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Last updated on 2016/12/10

NWA Western States Heavyweight Title

Dory Funk 1969/06/12 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Buddy Colt on 69/06/12 North American Title; renamed Western States Title sometime before 69/07/02.
Tex McKenzie1969/11/13Amarillo, TX
By forfeit after Funk suffers arm injury previous night in Lubbock, TX.
The Beast 1969/11/24 El Paso, TX
Ricky Romero defeats the Beast on 70/02/02 to be recognized only in El Paso, TX; Romero vacates the title later in the month.
Terry Funk # 1970/03/19 Amarillo, TX
The match ends with a controversial decision when two referees award the victory to each man.
The Beast # 1970/03
Awarded back sometime after 70/03/26; defends in Abilene, TX on 70/03/27.
Terry Funk1970/05/07Amarillo, TX
Bull Ramos1970/07/01Lubbock, TX
Terry Funk [2] 1970/07/08 Lubbock, TX
May have won the title on the previous day in Amarillo, TX.
Pak Song 1970/07/16Amarillo, TX
The Spartan 1971/02/25Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk [3] 1971/04/29 Amarillo, TX
Mr. Wrestling 1971/06
Sometime between 71/06/03 and 72/06/20.
Terry Funk [4] 1971/06/28 Abilene, TX
Held up after a match against Ciclon Negro on 71/07/06 in Odessa, TX.
Terry Funk [5] 1971/07/13 Odessa, TX
Wins rematch.
Pak Song [2] 1971/08/05 Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk [6] 1971/08/12 Amarillo, TX
Ciclon Negro1971/08/26Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [2] 1971/09/09 Amarillo, TX
Injured during the match and forced to vacate; Negro and Terry Funk wrestle to a draw for the vacant title on 71/09/16 in Amarillo, TX.
Ciclon Negro [2] 1971/09/30 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Terry Funk.
Lord Alfred Hayes 1971/12/02 Amarillo, TX
Duke Myers 1972/03/13 Abilene, TX
Not recognized in other towns
Lord Alfred Hayes [2] 1972/03/20 Abilene, TX
Ciclon Negro [3] 1972/06/13 Odessa, TX
Lord Alfred Hayes [3] 1972/06/20 Odessa, TX
Ciclon Negro [4]1972/06/29Amarillo, TX
Lord Alfred Hayes [4] 1972/07/06 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk [3] 1972/08/16 Lubbock, TX
Lord Alfred Hayes is billed as champion in Abilene on 72/08/21.
Ciclon Negro [5] 1972/08/31Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk [7] 1972/11
Possibly on 72/11/12 in Clovis, NM.
Ciclon Negro [6] 1973/07/06 Abilene, TX
Terry Funk [8] 1973/07/10<
Kung Fu Lee (Great Kojika) 1973/10/18 Amarillo, TX
May be held up after the match.
Terry Funk [9] 1973
Wins rematch(?).
Buck Robley 1974/02/24 Clovis, NM
Terry Funk [10] 1974/03/03? Clovis, NM?
Bob Backlund 1974/03/09 Amarillo, TX
Karl Von Steiger 1974/05/23 Amarillo, TX
May be a repeat of the match on 74/05/22 in Lubbock, TX.
Dick Murdoch 1974/05/30 Amarillo, TX
Vacates in 74/06 after winning the International Title.
Siegfried Stanke 1974/07/04 Amarillo, TX
Defeats Akio Sato in a 4-man tournament final.
Bob Backlund [2] 1974/08
Sometime between 74/08/16 and 74/08/24.
Killer Karl Kox 1974/09/10 Odessa, TX
Backlund may be billed as champion on 71/09/11 in Lubbock, TX.
Jim Dillon1974/09/19Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk [11] 1974/10/17 Amarillo, TX
Vacant in 75/04 when Funk leaves for Florida.
Bobby Jaggers1975/06/11Lubbock, TX
Defeats Nick Kozak 4-man tournament final.
Ray Candy1975/07/30Lubbock, TX
Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody) 1975/10/17Lubbock, TX
Scott Casey 1975/12/18Amarillo, TX
Jerry Brisco 1976/04/15Amarillo, TX
Scott Casey [2] 1976/06/04? Lubbock, TX?
Tank Patton 1976/10/13 Abilene, TX
Super Destroyer 1977/02/24 Amarillo, TX
Doug Somers 1977/04/07Amarillo, TX
Bull Ramos 1977/09 Wichita Falls, TX *
Somers leaves the territory.
Ricky Romero [3] 1977/12/15Amarillo, TX
Roger Kirby 1978/04/14<
Ricky Romero [4] 1978/07/21< 
Sometime after 78/06/27; still champion as of 78/08/10.
Bob Morgan 1980/02/28Amarillo, TX
Defeats Larry Lane in tournament final.
Larry Lane [2] 1980/03/06Amarillo, TX
Ricky Romero [5] 1981/08/27Amarillo,TX
Defeats Doug Somers in tournament final after the initial match on 81/08/20 ends with DDQ; still champion as of 81/10/22; promotion closes in 81.