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Last updated on 2015/08/29

Stampede Wrestling
North American Heavyweight Title

Archie Gouldie1968/02/28Saskatoon, SK
Defeats Pat O'Connor to become the first champion.
Ox Baker1968/03/08Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie [2] 1968/06/03<
Stan Stasiak 1968/09/16 Lethbridge, AB
Archie Gouldie [3] 1968/09/17 Edmonton, AB
Vic Rossitani 1968/09/24? Edmonton, AB
Bob Sweetan 1968/09
Vic Rossitani [2] 1968/10/01 Edmonton, AB
Stan Stasiak [2] 1968/10/11 Calgary, AB
Vic Rossitani [3] 1968/10/17? Regina, SK?
Stan Stasiak [3] 1968/10/18Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie [4] 1968/12/17 Edmonton, AB
Angelo Mosca 1969/04<
Sometime after 69/03/19.
Archie Gouldie [5] 1969/04/09 Regina, SK
Angelo Mosca [2] 1969/04/22 Edmonton, AB
Repeated(?) on 69/04/25 in Calgary, AB; held up in Calgary, AB after a match against Archie Gouldie on 69/05/03.
Archie Gouldie [6] 1969/05/06 Edmonton, AB
Again defeats Mosca on 69/05/16 for the held-up title in Calgary, AB.
Billy Robinson 1969/06/26
Awarded when Gouldie no-shows.
Abdullah the Butcher1970/02/06Calgary, AB
Billy Robinson [2]1970/02/20Calgary, AB
Abdullah the Butcher [2]1970/02/27Calgary, AB
Jerry Christy1970/04/17Calgary, AB
Abdullah the Butcher [3]1970/05/01Calgary, AB
Jerry Christy [2]1970/05/07Calgary, AB
Abdullah the Butcher [4]1970/05/14Calgary, AB
Dave Ruhl [2] 1970/08/14 Calgary, AB
Sweet Daddy Siki 1970/09/25Calgary, AB
Still champion as of 70/11/21.
Abdullah the Butcher [5] 1971/03/12<
Les Thornton 1971/03/18 Saskatoon, SK
Held up after a match against Black Angus Campbell on 71/08/25 in Saskatoon, SK.
Black Angus Campbell 1971/08/28 Edmonton, AB
Defeats Thornton in rematch.
John Quinn 1971/10
Black Angus Campbell [2]1971/11/06Edmonton, AB
Bob Lueck1971/11
Kurt Von Hess 1971/12/03Calgary, AB
Tor Kamata 1972/02/14? Lethbridge, AB?
Geoff Portz 1972/06/02Calgary, AB
Tor Kamata [2] 1972/06/23Calgary, AB
Dan Kroffat 1972/07/19? Saskatoon, SK?
Tor Kamata [3] 1972/08/04 Calgary, AB
Geoff Portz [2] 1972/08/24<
Tor Kamata [4] 1972
Geoff Portz [3]1972/09/02Calgary, AB
Kendo Nagasaki1972/09/23Calgary, AB
Geoff Portz [4]1972/12/23Calgary, AB
Abdullah the Butcher [6] 1973/01/05Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie [7] 1973/04/21?Calgary, AB
Dan Kroffat [2] 1973/06/27 Saskatoon, SK
Archie Gouldie [8] 1973/07/04Saskatoon, SK
Repeated(?) on 73/07/06 in Calgary, AB.
Dan Kroffat [3] 1973/08/15Saskatoon, SK
Gil Hayes 1973/08/27?Lethbridge, AB
Omar Atlas1973/11/09Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie [9]1973/12/28Calgary, AB
Larry Lane 1974/02/12 Prince Albert, SK
Archie Gouldie [10] 1974/02/14 Regina, SK
Harley Race1974/02/22Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie [11]1974/03/08Calgary, AB
Danny Little Bear 1974/04/12<
John Quinn [2] 1974/07/22? Calgary, AB?
Still champion as of 74/09/13.
Les Thornton [2] 1974/12/06<
John Quinn [3] 1974/12/20? Calgary, AB?
Larry Lane [2] 1975/01
Curtis Iaukea 1975/02/07?Calgary, AB
Larry Lane [3] 1975/08/07 Regina, SK
Vacant in 75 when Lane injured.
Frankie Laine1975/12/12Calgary, AB
Defeats Butcher Brannigan for vacant title.
Gilles Poisson1976/01/16Calgary, AB
Franie Laine [2]1976/01/24Edmonton, AB
Karl Von Schotz1976/02/06Calgary, AB
Eddie Morrow1976
Karl Von Schotz [2]1976
Archie Gouldie [12] 1976/07/02Calgary, AB
Dan Kroffat [4]1976/09/11Edmonton, AB
Larry Lane [4]1976/10/29<
Killer Tim Brooks1977/03/17<
Dan Kroffat [5] 1977/07/22? Calgary, AB?
Vacant on 77/09/02 when Kroffat retires.
Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin) 1977/10/07 Calgary, AB
Defeats Bobby Burk in 10-man tournament final.
Leo Burke 1978/01/06Calgary, AB
Michel Martel 1978/03/12? Edmonton, AB
Leo Burke [2] 1978/03/24? Calgary, AB?
Michel Martel [2] 1978/04/08<
Leo Burke [3] 1978/04/14? Calgary, AB?
Mr. Sakurada 1978/05/20?Edmonton, AB
Paddy Ryan1978/09/01Calgary, AB
Kasavudu1978/09/22Calgary, AB
Alo Leilani 1978/11/16? Regina, SK?
Big Daddy Ritter (Junkyard Dog) 1978/12/01Calgary, AB
Jake Roberts1979/04/06Calgary, AB
Big Daddy Ritter [2] 1979/07/27? Calgary, AB?
Larry Lane [5]1979/08/11Edmonton, AB
Leo Burke [4]1979
Don Gagne [2]1979/11/18<
Mr. Sekigawa (Mr. Pogo) 1979/12/08?Edmonton, AB
Leo Burke [5]1980/01
Bret Hart 1980/05/02?Calgary, AB?
Duke Myers1980
Bret Hart [2]1980
David Schultz 1981/01/31?Edmonton, AB
Leo Burke [6] 1981/02/21?Calgary, AB
David Schultz [2]1981/02/27Calgary, AB
Mr. Hito1981/09/18Calgary, AB
David Schultz [3]1981/10/02Calgary, AB
Mr. Hito [2]1981/11/06Calgary, AB
Vacant on 82/03/19 when Hito injured.
Leo Burke [7]1982/03/21Calgary, AB
Defeats Duke Myers in tournament final.
Bret Hart [3]1982/06/26Edmonton, AB
Bad News Allen1982/09/03Calgary, AB
Bret Hart [4]1982/10/17Calgary, AB
Leo Burke [8]1983/01/14Calgary, AB
Bret Hart [5]1983/05/03Regina, SK
Bad News Allen [2]1983/07/16Edmonton, AB
Archie Gouldie [13]1983/12/23Calgary, AB
Killer Khan1984/01/20Calgary, AB
Dynamite Kid1984/03/09Calgary, AB
Bad News Allen [3]1984/03/30Calgary, AB
Dynamite Kid defeats Allen on 84/04/23 in Vancouver, BC, but the decision is later overturned.
Davey Boy Smith1984/06/18Vancouver, BC
Kerry Brown1985/12/21Edmonton, AB
Ron Ritchie1986/03/21Vancouver, BC
Held up after a match against Kerry Brown on 86/03/21 in Calgary, AB.
Ron Ritchie [2]1986/03/22Edmonton, AB
Defeats Brown in rematch.
Steve DiSalvo1986/05/05Vancouver, BC
Bad News Allen [4]1986/05/12Swift Current, SK
Wayne Farris (Honkytonk Man) 1986/06/20Calgary, AB
Vacant on 86/08/29 when Farris jumps to WWF.
Makhan Singh (Mike Shaw) 1986/10/31Calgary, AB
Defeats Owen Hart in tournament final.
Owen Hart1987/01/19Medicine Hat, AB
Makhan Singh [2]1987/01/30Calgary, AB
Owen Hart [2]1987/04/10Calgary, AB
Makhan Singh [3]1988/05/06Calgary, AB
Don Muraco1988/12/09Edmonton, AB
Davey Boy Smith [2]1989/03/24Calgary, AB
Larry Cameron1989/04/28Calgary, AB
Promotion closes in 89/12.

Tatanka1998/10Tampa, FL, USA *
Defeats Sid Vicious in tournament final.
Principal Richard Pound2000/04MI, USA *
Bruce Hart2001/04/13Calgary, AB
Michael Modest2001/06/20Lethbridge, AB
Bruce Hart [2]2002/06/22Calgary, AB
Vacates in 03/06 in order to concentrate on International Tag Team Title defenses.
Karnage2003/08/22Calgary, AB
Defeats Harry Smith in tournament final.
Harry Smith2004/01/16Calgary, AB
Vacant in 05/05.
Eddie Mustang2005/06/03Calgary, AB
Defeats Karnage and Tiger Raj Singh; vacates in 05/09.
T.J. Wilson2005/11/25Calgary, AB
Defeats Harry Smith in one-night 8-man tournament final.
Apocalypse2006/03/10Calgary, AB
Eliminates Wilson in a battle royal in which the title is on the line.
T.J. Wilson # 2006/09/15 Calgary, AB
Apocalypse # 2006/09/30
Belt returned to Apocalypse claiming the match on 06/09/15 is not a sanctioned match; defeats Wilson and Duke Duraongo in a 3-way match on the same day; vacant in 07.
Chris Steel 2007/09/21 Calgary, AB
Wins a 4-way match against Gama Sigh Jr, Tiger Raj Singh, and Randy Myers.
Randy Myers 2007/12/14 Calgary, AB
Promotion closes in 08/04.