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West Four Wrestling Alliance
Canadian Heavyweight Title

Tony Condello74
Mad Dog Peloquin
Tony Condello [2]
Mad Dog Peloquin [2] 78/01/18
Tony Condello [3]
The Mauler (Vince DeLuca)82<Neepawa, MB
Tony Condello [4]82
Mad Dog Peloquin [3]86
Vacant in 86/05.
Akim Singh89/07/31Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Chi Chi Cruz; vacant in 90 when Singh leaves the promotion.
The Natural (Don Callis)90/11Windsor, ON *
Defeats Moe Malone.
E.Z. Ryder91/01/14Winnipeg, MB
Pampero El Felipo (Scotty Lightfoot)91/03/02Winnipeg, MB
E.Z. Ryder [2]91/03/04Winnipeg, MB
Vacant in 91/05.
The Natural [2]91/05/21Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Mike Lozanski; vacant in 92/02.
Gerry Morrow92/02/25Winnipeg, MB
Wins battle royal.
Chi Chi Cruz (Corey Peloquin)92/05/31Winnipeg, MB
Bob Brown93/01Winnipeg, MB
Wins by forfeit when Cruz is injured.
Gene Swan93/02 Peguis, MB
Chi Chi Cruz [2]93/03/06Winnipeg, MB
The Natural [3]93/08/10Niverville, MB
Jim Brunzell93/08/22Winnipeg, MB
The Natural [4]93/08/22Winnipeg, MB
Steve Rivers94/02/17Little Ground Rapids, MB
The Natural [5]94/02/18Wasagemak, MB
Vacant in 94/04.
Chi Chi Cruz [3]94/05/15Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Stan Saxton in 4-man tournament final; vacant in 94/07 when Cruz retires due to injury in a boating accident.
Stan Saxon94/07/24Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Bruiser Bastien.

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