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Last updated on 2017/06/07

Canadian Heavyweight Title

[Alberta & Saskatchewan]

Jack Taylor 1923/02/28<  
Earl McCready 1933/04/20 Calgary, AB
Also wins British Empire Title; still champion as of 34/10/19 and 35/02/07.
Jack Forsgren 1936/11/28<  
Pat Meehan 1939/02/10 Calgary, AB
Loses to Earl McCready on 40/01/11 in Vancouver, BC (non-title?).

Al Mills1946/11/01Calgary, AB
Defeats Chief Thunderbird; also defeats Billy Watson on 50/02/28 in Edmonton, AB to be recognized as Dominion Heavyweight champion by Stampede Wrestling.
Ski Hi Lee1951/02/26Edmonton, AB
Also billed as Western Canadian Title.
Al Mills [2]1951/03/06Edmonton, AB
Also billed as Western Canadian Title.
Jack McDonald1951/05/01Edmonton, AB
Al Mills [3] 1951/05/08? Edmonton, AB?
Ski Hi Lee [2]1952/01/29Edmonton, AB
Al Mills [4]1952/02/05Edmonton, AB
Recognized as champion in the 52 Official NWA Newsletter.
Bob Langevin1952/05/13Edmonton, AB
Wins by default when Mills fails to appear.
Mr. X (Gino Vagnone)1952/06/10Edmonton, AB
Al Mills [5]1952/09/30?Edmonton, AB?
Still/again champion as of 54/10/21; may be vacant when Mills leaves the area in 55/01; tournament for the vacant title starts on 55/04/18.
George Gordienko 1955/06/13 Lethbridge, AB
Defeats Earl McCready in tournament final.
Lou Newman1955/10/18Edmonton, AB
Defeats Al Mills.
George Gordienko [2] 1956/04/12Regina, SK
May be vacant when Gordienko leaves the area in 56/06.
Johnny Valentine 1956/12/21 Calgary, AB
Defeats George Scott in tournament final.
Sammy Berg 1957/02/06
Title is stripped off of Valentine and awarded due to Berg just prior to the match as a result of the disputed decision to the match on 57/01/30 in Saskatoon, SK.
Johnny Valentine [2] 1957/02/06 Saskatoon, SK
John Paul Henning 1957/03/15 Calgary, AB
Johnny Valentine [3]1959/01<
Vacant in 59.
John Foti1959/06/05Calgary, AB
Defeats Charro Azteca in 8-man tournament final; vacant sometime after 59/07/14.
Dave Ruhl1959/11/13Calgary, AB
Defeats Al Mills.
Cyclops 1960/10/14 Calgary, AB
Ed Francis 1960/12
John Smith1961/02/24Calgary, AB
John Foti [2]1961/06/09Calgary, AB
Killer Kowalski1961/11/17<
Recognized as NAWA Canadian champion.
Czaya Nandor1962/03/09Calgary, AB
Alexis Bruga1962/03
Czaya Nandor [2]1962/03/23Calgary, AB
Killer Kowalski [2] 1962/05<
Czaya Nandor [3]1962/05/12Calgary, AB
Killer Kowalski [3] 1962/07/06 Calgary, AB
Waldo von Erich 1964/03/09<  
Still/again champion as of 64/07/06.
Don Leo Jonathan 1964  
Stan Stasiak 1965  
Don Leo Jonathan [2] 1965  
Sweet Daddy Siki 1966  
Dave Ruhl [2] 1966/11/30<  
The Beast 1966/12/02 Calgary, AB
Dave Ruhl [3] 1966/12/23 Calgary, AB
Still champion as of 67/01/10.
Stan Stasiak [2] 1967/03/07<  
Luther Lindsay 1967/04/07? Calgary, AB?
Stan Stasiak [3] 1967/06/05<  
Dave Ruhl [4] 1967/06/27 Edmonton, AB
Stan Stasiak [4] 1967/06/29? Saskatoon, SK?
Dave Ruhl [5] 1967/07/04 Calgary, AB
Archie Gouldie 1967/11/17 Calgary, AB
Ox Baker 1968/03/08 Calgary, AB
Waldo von Erich [2] 1968/03/15 Calgary, AB
Dave Ruhl [6] 1969/12/02<
Danny Lynch 1969/12/30 Edmonton, AB
May be a repeat of the match on 69/12/26 in Calgary, AB.
Dave Ruhl [6]1970/01/09Calgary, AB
Abdullah the Butcher1970/01/30Calgary, AB
Billy Robinson 1970/02/20 Calgary, AB
North American champion also wins the Canadian Title.

* See North American Heavyweight Title.