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Last updated on 2016/12/11

NWA North American Heavyweight Title
[W. Texas]

Jim Wright 1956/12
Billed as champion on arrival, possibly using the North American title belt previously held by Danny McShain in Georgia and/or Australia.
Dizzy Davis1957/01/03Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk1957/01/31Amarillo, TX
Great Bolo1957/02/07Amarillo, TX
Also wins Southwest States Title, defeating Dory Funk on 57/02/14 in Amarillo, TX.
Dory Funk [2] 1957/02/28Amarillo, TX
Wins both titles.
Roy Shire1957/04/11Amarillo, TX
Don Curtis 1957/04/18 Amarillo, TX
Bob Geigel 1957/05/09Amarillo, TX
Mike DiBiase 1957/08/15 Amarillo, TX
Held up after a match against Dory Funk on 57/09/26 in Amarillo, TX; the rematch on 57/10/03 in Amarillo ends as a time limit draw; Funk is injured during this match and unable to compete in a second rematch the following week; Sonny Myers is billed as champion in Arizona between 57/09 and 57/12 by the Amarillo territory promoters.
Dory Funk [3] 1957/10/24 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Leo Garibaldi in tournament final; has defeated Mike DiBiase to advance straight to the final.
Mike DiBiase [2] 1957/12/05 Amarillo, TX
Ignored in Lubbock, TX where Funk "defends" the title against DiBiase on 57/12/11.
Dory Funk [4] 1957/12/11 Lubbock, TX
Art Nelson is billed as champion in Arizona between 57/12 and 58/02 by the Amarillo territory promoters.
Buddy Rogers1958/01/23Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [5] 1958/04/03Amarillo, TX
Declared vacant on 58/06/12 after Funk wins the World Junior Heavyweight Title on 58/06/05.
Mighty Zorro 1958/06/19 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Don Curtis in tournament final.
Mike DiBiase [3] 1958/07/17 Amarillo, TX
Ricky Romero 1958/08/13 Lubbock, TX
Mike DiBiase [4] 1958/12/10 Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk [6] 1959/01/29Amarillo, TX
Nick Roberts 1959/05/28Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [7] 1959/06/04 Amarillo, TX
Antone Leone1959/08/13Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [8] 1959/12/03Amarillo, TX
Vacates in 60/01 due to injury.
Rock Hunter 1960/01/14 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Dick Hutton in tournament final which has stared on 60/01/07.
Sonny Myers1960/01/21Amarillo, TX
Gene LaBell1960/03/17Amarillo, TX
Ricky Romero defeats LaBell on 60/04/06 in Lubock, TX to win the title, but the title change is voided, and the title is declared vacant; Dory Funk is billed as champion in Odessa, TX on 60/05/31.
Mike DiBiase [5] 1960/07/27 Lubbock, TX
Defeats Nick Roberts in tournament final after their first bout on 60/07/20 ends as no contest.
Pancho Lopez (Lorenzo Parente) 1960/09/21 Lubbock, TX
Mike DiBiase [6] 1960/10/27Amarillo, TX
Pancho Lopez [2]1960/11/17Amarillo, TX
Nikita Mulkovich1960/11/24Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [9] 1961/03/16Amarillo, TX
Danny McShain defeats Funk on 61/06/07 in Lubbock, TX, but the commission refuses the title change due to controversial ending.
Danny McShain 1961/06/22Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [10] 1961/07/13Amarillo, TX
Tony Borne defeats Funk on 61/09/13 in Lubbock, TX, but the commission refuses the title change due to controversial ending.
Fritz Von Erich 1962/04/26Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [11] 1962/06/07Amarillo, TX
Sputnik Monroe defeats Funk on 62/07/11 in Lubbock, TX, but the title change is not allowed by the commission for the match being unscheduled; Fritz Von Erich defeats Funk on 62/09/05 in Lubbock, TX but the title change is later declared void, and the title is held up; remains to be held up when Von Erich and Funk wrestle to a double disqualification on 62/09/27.
Dory Funk [12] 1962/11/01Amarillo, TX
Defeats Von Erich in rematch; vacant in 62.
Dory Funk [13] 1963/01/16Lubbock, TX
Defeats Gene Kiniski in tournament final; on 63/02/20 in Lubbock, TX, Fritz Von Erich defeats Funk with the stipulation that Funk is not allowed to use the spinning toe hold and can lose the title via DQ; Funk applies the hold to Von Erich before the bell rings to start the third fall; referee disqualifies Funk and awards the title to Von Erich, but the NWA overturns the decision because the DQ has occurred between falls.
Sputnik Monroe1963/04/23Odessa, TX
Funk is again billed as champion on 63/04/26 in El Paso, TX.
Dory Funk [14] 1963/05/16 Amarillo, TX
The Sheik 1963/10/10 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [15] 1964/04/16 Amarillo, TX
Fritz Von Erich [2] 1964/07/23Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [16] 1964/07/30 Amarillo, TX
Johnny Valentine # 1965/01/14 Amarillo, TX
Declared vacant on 65/01/21 due to a controversial ending; rematch on 65/01/28 in Amarillo, TX ends as a 60min draw.
Johnny Valentine1965/02/10Lubbock, TX
Defeats Funk in rematch.
Dory Funk Jr. 1965/02/18Amarillo, TX
Vacates in 65/03 prior to a tour of Australia.
Johnny Valentine [2] 1965/03/17 Lubbock, TX
Defeats Don Curtis in 4-man one-night tournament final; vacant on 65/05/13 when Valentine is unable to make a scheduled title defense.
Dory Funk [17] 1965/05/13 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Joe Scarpa; vacates sometime after 65/08/16 due to injuries suffered in a car accident.
Don McClarty 1965/10/07 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Doug Gilbert in one-night 8-man tournament final.
Ricky Romero [2] 1965/11/11 Amarillo, TX
Dutch Savage 1966/01/12 Lubbock, TX
Ricky Romero [3] 1966/01/19 Lubbock, TX
Mike DiBiase [7] 1966/02/23 Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk [18] 1966/03/10 Amarillo, TX
Dick Steinborn 1966/11/24 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [19] 1967/01/12 Amarillo, TX
Vacant in 67/01.
Dick Steinborn [2] 1967/01/19 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Pat O'Connor in 4-man one-night tournament final; the Lawman defeats Steinborn on 67/02/20 in Abilene, TX for local recognition only; Steinborn continues to be recognized outside Abilene; held up after a match against Dory Funk Jr. on 67/04/26 in Lubbock, TX ends as a no contest.
Dory Funk Jr. 1967/05/03 Lubbock, TX
Wins rematch.
Medic #1 1967/05/24 Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk Jr. [2] 1967/05/31 Lubbock, TX
Kinji Shibuya1967/06/29Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [20] 1967/08/31 Amarillo, TX
Held up after a match against Sputnik Monroe on 68/04/08 in El Paso, TX; Funk wins rematch.
Dory Funk [21] 1968/04/18 Amarillo, TX
Wins rematch.
Clubfoot Inferno #21968/08/08Amarillo, TX
May be held up when NWA later rules the match as no contest.
Dory Funk [22] 1968/09/05Amarillo, TX
Defeats Inferno in rematch; vacates in 68/10 after being injured by Pat Patterson and the Infernos.
Pat Patterson 1968/10/24Amarillo, TX
Defeats Pat O'Connor in one-night 4-man tournament final; still champion as of 68/11/19.
Buddy Colt 1968/12/22 Miami, FL *
Dory Funk [23] 1969/06/12Amarillo, TX
Renamed Western States Title sometime before 69/07/02.

* Replaced with Western States Heavyweight Title.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling (facebook page).