orleans, LA
JYD loses a loser-leaves-town tag match and reappears as the masked Stagger Lee; vacant in 83/02 when JYD returns without a mask after his 90-day suspension ends.
Junkyard Dog [3]1983/04/16New Orleans, LA
Defeats Mr. Olympia in rematch of tournament final after first match on 83/03/21 in New Orleans, LA ends in controversy.
Butch Reed1983/07/16New Orleans, LA
Magnum T.A. #1983/10/12Shreveport, LA
Nikolai Volkoff #1983/10/24New Orleans, LA
Butch Reed #1983/10/24
Belt returned to Reed when Magnum T.A.'s victory is reversed.
Junkyard Dog [4]1983/10/26Shreveport, LA
Mr. Wrestling II [2]1984/03/12New Orleans, LA
Magnum T.A.1984/05/13Tulsa, OK
Ernie Ladd [5]1984/10/16Shreveport, LA
Brad Armstrong1984/12/05Shreveport, LA
Ted DiBiase [5]1985/01/16Shreveport, LA
Terry Taylor1985/03/13Shreveport, LA
The Nightmare/Masked Champion1985/05/22Shreveport, LA
Dick Murdoch [4]1985/08/10New Orleans, LA
Butch Reed [2]1985/10/14New Orleans, LA
Dick Slater1986/01/01Tulsa, OK
Held up after a match against Jake Roberts on 86/01/31 in Houston, TX.
Jake Roberts [2]1986/02/14Houston, TX
Defeats Slater in rematch.
Dick Slater [2]1986/02/23Oklahoma City, OK
Jim Duggan1986/03/16Oklahoma City, OK
Defeats Buzz Sawyer after Bill Watts tricks Slater into signing a contract requiring Sawyer to defend the title against Duggan; title retired in 86/05.

* Replaced with UWF World Heavyweight Title.

* Special thanks to "The Mask" and Charles Hamilton for the corrections and additions.