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Last updated on 2016/09/15

NWA International Heavyweight Title

[W. Texas]

Sonny Myers 1960 JPN *
Billed as champion in Amarillo from 60/07 as having won the title in Japan in the spring of 60.
Nikita Mulkovich 1960/11/10 Amarillo, TX
The Alaskan 1961/03/08 Lubbock, TX
Mulkovich defends the title again in Amarillo, TX next day.
Doug Lindsey 1961/03/22 Lubbock, TX
Still champion as of 61/04/05.

Ciclon Negro 1974/01/25 * Osaka, JPN *
Wins a tournament featuring "over 100 wrestlers" or "81 wrestlers" (depending on the issue of local Amarillo, TX paper).
Dick Murdoch 1974/06/15 Colorado Springs, CO
Blackjack Mulligan 1974/11/16 Amarillo, TX
Dick Murdoch defeats Mulligan on 75/01/06 in El Paso, TX but is not recognized in other towns; Mulligan defeats Murdoch on 75/01/10 in Abilene, TX to retain the title.
Dick Murdoch [2]1975/01/22Lubbock, TX
Ciclon Negro [2] 1975/02/13Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk1975/06/21Amarillo, TX
Super Destroyer1975/11/20Amarillo, TX
May be repeated in Lubbock or Abilene, TX on 75/11/26.
Dory Funk Jr. 1976/02/11San Angelo, TX
Super Destroyer [2] 1976/02/26Amarillo, TX
Mighty Canadian (Gene Kiniski)1976/04/08Amarillo, TX
Not recognized in other towns.
Super Destroyer [3] 1976/05/06Amarillo, TX
Terry Funk [2] 1976/07/01 Amarillo, TX
Vacates in 76/07 in order to concentrate on his World Title defenses.
Larry Lane1976/07/22Amarillo, TX
Defeats Dennis Stamp in one-night 8-man tournament final; Super Destroyer defeats Lane on 76/08/19 in Amarillo, TX, but the decision is overturned by NWA president Eddie Graham.
Super Destroyer [4]1976/10/14Amarillo, TX
Johnny Weaver 1976/11/25Amarillo, TX
Reggie Parks 1977/02/12 Amarillo, TX
Ciclon Negro [3] 1977/03/12 Amarillo, TX
Dory Funk Jr. defeats Negro on 77/09/01 in Amarillo, TX, but the title is returned to Negro later in the month by the NWA due to the illegal use of the ropes by Funk; still champion as of 77/10/13.
Vacant in 78/05<.
Ciclon Negro [4] 1978/05/15<Tokyo, JPN *
Wins tournament; stripped in 78/11 for failure to defend within 30 days.
Ted DiBiase1978/11/23Amarillo, TX
Defeats Dick Murdoch in the final of a tournament which also include Ciclon Negro; vacant in 78/11.
James J. Dillon 1979/01/11Amarillo, TX
Dick Murdoch [3]1979/01/26Lubbock, TX
Dory Funk Jr. [2] 1979/04/28 Kansas City, MO *
Blackjack Mulligan [2] 1979/05/08Odessa, TX
Dick Murdoch [4] 1979/07/05Amarillo, TX
May be repeated on 79/07/07 in Pueblo, CO; Amarillo promotion closes in 81.

* All Japan version is defeneded in the area in the 1980s.

* Special thanks to Kriss from Amarillo Wrestling (facebook page).