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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2016/03/06

Canadian Heavyweight Title

Duncan McMillan 1903/12/29<  
Billed as champion in Bellingham, WA.

George Walker 1912/04/29 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Nick Daviscourt in tournament final; again claims the title in Toronto, ON in the early 20s.

Raymond Cazeaux 1913/11/20<  
Recognized in Ottawa, ON; still champion as of 13/12/19.

Jack Taylor 1914/11/18<  
Recognized in western Canada; also defeats title claimant Ernie Maupas on 23/06/06 in Winnipeg, MB.
Jack Forsgren 1933/02/03 Vancouver, BC
Has claimed the title in Vancouver, BC as early as 31/02/19; has also defeated title claimant Ken North on 32/09/05 in Vancouver, BC; Taylor continues to claim the title outside the west coast.
Earl McCready 1934/12/13 Vancouver, BC
Has claimed the title in Toronto, ON as early as 31/05; has also defeated title claimant Jack Taylor on 33/04/20 in Calgary, AB; Forsgren continues to claim the title in Alberta and Montana but loses to Pat Meehan on 39/02/10 in Calgary, AB to claim the title; McCready defeats Meehan on 40/01/11 in Vancouver, BC (non-title?).
Whipper Billy Watson # 1941/06/05 Toronto, ON
Claims the title after defeating McCready in the second fall of a best-of-three match which ends as a draw on 41/06/05 in Toronto, ON; Watson claims the Canadian title is on the line in each fall.
Earl McCready # 1941/06/12 Toronto, ON
Defeats Watson in rematch to end the dispute; scheduled to wrestle against another title claimant Yvon Robert on 41/06/12 in Toronto, ON but Robert no-shows.
Yvon Robert 1942/06/03 Montreal, QC
Has claimed the title in Ottawa, ON as early as 38/07/02 and in Montreal, QC as early as 40/07/03; defeats McCready to end his claim for World, British Empire, and Canadian Titles.
Whipper Billy Watson 1949/04/21 Ottawa, ON
Wins both World and Canadian titles; still champion as of 49/05/13.

Walter Anderson # 1920/02<  
Introduced as a champion on a Colorado paper.

Jack McDonald # 1921/12/19<  
Billed as champion in Los Angeles, CA; still champion in Rock Island, IL on 22/02/16 and Ogden, UT on 22/09/28.

Cliff Thiede # 1944/12/08<  
Billed as champion in Ogden, UT.

Harold Nelson 1947/06/26<  
Recognized as champion in Winnipeg, MB.

Buddy Austin 1963/05/28 Ottawa, ON
Defeats Tarzan Zorro in tournament final for the title vacated by Whipper Billy Watson "four years earlier".

Rocky Johnson 1968/06/13<  
Recognized in Dartmouth, NS.

Different versions between 1940s and 1986

British Columbia ( 1912/04 - 1930s )
Alberta & Saskatchewan ( 1920s - 1970 )
Maritimes ( 1977 )
Newfoundland ( 1979? - 1980? )
Toronto ( 1978/12 - 1984/07 )
NWA All Star Wrestling [Vancouver] ( 1982/05 - 1985 )
Universal Wrestling Alliance [Vancouver] ( 1985/10 - 1989 )

Post-1993 NWA Version

(as of 2016/02/13)

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1998/10 - 2013/03 )
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling ( 2013/03 - )

E.Z. Ryder1998/10/24Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Defeats Paul Atlas.
Michelle Starr1999/06/26Winnipeg, MB
E.Z. Ryder [2]1999/07/25Victoria, BC
Crusher Carlsen1999/11/27Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 00/09.
E.Z. Ryder [3]2001/10/13St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Defeats Juggernaut.
Spyder2001/12/09St. Boniface, MB
Defeats Ryder and Baron Von Meaner in 3-way match.
Brian Sylver2002/03/08Winnipeg, MB
Spyder [2]2002/03/10Winnipeg, MB
The Machine2002/09/08Winnipeg, MB
Title held up by NWA President Jim Miller.
Spyder [3]2002/10/18Winnipeg, MB
Defeats The Machine in rematch; stripped on 03/03/07 when Spyder is suspended from NWA.
Zack Mercury2003/03/07Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Brian Jewel.
Brian Jewel2003/05/17Winnipeg, MB
Stripped on 03/07/10.
Rob Stardom2003/09/24Ft. Garry, MB
Defeats The Axe.
Kerry Brown2004/05/07Winnipeg, MB
Vid Vain2004/10/15Winnipeg, MB
Michelle Starr [2]2005/09/16Port Coquitlam, BC
R.A.G.E.2006/02/17Vancouver, BC
Vance Nevada2006/06/23Surrey, BC
Freddy Funk2006/10/27Surrey, BC
Cole Bishop2007/05/25Surrey, BC
Defeats Funk and Michelle Starr in a 3-way match.
Scotty Mac2008/03/28Surrey, BC
Sid Sylum 2010/04/10 Surrey, BC
Scotty Mac [2] 2010/10/02 Vancouver, BC
Tony Baroni 2011/03/05 Vancouver, BC
Reigning ECCW champion, defeats Mac to unify both titles.
Artemis Spencer 2011/12/03 Vancouver, BC
ECCW Title is deunified on 11/12/23 and becomes an open division title.
Bishop 2012/02/25 Vancouver, BC
Continues to be billed as an NWA title after ECCW leaves NWA in 12/09.
King of the Yukon 2012/12/08 Vancouver, BC
No longer billed as an NWA title after 13/03.
Scotty Mac [3] 2013/03/23 Port Coquitlam, BC
Nelson Creed 2013/09/14 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Mac and Kenny Lush in a 3-way match.
Tony Baroni [2] 2014/03/15 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Creed, Ethan H-D, and the King of Yukon in a 4-way match.
Sid Sylum [2] 2014/10/18 Cloverdale, BC
Stripped on 15/01/03 due to injury.
Nelson Creed [2] 2015/01/03 Vancouver, BC
Defeats Artemis Spencer and Kenny Lush in 3-way match.
Artemis Spencer [2] 2015/01/17 Vancouver, BC
Also wins ECCW Title on 15/07/11 in Vancouver, BC but loses it on 15/08/15; vacate the Canadian Title in 15/10 due to knee injury.
Tony Baroni [3] 2015/10/17 Vancouver, BC
Wins a 10-wrestler battle royal, last eliminating Nicole Matthews.
Artemis Spencer [3] 2016/01/16 Vancouver, BC