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International Wrestling Syndicate
Canadian Heavyweight Title

Chris Bishop2005/08/20Montreal, QC
Defeats El Generico in tournament final to become the first champion.
Kid Kamikaze2005/10/29Montreal, QC
Defeats Bishop and Dan Paysan in a 3-way match.
Kenny The Bastard2006/04/22Montreal, QC
Player Uno2006/06/17Gatineau, QC
Defeats Kenny and Dan Paysan in a 3-way match.
Jagged2006/09/30Montreal, QC
Dan Paysan2006/12/02Montreal, QC
Max Boyer2007/06/16Montreal, QC
Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens)2008/05/24Montreal, QC
Vacant in 08.
Exess2008/09/27Montreal, QC
Defeats Shayne Hawke in tournament final.
Shayne Hawke2009/02/21Laval, QC
Max Boyer2010/10/09Montreal, QC
Defeats Hawke and Alex Silva in a 3-way match in the final card of the promotion.